Tell us about your flagship

(Tsao Aubbes) #21

● Full name of the flagship: HISCB C5-002
● Nickname: Fwosh Fwosh~
● Class: Gila-class cruiser
● Age: Unknown
● Homedock: ZO-YJZ X - ZO-YJZ Station
● Builder: Unknown
● Status (in service, destroyed…): Currently destroying Rogue Drones
● Souls on board (crew, janitors…): 68 crew total.
● Purpose (combat, diplomacy…): Destroying Rogue Drones
● Reasons for flagship designation: It’s… sort of the only thing I fly.
● Favorite moments: I was once tackled by a Pandemic Legion Malediction and Gila. While I was unable to destroy the interceptor tackling me, I was able to begin destroying the Gila’s drones. He seemed to do more damage than my shields could repair, so I began to destroy his drones. He didn’t seem to realize I was doing it, until I had destroyed a few of them. We eventually got into a sort of stalemate, where each of us where launching our drones, before quickly scooping them, trying to destroy each others drones before trying to destroy each others ships… This sort of continued for… almost 60 minutes, before I eventually realized that there were no more Pandemic Legion pilots coming to this engagement. I decided to ask for help from my corporation, and a Drake pilot came to help me. We were able to destroy the Gila, but not the interceptor. It was… very strange, and like nothing I had experienced before, but it was something I doubt I’ll forget…

(Sterling Blades) #22

● Full Name: Reverence Historia Eldest
● Nickname: Reverence
● Class: Loki Class Strategic Cruiser
● Age: 9 Months
● Homedock: Archavoinet - House Mnesia Outpost - a Freeport Astrahus
● Builder: Unknown, originally purchased and assembled at the Dodixie Trade Hub
● Status: In Service(reconstructed from scrap on two seperate occasions following catastrophic damages)
● Souls on board: 20 Marines, 30 Archeological Specialists, 4 Comm Technicians, 7 Astrogeology/Planetology Specialists, 5 Artillery Maintenance Technicians, 10 General Crew, and 3 Janitors
● Purpose: Anoikis Relic Retrieval, Anoikis Planetary Surveying, and jury-rigged ‘Bread Crumb’ CommSat deployment.
● Reasons for flagship designation: Despite being one of four Loki hull configurations under my ownership, Reverence was the first of them, and has seen me and its crew through much, despite becoming near complete scrap twice. Minmatar Engineering at its finest.
● Favorite moments: sitting in orbit over a shattered world in Anoikis while the planetologists and a small squad of marines from the crew compliment took planetary vehicles down to the surface to collect samples. To some, this may not be much, as shattered world are of little value to most, but there’s something to be said about watching a groundfeed from inside a pod, overlooking starscorched crags and rift valleys from the perspective of a mortal. Its… humbling, in a way.

● Additional Note: due to the expanded crew complement and neccesity of specialized equipment for the science teams aboard the vessel, Reverence sacrifices some of her internal integrity for extended decks and specialized deployment clamps for planetary vehicles.

(Ibrahim Tash-Murkon) #23

● Full name: Far Sight Lost
● Nickname: Slippery When Wet
● Class: Malediction-class Interceptor
● Age: 2 years
● Homedock: Reserved berth spaces in Amarr, Jita, Rens, Dodixie, Hek, and Tash-Murkon Prime
● Builder: Khanid Innovations
● Status: In Service
● Souls on board: Mine
● Purpose: Rapid Transit with Minimal Annoyance
● Reasons for flagship designation: Not my biggest, not my most powerful, but the ship in which I spend the most time and with which daddy makes the big bucks.
● Favorite moments:

Anytime a gatecamp fails to nab it, preferably after they have made a bravado heavy statement in local. I say it’s the ship I spend the most time in but, in a way, the opposite is true as well. I can make it from Amarr to Jita in as little as three minutes so it’s not actually that necessary to spend a large amount of time in the ship. With an upgraded Fable XIV FTL Assembly and an align time of 1.77 seconds the ship makes it easy and fast for me to get from Point A to Point B no matter how many roadblocks are in the way.

Bonus Stats
●Color: Black
●Armaments: Three dual-mounted Fireworks Launcher Arrays mounted on the Lai Dai “Arbalest” light missile hardpoints; because I know how to have fun

(Este DeStirr) #24

Full name: GhostSight
Hull: Helios
Class: Covert Ops

(Angelina Is) #25

Jason? You still here? I guess Eve isn’t that large

(Mizhara Del'thul) #26

Updated my own section with a new image bank, because that new paintjob deserves it.

