TC-KL [TIKLE] is now recruiting again for AUTZ pilots

Lots of kills to be had… 400 toon alliance and constantly more than 1 page of kills each day… and you could have that too!

Seems Reaper is as good at remembering to bump this thread, as a tortise is actually going to win a race against a rabbit. Bad reaper

Busy killing people.

Bumpity… Your okay…ish.

Lets some more AU dudes… we haz content!

I heard a rumour that we have been getting may dank kills…

We get dank kills, come join teh fun!

can confirm they love the IRISH

Pokes for the Poke God

Pokes for the love god?

Bippity Boppity post goes uppity

Its been 2 days reaper… slacking I see