Target suddenly invulnerable?

So on impulse I attacked a player Incursus at an asteroid belt in LowSec. I had no scram or disruptor since I was actually ratting. (There were a few NPC ships, which I ignored until afterwards.) After a short battle taking the target down to the point of blowing up, I got a notice saying the target was now invulnerable, and the Incursus ran away. What just happened??

As far as I can remember, once a targetā€™s warp drive goes active they canā€™t be targeted for direct fire or or be bumped (a ship will just pass through without making contact), though I donā€™t think they are actually invulnerable to harm since area of effect weapons that do not rely on a target lock (smart bombs) can still inflict damage on a ship in warp.

A ship that attempts to warp is not in warp until it meets 2 conditions. It has to be traveling in the direction it wants to warp in, and it has to be at 75% of its current maximum speed. Until then, the ship is only aligning for warp and remains targetable and vulnerable until it meets those 2 conditions.


He warped off, which breaks your target lock.

You cannot target a warping ship, so I expect the ā€˜target invulnerableā€™ message came when you tried to lock him again?

Good job taking the fight with a player and not dying! Next time bring something to hold them down to finish the job. :smiley:

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Okay, so no great mystery then - as I understand it when he fully entered warp he became ā€˜invulnerableā€™, which makes sense.
Gerard - I was the bully here - 6 months experience with a T2-loaded Cat vs 6 weeks experience and an Incursus which was almost certainly T1. But I did compensate him for damage, and the fright, which I thought he needed!

Thanks to both of you for your answers!

A target is a target. And this time he outplayed you. :stuck_out_tongue:

So he did. But I didnā€™t mind - this time!
Just wondered about the ā€˜invulnerableā€™, which you guys have answered.

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