(Aradina Varren) #27

Name: Sakanuik.
Nickname: Going to explain the name here instead. The name is Napanii and it means Windspeed. The phrase is commonly used as a farewell.
Class: Raptor-class Caldari Interceptor.
Age: Not sure on exact date. Just over a year now.
Home: J120442.
Builder: Unknown.
Status: Active. 24 kills.
Purpose: Punishing usage of warp core stabilizers.
Reason: It was hard to choose between my Raptor, my Buzzard or my Cerberus, and I’m still not sure. But Sakanuik has been with me for far longer than any other ship I own.

Favourite moments: There isn’t one big moment(My Cerberus has moments, which is why it was close). It’s just general long term usage. I bought it in Jita 4-4, flew it to PH staging in nullsec. When I left Horde it was the only ship I took with me, and it was the first ship I moved in J120442 when I joined ALXVP, where I refit it for its current purpose. It has a combined 6 points of scram, meaning that warp core stabilizers can’t save anything from its wrath.

As soon as its wrath can manage to track the target, anyway.

My love for Sakanuik is largely sentimental. It’s a ship I’ve had for just over a year now, one year and one month almost to the day if I’m correct, almost my entire active time as a capsuleer. I hope to have it for many, many more years to come.

(Trii Seo) #28

Following several requests - no, I don’t have a flagship, I have a toolbox.

Each ship is designed with a specific purpose in mind - and most of them are, to their own extent, disposable.

They range from standarized ships hastily purchased during wartime to custom-order builds by many shipyards. Some of them are ships manufactured in the 28O shipyard in Cloud Ring, back when it existed.

There are a few of those I have fond memories of, like an old model four twinweb Rapier I flew during the last conflict - but, in the end, they’re nothing but a box of tools.

To be honest - if there was a way to strap a jumpdrive to a Bowhead… well, now that I would actually consider.

(Mizhara Del'thul) #29

That’s called literally any capital ship with a ship maintenance bay.

(Trii Seo) #30

Meh. Too small.

E: Also, short jump range.

(Ninavask) #31

  • Name: Demagol
  • Nickname: None, sure the crew probably has one for it.
  • Class: Nestor-Class Battleship
  • Age: Unknown, purchased the hull in Amarr
  • Homedock: Indigo City, Origin System, Anoikis Space
  • Builder: Unknown
  • Status: Docked and serving as tertiary research facility for VaskTech
  • Crew: Varies dependant on role. Standard operating crew is 800. Supplementary support staff is 300 extra. With a maximum operational staff of 1,500.
  • Purpose: Mobile research facility, Hospital Ship, Combat Armour Logistics, and ad hoc planetary tactical command center.
  • Reason for Flagship Designation: Largest ship in possession and the robust research and development labs constructed inside the ship.
  • Favorite Moment: Witnessing her hospital ship duties get put to their full use.


Unfortunately the Demagol is MIA, presumed stolen during the Fall of Origin and the destruction of Indigo City. Her crew, along with all personnel, were safely evacuated from the Citadel before it’s destruction. It is presumed the Demagol is either being resold or put to poor use by it’s new owner.

(Cassandra Habalu) #32

  • Name: Empress of Amarr.
  • Nickname: none, because a certain level of decorum is appropriate when handling this much power.
  • Class: Legion (Strategic Cruiser).
  • Age: eight months since commissioning.
  • Homedock: registered at Zoohen III - Theology Council Tribunal Station, although the ship is currently on indefinite deployment to a base located in the Anoikis Cluster.
  • Builder: bought new ‘off the shelf’ from an independent capsuleer industrialist based in Amarr; initial subsystem configuration carried out by engineers in the Emperor Family Academy facility. The recent mandatory Strategic Cruiser-class subsystem reconfiguration/redesign was carried out in situ in my corp’s facility in the Anoikis Cluster.
  • Status: in-service.
  • Crew: no other biologicals, because a number of servitor robots and considerable automation negates the requirement. As well as the standard Aura interface, the ship also carries an iteration of Signal Cartel’s experimental ‘ALLISON’ AI construct as part of its navigation sensor suite.
  • Purpose: the ship’s primary role is long-duration exploration missions as per Signal Cartel’s core operational brief (a cross-capsule-variant modification was installed at considerable extra expense). Its secondary role is ad-hoc/impromptu suppression of organised crime/pirate bases wherever they are encountered.
  • Reasons for Flagship designation: I keep the two-century-old samovar I got from a bazaar on Mishi IV on it so I can keep it real by doing the tea ritual anytime/anywhere, bringing some civility to even the most desolate parts of space (even Anoikis).
  • Favourite Moment: just last week I warped to a wormhole under full cloak, to find that wormhole camped by three hostile ships and a horde of drones. I emerged from warp (still cloaked obvs) right into the middle of this field of hostiles - within 3,500m of several of them - and yet none of them decloaked me while my warp field was dissipating under deceleration and before I was able to warp away again. Incredible karma, and true covert ops right there - those hostiles will never have known how close they came to a major score that night. What a ship…

