Talking in Stations Podcast, open mic, Name & shame FC's


Did anyone else listen to the last TiS? I normally listen at work on spotify during my podcast round ups but this one I had to cut short. The last episode was terrible owing to someone with an open mic & the most obnoxious mechanical keyboard.

Was that DBRB? Is that what a DBRB fleet sounds like? My god I would have self destructed. If it was not DBRB who was it?

Open mics without misc sound nullification are a pet hate of mine, & I don’t hesitate to mute or non attend fleets hosted by FC’s who have terrabad mics.

Is it just me, do I have hyper sensitivity to the racket spewing from some peeps mics or are others enraged too? I personally could not FC & espically go on a talk show while making such noise. The meta show on the other hand is normally on point with the basics, Mittens 15mins of “how do I look?” gets fast forwarded but at least his mic is silk. Briscs is also good he sometimes drops the ocasional thing but hey up, tis is just constant keyboard clattering, amateurish really.

I mean I’m not looking for opera acoustics here but come on, no one wants to listen to that.

Maybe open bad mics are the halletosis of the gaming world, do the perpetrators live in a world of blissful ignorance while making their friends suffer?

Post your list of muted directors or fc’s here below to make them aware. Include CCP’rs too as some streams during lockdown are like for realz, use push to talk if you are not setting up a clothed or nulified mic, Let us help them with this intervention,

I have a pet hate for the sounds mechanical keyboards make.


I have a mech keyboard, I don’t feel the need to broadcast it to the world.

Let me be clear I have no problem with voice activated comms, the keyword being “voice” activated.

I’m at the point I just mute people without warning for it & they become non entity to me. TIS is a no go for me until they either PM me or make a statement regarding the fix.

I dunno I think I maybe in the minority here as I hear DBRB haa good fleet participation so I might just be overly sensitive, he is also hillirious & great banter & listen to but that keyboard pffft.

It might just be you. I mean it isn’t my favorite thing to hear someone’s keyboard, but I can get past it.

Given that most people probably never hear themselves probably yes? At least unless their friends give them a heads up. For streamers and youtubers yes I would hold them to a higher standard as they presumably test their setups more and hear the audio when editing.

Yes public shaming is all the rage these days YAY (not). Why not just politely inform those you fly with about it? Many may not be aware.

As an example I had some sort of hardware malfunction where my in game audio was coming through my mic, which was crazy considering I wear headphones so there was no audio in the room for the mic to pick up. I literally had no way of knowing until a friend mentioned it. I ended up having to buy a new mic, which solved the issue.

And I feel I have to reiterate, given the nature of your post that it would be best to POLITELY mention to the offenders. I get the sneaking suspicion you’d probably otherwise be a d!ck about it. :laughing:

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You also have hyper sensitivity/are easily enraged with regards to botting/RMTing despite CCP’s phenomenal efforts tackling the problem. So yeah, it’s probably you.

P.S. Before you lash out at me, i’d like to point out you created a whine thread and then asked “am I whiney?”, so you had it coming.

P.P.S Let’s see…

How much is Amazon selling Aluminum Foil for these days?


Cheap enough to start another conspiracy, I suppose.


Can we all please just take a minute to appreciate …

… how little we all have to complain about in our lives?


Pfft save your eve-o forum posts for after topics get closed & locked by ISD, your credibility here is now allready zero. Please forward to ccp so you can earn your shill badge coz god help us if you ever got a csm one in the future.

What backs up your credibility??


Oh I cited in my last post, then ISD locked it but Archer continued after lock any way… hahah.

Once again, you don’t like someone, therefore you say their credibility/qualifications are zero. Classic Brewlar, incapable of saying “while I disagree with/don’t like this individual, I cannot deny their credibility/qualifications”.

Speaking of zero qualifications/credentials, in your single-issue CSM campaign your proposals were repeatedly debunked by those who were actually knowledgeable about/experienced in IT security/computer programming, but you insisted on pitching defective-by-design/wouldn’t-work-at-all anti-botting measures anyway. And who the ■■■■ accuses constituents who disagree with them to be “pro-botters” anyway? What is that? So childish.

By the way, you know “Name & Shame FC’s” is literally part of this thread title, right? Thought I’d let everyone know in case you decide to edit title and whitewash history. Pathetic.

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This will be the last time I respond to you, I will no longer share a platform with a ccp shill who utilise ISD powers to lock threads, while coninuing to post after lock.

You have zero credibility here, you post no sources yet demand them for self evident posts. Go to your ISD back channel & stay there.

Kind Regards,


I am not an ISD and have no direct communications with any ISD so as to ask for favors. Buldath posted “Locked” before he actually locked the thread, so I saw that and hit reply immediately before the lock was actually applied :wink:

Nice conspiracy theory, though.

The simplest explanation is usually the right one, you’re making a mountain out of a molehill where your little tirade is concerned.

The ISD team occasionally make mistakes, forgetting to actually lock a thread when they mean to, or getting distracted during the process.

Not only that but the forum has some weird quirks with the thread locking mechanism, they show up occasionally too.

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I dunno about the OP, but breathing directly into the mic should be punishable by death.

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I try not to breathe into the mike, I have sneezed into it before; I was not popular in fleet.

I’m thinking of pulling the farfield mikes from my old home mini, they’re pretty 'king good and don’t have be to close to you.


Breathe into the mic again, and not only will this will reflect poorly on your upcoming performance evaluation, but I will write you a STRONGLY WORDED letter and post it on the forums to publicly shame you.

I don’t know that loud mechanical keyboards and other things triggering voice activation annoys me as much as when the microphone is in a noisy environment due to computer fans or some other source of constant nose that changes the overall sound produced by my speakers/headset.

I had a stock Widow Ultimate keyboard for a while, has to be one of the loudest mech keyboards I’ve ever used, and I eventually got rid of it for that reason, but having heard people using loud keyboards, it’s not the “clack clack clack” of the keys as much as the background noise that gets to me.

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