Tackle By Venture

Suppose a group of Mining Barges, Endurances, and Ventures jumped through a gate. However, their scout reported a lone corvette on the other side and the moment the mining group went through the gate, a trio of cruisers warped to the corvette.


Everyone starts desperately trying to align when they realize the 3 hostiles plus the corvette don’t have enough DPS to kill all of them, so at least some of the miners will get away. They’re being tackled by warp disruptors and scramblers not a bubble.

After jumping through a gate, you’re more than 2 km away from it, so you can’t jump back immediately. 10 seconds to warp away is more than enough for many of them to die. The only outcome of this is a lot of dead miners.

Suppose one of the Ventures warp scrambles one of the cruisers. The reaction of the cruiser pilot will vary depending on who is piloting, but I’d like to know what is the most likely player response

Would the guy think “huh, what an idiot, he put a PVP module on a mining ship and is trying to tackle me” and then blow the Venture up in one volley?

Or would most guys finish what they were shooting first and then blow up the Venture in one volley?

they probably wouldn’t bother with what was tackling them unless they needed to warp away. Hell there is a chance they wouldn’t even notice they had been pointed.

I see. Thanks

If the miners are flying Procurers and aren’t trying to get themselves to safety no matter the cost, that group of miners can probably take on the three hostile cruisers and kill them all with drones. And in that scenario it’s useful if some of the miners have tackle mods so you can kill the cruisers before they warp off.

However, most likely the miners will be ‘every man for himself’ and all try to warp off, leaving the one barge that is tackled behind to die.

If a venture warp scrambled me i would laugh and save him for last


An appropriate reaction

1/3 of my procs have scrams, 1/3 have disruptors, 1/3 have webs. Never not be ready for PvP

Plenty of people are ready for PvP with their “you suck at this game which is why you attack miners” whining.

So how many people do you think would attack the Venture?

all of them

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