(Bjorn Tyrson) #34

(artist rendering, I am over 30 jumps from ships current dock at present)

● Full name of the flagship: Jörmungandr (seems to be a popular naming convention for this ship class.)
● Nickname: NotaMach
● Class: Machariel Class Battleship
● Age: Unknown, procured for me by my finance manager 9 months ago.
● Homedock: None, was used to chase sansha incursions, so home dock changed frequently. currently in Sukirah VII - Moon 7 - Imperial Shipment Storage
● Builder: Unknown, Angel Cartel design.
● Status: Not in active service
● Souls on board: 200 maintenance staff
● Purpose: Originally put into service to combat sansha incursions.
● Reasons for flagship designation: This was the first “expensive” ship I ever purchased, and it served me well for 7 months, more than paying off the initial investment as well as considerable upgrades. she is still the most expensive ship in my fleet by far, sadly that is also what has temporarily put her out of service. since I cannot justify bringing something that expensive out to null sec right now.
● Favorite moments: Mustang (our FC for that fleet): "Look, I don’t care what you bring, as long as its not a Mach"
Me: “Okay” changes ship designation name to NotaMach and undocks
Mustang: “God damnit Bjorn, I hate you so much right now.”

It is with pride that I announce that after almost a year to the day, my flagship has fallen in the battle of MTO2-2. she was a good ship, and served me well, even if her lifespan as an active combat ship was a brief one particularly in that fight.

(Riley Breau) #36

[No Images Recovered from active service]
● Name: WI-892
● Nickname: "Ezekiel"
● Class: Wreathe Industrial Hauler
● Age: 3 Months
● Homedock: Unknown
● Builder: Riley Breau in association with Lursan Ayin
● Status: Recently Recommissioned
● Souls on board: 14 Crewmen, 4 Marines, 5 Exotic Male Dancers
● Purpose: Transport of goods, shock battlefield recovery.
● Reasons for flagship designation: Primary pilot position for former Indie Luck CEO Riley Breau during active duty.
● Favorite moments: Entering an active battlefield and holding against an onslaught of Cormorant class destroyers until friendlies could arrive.

(Thaila Lemrenoy) #37

● Name: Uroboros
● Nickname: Cielvoss, 12 floors of heaven.
● Class: Gallente Titan
● Age: 3 Years
● Homedock: -Classified-
● Builder: -Classified-
● Status: Combat Ready
● Souls on board: 3.200 Crewmen and women. 180 exotic dancers female and male.
● Purpose: Mobile Stargate and Doomsday bringer.
● Reasons for flagship designation: The world Serpent in Serpentis Skin
● Favorite moments: Doomsdaying a stray Amarr Carrier and then nearly loosing two carriers to its drones that were left over.

(Natheniel) #38

● Full name of the flagship: MSS Kalasang
● Nickname: None
● Class: Nyx Class Supercarrier
● Age: 6 months about
● Homedock: -Classified-
● Builder: Don’t recall
● Status: In Service
● Souls on board: 1300
● Purpose: Combat Deployment
● Reasons for flagship designation: My favorite ship in New Eden
● Favorite moments

I have had a few close calls with this ship, Jumping it into a hostile combat situation with an alliance mate’s Wyvern to try and destroy a Minokawa who lit a cyno and we got counter dropped. The Kalasang survived the encounter but the Wyvern was not as lucky. The encounter I enjoyed most was dropping it onto a gate where people from my alliance were fighting against a Bargest and a Nightmare, both were harassing people in the system for some time and the fighters that were deployed erased both ships rather quickly.

Not some big fancy story, but I am a simple man. :slight_smile:

(chaosjj) #39

● Full name of the flagship: Ravaging dawn
● Nickname: The Rattler
● Class: Rattlesnake class Battleship
● Age 2 years or so
● Homedock: Frarn
● Builder: unknown, probably constructed in The forge region
● Status: in service
● Souls on board: aside from the occational mission specialists, automated drone crew
● Purpose: combat
● Reasons for flagship designation: Its enormous DPS output, Tank, and its looks
● Favorite moments: i’ve had many moments with this ship, but one moment that stood out was when i got jumpt by a fleet of small, high damage ships while freelancing for the Caldari navy, intending to use their numbers to overwhelm my defences before CONCORD could take them out, only for me to jump away using a Micro jumpdrive (still very new technology then)

(Natheniel) #40

After taking some time to think about it, I’d like to add a bit about my previous flagship, the ship that was with me far longer and used far more than my current one. This one had some interesting stories and a glorious end.

