Tell me you looted this?


Tell me you picked this up and made mad bank?!?

There’s a post about it in the “CODE” thread that’s active right now, take a look there. You can probably delete this one.

What are you asking? What do you mean by made “mad bank?” I can’t tell how this relates to the title of your post.

To make “mad bank” means to have made a lot of money -isk- in this case.

And Destiny did, the loot fairy said yes.

Considering that when I moved a lot of ISK and Plex over to my wallet char with only 5bill in my wallet left. EVE year end video reported me with 5bill as the top 1%. for many in EVE 1Bill is an absolute fortune.

Picking up 20bill in loot will make 90% of eve players mess their pants.

As I mentioned in the other thread, it was actually about 75 billion that dropped, and another 10 billion was destroyed/stolen. But that’s beside the point. I thought most of it would get stolen, and was ready to pop the wreck. The main goal isn’t the loot; I already have more money than I’ll ever need in this game.

I was hired to bankrupt and disband Pandemic Horde, and am committed to my contractual obligations. The minerals are just a nice little bonus; one that I’ll use to secure a consistent supply of ammunition, and to manufacture the Moa cruiser-class combat vessel that will become the flagship in my upcoming operations to utterly destroy EVE’s biggest alliance.


Congrats on the kill!


I was saying cool awesome kill until that part. Than I lolled and continued on with my forum updates.

I just cannot take people on the forums serious anymore. This roleplaying needs to stay in the RP forums.

The important thing is that you laughed and had a good time.


Awww poor @Iceacid_Frostpacker why do you try to confine him? :thinking: :stuck_out_tongue: His imagination has no bounds and wants to fly freely like a bird of frostpacker? :wink:

Okay does make sense about the isk. After years of playing isk isnt much of a concern for most players.
Congrats on the kill. had to make a comment on it when I saw it. Enjoy your war and happy hunting!

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Frostpuppy is not allowed out of his cage, until he pays his contractual debts which currently exceed one billion isk, with late payments and punitive assessments.


Lol that made me laugh, thank you i need a laugh right now

5 Billion ISK probably puts you in the top 1% of players because of the tens of thousands of players who tried EVE and then gave up after one month, but never deleted thier account.

25K people logged in at peak yesterday, I would presume that a much greater percentage of these people have more than 5 Billion.

You realize they probably make that much every few hours, right?

I make 100 billion a second.

Are you the one sending me like five mails a day asking for some of the minerals?

No. :roll_eyes:

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That’s nice