Tell us about your flagship

(Jorrik Valeneaux) #43

(sorry for stock image lol, my cpu’s vidcard does 0 justice to the beauty of Gallentean ships)

Full name: FNS Courier III
Nickname: The Breadwinner
Class: Thorax-Class Cruiser
Age: This model is only a few weeks old. I’ve had previous accounts with Courier I and II, both had about 8 months or so.
Homedock: -Classified-
Builder: Jorrik Valeneaux, of course
Status: In Service
Crew Number: 570
Purpose: Multiservice, Flagship of Unicorn Multiservice LTD
Reasons for flagship designation: A couple; It’s one of my favourite designs, it has good fittings, and due to currently running an alpha account, it’s one of the best ships I can own currently.
Favourite moments? None in particular, mostly just killing some pirates. Soon, however, that should change ;]

(Jorge Stanton) #44

Day’s End

Exequror class cruiser

not certain

Pakashi IX- Moon 20, Concord Bureau

data lost

in service

1 capsuleer

anti-pirate combat

was the first cruiser i planned to get, and regardless of what they say about exequror, it is still a formidable opponent against pirates/rogue drones

have run successful raids against the serpentis guardian’s gala and the rogue drone swarm anomalies, and have skins to prove it.

(Anataine Deva) #45

^ That’s my goddess. As you can clearly see in that picture, my Helios is nearly as great as an Avatar and by far larger than an Amarr station!

Full name: Taezali
Class: Covert Ops Frigate
Age: 5+ years
Status: in service
Builder: unknown, acquired in Dodixie
Homedock: -confidential-
Crew: 1 capsule pilot (me), apart from that fully automated
Purpose: fast transport and reconnaissance vessel
Reasons for flagship designation: my most used ship
Favorite moments: Once shot into 5% structure by pirates in Jita, followed by a major overhaul which i.a. tripled her hp but kept her agility and still increased the max. speed. She’s better than new since then.
I would never have done that if the now dead pirates haven’t given their lives to convince me of doing that.


But if you ask me about “The spaceship you always bring first into peaceful events”, then it’s Scáthach, my little Navy Megathron.

(Jorrik Valeneaux) #46

New Flagship, just built!

Full name: FNS Courier IV
Nickname: The most Luxurious death money can buy
Class: Hyperion-Class Battleship
Age: Just finished as I’m typing lol
Homedock: -Classified-
Builder: Jorrik Valeneaux
Status: Now in service!
Crew Number: barely at 850
Purpose: Multiservice, UMLTD Flagship
Reason for Designation: It’s goddamn huge
Favourite moments? I just finished it lol

(Sinjin Mokk) #47

● Full Name: Gist Utopia Dreams
● Nickname: Utopia
● Class: Machariel
● Age: Classified
● Homedock: 7RM-NO
● Builder: Pandemic Horde
● Status: In service.
● Souls on board: Classified
● Purpose: Combat. Urban Renewal, Diplomacy
● Reasons for flagship designation: Sometimes, heaven is a place you take with you
● Favorite moments: Many

(Maria Daphiti) #48

● Full name of the flagship - TES Glorious Dei
● Nickname - Glory
● Class - Navy Omen
● Age - Sadly, newly built. It’s predecessor was lost over the summer.
● Homedock - Mehatoor, 24th Imperial Crusade Station
● Status - Always one in service. While rarely lost in action, it is quickly replaced when it is.
● Purpose - Combat
● Reasons for flagship designation - my main ship of the line outside of frigates and destroyers.
● Favorite moments - When I engaged two cruisers, including a navy variant, with it in a cluttered mission site, and had to fight both the inhabitants and obstacles of the site and the cruisers, and won!

(Tamiroth) #49

● Name: Seven Gates
● Nickname: N/A
● Class: Armageddon-class Battleship

The Seven Gates on its maiden flight from Palas to Danera, 7-12-114

The Seven Gates docked in Danera, 11-6-117

● Launched: Jul 12, YC 114 in Palas, Khanid
● Homedock: Danera VI-9
● Builder: Royal Khanid Navy, Palas Assembly Plant
● Status: Currently mothballed in Mehatoor
● Souls on board: Maintenance tech crew, 37
● Purpose: Combat with non-capsuleer vessels; Structure bombardment.
● Reasons for flagship designation: The first battleship I ever owned.
● Favorite moments:

Nauplius’ Grand Temple to the Red God exploding.

