T3D Confessor 5th Weapon slot

OK OK OK I can here the trolls now, but before you get up and give me some of your throughs.

Just here me out,

The Hecate with 5 weapons slots, the Jackdaw with 5 weapons slots, the Svipul has 5 weapons slots, yes its 4 Turret slots and 1 Launcher slot to make it similar.
The Confessor has only has 4 Turret slots.
What I wanting/hoping for is the same as the Svipul, give the Confessor 1 Launcher slot to give option with fitting and dps, the good thing is there is no need to change CPU or Powergrid for the confessor but only have it the option to have a single launcher.
It will change the and bring option for brawling and maybe kitting set up.
But more importantly it bring all T3D with 5 Weapons if they want to use all dps option.

Yes the Confessor will be the same as the Svipul by giving bonus to only to the Turret.

With 5 Weapon slot option that all T3D Hecate, Jackdaw and Svipul already have.

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But why?

… the svip only has it for flavor. nothing else. a lot of minmatar ships have “dummy” weapons like this.

I just feel like all T3d’s should have the same amount of weapon slots as each other.

But why?

Amarr is Laser and Missiles platform ships, so why not give it a option to have them both.

Again. But why? Give any argument.

are you saying this is an actual option for the svip?

Also with that line of logic should all ships have the option to fit any weapon any of that races ships can fit?

Look at 90% of fits and you will get a empty slot in the high since there’s nothing good to put in it. I’m just giving people a option to fill that empty slot with a weapon.

Just my thoughts on it.

My first reaction to this is:

  • 20% DPS boost to the Confessor, nice but unbalancing.
  • An RR Confessor fleet - remote repairer within the utility high slot. Very effective and reasonably common (experience - we fly 'em)
  • Utility highs give options - no-one will remove a gun to fit something else. One valid option is always to leave it empty and use the PG/CPU elsewhere. Neut or Nos is common - especially as Amarrian pilots often have good skills there. The 10mn Confessor exists.
  • Taking a Killboard as an argument isn’t always a good idea - there is an inherent bias: these are Confessors that were killed, not the ones that survive or did the killing. It’s going to have a disproportionate amount of poorly fitted ships.
  • Difference between hulls and Empires is a good thing.

Yes, every ship being the same appeals to many peoples’ OCD streak (including mine) - but it’s not a reason.


so just going across the first two pages of zkill and this didn’t turn out to be true at all

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It’s called survivor bias, when you only have partial data available to make decisions. Here we mostly know fits that didn’t survive the combat, while having little (public) information of the fits that worked, because they are considered to be valuable secrets. This problem is essentially the reverse of what happened to the bomber planes during WW2: the planes that survived getting shot were the source of data to improve the design.


It’s a story I know well - but yes, that sample bias is very easy to fall into.
These biases turn up a lot and are often the biggest challenge in collecting good data.

Nice to see that story again - thank-you.

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