Tayra,Bustard,Crane Redesign

(Sylvia Kildare) #41

They’ve still got a bridge, it’s just at the top near the back (like a Star Destroyer) instead of at the front. They’re like a tractor-trailer that pushes the cargo box instead of pulling it. :wink:

(Geo Eclipse Oksaras) #42

Thats what I was thinking when I was inspecting my Tayra and enjoying the new look. Its different, but at least it doesn’t look like an exhaust anymore :stuck_out_tongue:

(grimgrimmett) #43

WTF. i have to take a brake and come back to my cargo ship F@# all to S@# . now im left cargo shipless for everything but my ores. GIVE ME BACK MY CRANE

(Solonius Rex) #44

@ISD_Buldath please close this thread, no point in this guy necroing it.

(Old Pervert) #45

I dunno… we’ve got some first class stupid to mock here. Might be worth keeping open.

Apparently he thinks the graphical change to the Crane made it function differently? Either that or he lost his ship somewhere and doesn’t know how to use the asset window.

All in a 3 month necro, the perfect cherry to top off this delightful post.

(Pix Severus) #46

I’ve come to like the redesign, its better than the Gonzo look before it.

(CCP Falcon) #47

Caldari ship design, as with much in the state, favors function over form.

What better to haul stuff in, than a big rectangular box with thrusters?

Makes perfect sense.

(Gadget Helmsdottir) #48

This topic will close 3 months after the last reply.


–Gadget is just sayin’

(grimgrimmett) #49

wrong and wrong it is the new model. the old one was one of my fav models in the game and they killed it and that is a big issue for me

(Solonius Rex) #50

K. So use your imagination station and dream that youre piloting a crane with a different model.

(Sepheir Sepheron) #51

Idk what the fuss is about. New crane is cute he goes toot toot. Bustard reminds me of a space truck which makes sense right?

(Avaelica Kuershin) #52

Rather than being a truck, it looks more like a space version of a container ship.
I like it

(Jian Mira) #53

is the Charon going to get a re-design?

(Nana Skalski) #54

And Bellicose. CCPlease?

(Jian Mira) #55

Wow, i love it!! is this the new refit?

(Nana Skalski) #56

Thank you. :relaxed:

Its just the next redesign I made in Blender, as old bellicose design is too weird for me.