● Full name of the flagship: MSS Arcadia
● Nickname: The Hammer
● Class: Kronos-Class Marauder
● Age: 2.5 years
● Homedock: Destroyed
● Builder: Market Purchase
● Status: Destroyed
● Souls on board: 200
● Purpose: Combat Deployment / Diplomacy
● Reasons for flagship designation: Toughest ship I owned at the time
● Favorite moments

Where can I start with this ship? The Arcadia served me well over the time I had her. I used her for combat deployments in factional warfare when I first got her, I had gotten into many small engagements with militia forces. She was my third Kronos class Marauder. The first lost when I made the mistake of staying in a plex too long, second lost to a Blops drop. But she was special. I had once warped her in to capture a large plex while my allies were engaging enemies in other plexes, but the large needed to be captured because the enemy fleet was not large. It was going smoothly until the enemy decided to bring every ship they had to the large to end my capturing of it. The fight that ensued required every bit of tank that the Arcadia could muster. Here is the battle report for the fight. I had to take the damage of every one of those ships until my allies could force them off field, we lost heavily but we held the objective and the Arcadia survived. That was one of the most clutch fights of my career. After that I utilized it during the P.P.C. Conference as my transport to it. I knew the location was in open high security space and it would be dangerous to travel there. I decided it would be a good ship to come in since it would provide a show of strength and stalwart defense.

From there we moved a few times, the ship saw light combat here and there but mostly sat in dock until we moved to Minmatar low security and joined the Dead Terrorists Alliance. There I started utilizing it more due to us being the larger entity in the area and I was not as concerned about getting outnumbered by enemies as I was before. I used it to chase down a few battleships here and there, as well as used it to help with baiting a carrier in Houla so one of my allies could drop a Titan on it. After that I started using a Vargur for a bit as I had access to Shield Improvement implants. After I lost the Vargur though I let the Arcadia sit around. Then time passed and we ended up in curse, looking to fight against Iron Armada and Feign Disorder. This would be the real test of how much defense I could pack into the ship, the fight would be grueling but we needed to hold grid. As I used to use this ship for that back in factional warfare, it proved just as effective in null security entosis. We had an objective to hit, to take space in their home system and I deployed the Arcadia for the task, retrofitted for the job. It consisted of the most expensive defenses I could put onto a subcapital ship. The Arcadia did its job, capturing node after node but it was still slow, they were unable to break it with the small fast claw fleets and required a real fleet to do the job. The tengu fleet that was deployed against it was unable to penetrate the armor and our friendly Cerberus fleet drove them off. But when my allies were split up and forced off, the enemy brought in an oracle fleet, each ship fit for high damage, and busted through the armor thus destroying the ship. It survived long enough for 85% of the crew to have made it off. The last bit needed to maintain the ship defenses to ensure the rest could make it. I assigned the crew of the Arcadia who survived to my Nyx class supercarrier as they were one of the best crews I have worked with. I still take the senior staff out for drinks now and then to remember the time we served with this ship.

(Shogun Grey) #41
  1. M3
  2. M3
  3. Merlin Frigate Class
  4. usually a few hours
  5. Classified
  6. Classified
  7. Classified
  8. Not telling, but I will say that my crew usually survives whatever assault the enemy throws my way, my ship have an extremely efficient evacuation protocol.
  9. Primarily defending military targets in Black Rise from any threat to Caldari interests
  10. I would say the Merlin is one of the best frigates available for capsuleer use. considering Federation/Pirate aggression all over Black Rise, a powerful but expendable ship such as the Merlin can provide substantial mobile combat support in the region.
  11. I take joy when I defeat Pirates and Gallenteans, but I always try to save the crew of my enemies, and I expect my enemies to make an attempt at rescuing my crew should my ship go down. Not everyone is immortal, I think capsuleers sometimes forget that.

(Tristan Valentina) #42

● Full name of the flagship: The VCV Traditional
● Nickname: The Trad
● Class: Frigate
● Age: They normally last about six hours of flight time tops.
● Homedock: Titania Vlil VII
● Builder: Myself
● Status (in service, destroyed…): On Deck
● Souls on board (crew, janitors…): None but myself
● Purpose (combat, diplomacy…): Combat Evaluation Platform
● Reasons for flagship designation: Practised execution
● Favorite moments: Baiting faction frigates into straight up fights and winning.