T6-T10 sites and new mutaplasmids

So since “Into the abyss” was a success, I think ccp should make other sites that have to be done by multiple people, and can be flown with up to capitals.

T6 and T7 can be flown by a solo battleship

T8 can be flown by up to three battleships

T9 can be flown by 5 battleships or a capital

T10 can be flown by a solo capital

T6-T8 will have less moving then the current sites, and will still take 20 min

T9 wont involve moving since it is most likly going be done in marauders or dreads

T10 wont have moving either

All of these sites will be harder, have more and better drops, but will feature a new type of mutaplasmid and maybe capital mutaplasmids.

The ship mutaplasmid.

Now these will have a 75% chance of destroying the ship. Out of the 25% that remains, it has a 10% chance of making the ship worse, 10% chance of making it roughly the same, and 5% change of improving the ship.

There will be one that can apply to all supbacpitals (except industrial ships) and there will only be one type. It will alter the way the ship looks a little.

Tell me what you think.

Abyssal space is meant to be solo instanced pve
That’s how it should remain…

I think that’s a bit of a stretch…


How about some better odds so these would be used because an 85% chance to ruin your ship won’t cut it. And what stats should these change anyways

Where is the use of using a Mutaplasmid that has only a 5% chance of getting something out of it?

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