TC-KL [TIKLE] is now recruiting again for AUTZ pilots

Moar recruits so we can have more fights like this:

Back to the top for our recruiters!

That was good dread fight… we fight 2 to 1 and still have good fight! Come join for fighting shenanigans!

Up and up and up again!

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According to Legacy, we are now goon pets :slight_smile:

Up to the top again as Legacy hates us apparently…

Still recruiting the toughest pvp krabs in the south! Hit us up to join.

Apparently we are low sec pvp’ers as well now…

Come join the fun

PVP is anywhere in EVE… come join us for shooting ships!

Iamthereaper will be the personal escort… I mean point of contact for everyone <3

Come join TIKLE and you too can fly your Dreads to Valhalla

Up and up we go for the weekend scrub lords!

Join TIKLE they said.
You can kill supers they said…

Video coming soon

There is a good video by Init showing our drop check it out :slight_smile:

Looks like I have to do everything Reaper :wink:

Hey guys,

We are still here :slight_smile: just ran off for xmas

And I up to a new covid hotspot it seems… luckily I just left before the infected got there… pop down for a drink and a chat.

Reaper promises cuddles with every new member who joins

Seems reaper forgets there is work yet to do to get all you infidels into our midst. JOIN TODAY!