(The Seven Gates participated in strikes on two citadels and numerous towers belonging to the Butcher.)

(Omega Jovakko) #50

● Full name of the flagship: Chimera
● Nickname: Star Fondler
● Class: Carrier
● Age: 9 months
● Homedock: Pavanaka
● Builder: Confidential
● Status: In port
● Souls on board: Confidential
● Purpose: Reminding people why Carriers are weapons, not toys
● Reasons for flagship designation: Ship maintenance station, fighter supression.
● Favorite moment: Very first time I made a jump. It was incredible, the rush of energy, the feeling that all of space was at my fingertips, and all i’d need was fuel.

(Viktor Revon) #51

Name: The Deadeyed Rabbit
Nickname: Skink
Class: It’s a Cormorant destroyer.
Age: It was first used three years ago.
Homedock: Hek VIII - Moon 12 - Boundless Creation Factory
Status: In Service
Crew: Confidential.
Purpose: Harassment and "pest control."
Designated as Flagship because: Despite it’s lowly status as a destroyer, it has proven itself a rather useful tool in dispatching Cruisers, Battlecruisers, and Battleships.
Favorite moments: While roaming through lowsec on my way through space, I encountered two titans which ended up firing on one another. Leviathan and Erebus, to specify. The spectacle was rather amusing and awe-inspiring

A few recruits of mine have had very amusing reactions to warping for the first time. Most enjoyed it, one thought he nearly hit something and wouldn’t warp again until I let him know that warping was safe.

(Alizabeth Vea) #52

Name: TES Memini Jamyl
Class: Silver Magnate
Almost two years old.
Home dock: Not telling
Builder: Handcrafted by the finest artisans in Amarr
Status: Ceremonial use only.
Souls on board: Two
Purpose: Reminder
Reasons for flagship designation: A reminder
Favorite moments: Actually getting it!

(Jona Ambramotte) #53

Holy Destiny
Archon-Class Carrier
Unknown, Bought from a contract
Legacy Space
in service
Scaring off Stilettos and Claws off citadels
None Yet!

(The Golden Serpent) #54

● Anoyia’s Exhortation
● Nickname: Anoyia
● Attack Battlecruiser
● 2 Years old
● Homedock: Kahah I, Khanid Transport Storage
● Produced by: Khanid Innovation
● In Service
● Souls on board: 81 Crew Members
● Designation: Combat, Tourism, Diplomacy
● Why is it my flagship: It’s a gift from my uncle for spending a year in service to the Amarr Navy as a capsuleer, and I specialize in piloting Oracles. It was designed and commissioned by her holiness, Empress Jamyl I.
● Favorite moments: I have been working with the Finaka Tourism Board for a while and I run a lot of tourists through Finaka. When I transported my first group of True Amarrians off of Athra through Finaka that was the most rewarding experience because it represented the unity of the True Amarr and Khanid people. I know that we have been united with Amarr for a while now, but at that point it felt real to me, that we were one people.

In Kahah in front of various celestials. The sun, a rather bright red star and home planets of mine, well, my father’s :slight_smile:

(Ravana 729) #55

● Full name of the flagship


● Nickname

The Blingdicator

● Class

Blingfit Vindicator

● Age

3 years

● Homedock

Delve Sweet Delve Baby

● Builder


● Status (in service, destroyed…)

In service

● Souls on board (crew, janitors…)

300 crew members, 118 something homeless people aka the da party crew

● Purpose (combat, diplomacy…)

Home D

● Reasons for flagship designation

It has an indoor pool

● Favorite moments

Moving from Fountain to Branch, then from Branch to Deklein, then from Deklein to Rakapas, Then from Rakapas to Sakht, then from Sakht to Delve

(Arrendis) #56

So, Miz, how many Bloody Hands of the Matar SKINS did you order this morning?

(Mizhara Del'thul) #57

… they’re out? Well, none of them.

I’ll see about rectifying that immediately.

Edit: All of them. The answer is, “all of them”.

(Jona Ambramotte) #58

● Asira (commonly called MeMeToWeRDeLuXe)
● Read Above
● Minokawa-Class FAX
● Unknown {Error loading info, please try again in 999999…}
● Catch, Impass, Legacy Space
● Unknown
● In Serivce
● Doing Many things

(Elinari Rhodan) #59

● Full name: Araignée
● Nickname: Honestly, I tend to be speaking of her when I say “My Ship”
● Class: Logistics Cruiser
● Age: 3 years
● Homedock: Penirgman
● Builder: Unknown
● Status: In service
● Souls on board: 42 crew, though fluctuates due to periods in drydock
● Purpose: …it’s a logistics cruiser.
● Reasons for flagship designation: The first ship I ever took fleet command in, the ship I fly most often, and the ship that has survived despite overwhelming odds
● Favorite moments: The first time I took her out into a Drifter Hive after almost 2 years in service against Sansha forces. She took a doomsday from an Apollo, and I expected a smoldering wreck. She has taken countless other doomsdays since then, and shrugs them off.

(Alastair Altair) #60

● Full Name: Lazerus
● Nickname: None
● Class: Minmatar Battlecruiser, Outfitted for missions.
● Age: Currently, a few months. In spirit the Lazerus is several years old.
● Homedock: No dock has ever fully felt like home. The Lazerus itself is the only thing home-worthy.
● Builder: Unknown.
● Status: In Service. Regular running missions and supporting the Minmatar Republic where able.
● Souls on board: Prefer not to disclose.
● Purpose: Combat, Leisure, Home.
● Reasons for flagship designation: If I lost everything else, this is all I would need to be content.
● Favorite moments: First deployment: Years ago I joined a Corporation that was very far away from my current living situation. I sold everything I had, abandoned the rest, and took a shuttle across New Eden. When I arrived, out of courtesy, the CEO compensated me enough to get a new ship and fittings. He suggested a Hurricane. After purchasing the recently ship and prepping it, I took off around the nearby systems to test it out. The very first encounter with some pirates proved to be as easy as pie. It was such a joy to fly! I had realized how uncomfortable I had been interfacing with other ships, how always something felt off. This has been true ever since. The Lazerus, though it has seen many deaths and rebirths, has never strayed from being home wherever I go. Wherever I might go from here, the day I see my final death, I wish it to be with this ship.

(Ghelisis Achasse) #61

I sold my flagship many months ago, but she was a VERY capable ship, and I still miss her.

● Full Name: FSS Matari (Even though I am Gallente, most of the initial crew was Matar, so I had to make them comfortable.)
● Nickname: None
● Class: Minmatar Cyclone-class battlecruiser.
● Age: Several years, I have no idea if it even still exists.
● Homedock: When I had her, Huola, in the 24th Imperial station.
● Builder: Unknown.
● Status: Sold. I think the next person to buy her was of Minmatar origin.
● Souls on board: Around 350. When it was mothballed, some of the skeleton crew of around 50 opened up a small pleasure hub on the ship for some reason.
● Purpose: Mission running.
● Reasons for flagship designation: she was EXTREMELY reliable. during missions with my corporation she performed flawlessly.
● Favorite moments: Actually, my favorite moment was when she was mothballed. I still had to have a skeleton crew onboard her to maintain her at a basic level, but apparently boredom hit the head engineer hard. He was in charge of the warp core. Anyway, one night he decided to head to one of the station bars. He spent quite a few hours there before returning. When he did so, he discovered that the warp core was on the fritz, so he decided to repair it in his inebriated state. Station staff got wind of this too late, because you NEVER should open the warp core compartment before making it completely inert first. Long story short, the entire hangar area was irradiated for months, and I was forced to sell her not long after.

These days, I’m busy with my job so I don’t really fly anything bigger than frigates.

(Claudia Osyn) #62

● Full name of the flagship
● Nickname
● Class
● Age
● Homedock
● Builder
● Status (in service, destroyed…)
● Souls on board (crew, janitors…)
● Purpose (combat, diplomacy…)
● Reasons for flagship designation
● Favorite moments


That or I don’t really have a flagship, as I tend to fly whatever is appropriate for the fleet… or irritating the FC, depends on the day.

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