Tell us about your flagship

(Nico Boru) #63

● Full name of the flagship
● Nickname
Cheney’s Shotgun
● Class
Pirate Faction Battleship
● Age
Six years
● Homedock
● Builder
Some pirate scum
● Status (in service, destroyed…)
In service
● Souls on board (crew, janitors…)
Skeleton maint. crew
● Purpose (combat, diplomacy…)
Anything I want
● Reasons for flagship designation
My first faction battleship. Love the Megathron hull. Have hit 300k+ehp and 1,700+dps. Its a ■■■■■■■ Vindicator.
● Favorite moments
War targets running from it and returning with reinforcements only to fall prey to my trap where my allies and logi are in wait. Warping into the middle of an Ivy Leage fleet on a preset bookmark and watching them scatter. Man, highsec wardec fun.

(Diana Kim) #64

● Full name of the flagship: CSS Heth’s Revenge
● Nickname: N/A
● Class: Revelation-class Dreadnaught
● Age: over 6 years
● Homedock: varies
● Builder: classified
● Status: in service
● Souls on board: classified
● Purpose: combat, active duty
● Reasons for flagship designation: classified
● Favorite moments:

It’s used to be Gallente’s main stronghold.
There was another couple favorite moments.
First - and probably the first kill. A frigate. Stealth bomber… killed by XL guns.
And second. During another I-HUB bash Gallente brought sniping battlecruisers - Nagas, who were trying to kill our own bombers and even larger vessels. They stayed at a distance about 120-130km and considered they were safe. One volley showed they were wrong, leaving just a smoldering wreck behind.

(Streya Jormagdnir) #66

I sort of have/had two flagships, since one was recently destroyed I’ll just share them both!

● Full name of the flagship: Uplifting Succor
● Nickname: None
● Class: Apostle Force Auxiliary
● Age: Approximately 2 years
● Homedock: J120442 - Indigo City (Destroyed)
● Builder: Victoria Mjolnir in J120442
● Status: Destroyed
● Souls on board: Bravely departed (832)
● Purpose: Heavy remote repairs, system defense force multiplier
● Reasons for flagship designation: I wanted to reflect the spirit of the ship and its purpose
● Favorite moments: Undocking it from its birthing Azbel, using it in one last attempt to defend its home of J120442 (Origin)

● Full name of the flagship: Grim Axium Glaive
● Nickname: None
● Class: Legion (Strategic Cruiser)
● Age: 1.5 years
● Homedock: None
● Builder: Assembled with parts from the Jita market
● Status: Active
● Souls on board: 43
● Purpose: Covert heavy armor assault cruiser, combat scout
● Reasons for flagship designation: It reminded me of the sort of weapon a guardian or protector might use
● Favorite moments: Tanking two Oracles and a Stratios while solo scouting down a chain; outwitting and soloing a much more slippery exploration Loki

(Arrendis) #67

● Name: Fat n’ Happy
● Nickname: Damned Piece of Crap
● Class: Apostle-class Force Auxiliary
● Age: I’ve owned it for about a year now.
● Homedock: 6RCQ-V - Kirkland Protein Star (I don’t name these things).
● Builder: Some jerk, I dunno.
● Status: In service, dammit.
● Souls on board: Too many.
● Purpose: Sitting on Astrahusen to keep them from drifting away and eating Keepstar DDs without noticing them.
● Reasons for flagship designation: Right now it’s this or the damned Legion while the shield fleet waits back in 1DQ.
● Favorite moments: I’ll get back to you when it blows up.

Seriously. I hate this ship. I really, really hate this ship. But it’s the right tool for the current job, so I’m stuck with it. And since this is where my ‘flag’ is for the current campaign… this is m’damned flagship. I’d rather be using the Hel orLif, but… feh.

Over the last year or so that I’ve owned it, there’s been a trend that’s been noticed by both myself and several of the FCs: If I bring this ship, either the capitals/supercapitals don’t jump in, or the enemy doesn’t show up. It was ‘there’s no fight’ until about a month ago, when it looked like I’d finally be able to get it onto a battlefield… only, it turned out the system was cynojammed, and nobody’d noticed. I’ve had offers to blow it up on the undock, from friendly titan pilots, but really, if it’s going to go down, I’d at least like it to be in performance of its actual job, instead of just… thrown away.

(Ibrahim Tash-Murkon) #68

This is a good topic and I like that it’s not dead.

People should post if they’ve changed their flagship or, maybe, if they have a secondary ship of equal importance. Or if the original flagship’s interior was suddenly exposed to hard vacuum, decompressed, caught fire, melted, and was the center of an unplanned and uncontrolled reactor explosion.

(Pannah Nasale) #69

● Name: Project Ascension
● Nickname: ISK Printer
● Class: Hyperion class battleship
● Age: 3 months. Built on YC120-22-4
● Homedock: Khankenirdia V - Moon 17 - Ammatar Consulate Academy.
● Builder: Blue Suns Industries’ Production and Development wing
● Status: In service. Fighting Sansha’s Nation incursions in high security space
● Crew: 170 Crewmen, three squads of 14 marines, group of female exotic dancers.
● Purpose: Primarly combat ship, fighting Sansha’s incursions
● Designated as Flagship because: I was looking for ship that could fight Sansha Kuvakei’s armies and also used hybrid weapon system.

● Favorite moments: Destruction of The Kundalini Manifest mothership. It was late morning, FC was looking for pilots brave enough to go to the eye of the storm. Scouts found Kuvakei’s mothership. We knew that if we destroy it we can liberate people from the constellation and chase Sansha away. Fleet was formed really fast, people wanted to destroy that ship, some of them wanted it because of CONCORD payouts, some because of personal motives. It didn’t matter. After a long fight, we’ve destroyed the mothership.!

(Arrendis) #70

So, 2d ago, I posted about the Apostle that never seems to get any opposition…

I got some. That’s after jumping out.

(Teinyhr) #71

My other flagship is a hydrostatic capsule.

(Samira Kernher) #72

Command Ship
● Name: TES Ashfall
● Nickname: N/A
● Class: Armageddon-class battleship, navy issue
● Age: Assembled July 29th YC120
● Homedock: Amarr Emperor Family Academy Station
● Builder: Design licensed from the Imperial Navy through the 24th Imperial Crusade
● Status: In service
● Souls on board: 1 capsuleer, around 210 crew unfitted. Several hundred additional crew when combat ready.
● Purpose: Heavy assault, home defense, parade
● Reasons for flagship designation: Ashfall was purchased and assembled as a replacement for my previous flagship, TES Yonis Ardishapur, an Apocalypse-class battleship. The Yonis Ardishapur remains in service as a fast attack battleship, but Ashfall was desirable as a flagship for its superior offensive and defensive capabilities when employed as part of a fleet action or against ships of its own size. I also just prefer Armageddon battleships over Apocalypses due to their drone-carrier function.
● Favorite moments: None yet, newly commissioned

Roaming Flag
● Name: TES Fylgja
● Nickname: N/A
● Class: Legion-class strategic cruiser
● Age: Assembled July 20th YC120
● Homedock: Roving; Fylgja carries everything she needs with her and maintains an around-the-clock crew complement. Mobile depots ensure that she can stay in space for an indefinite period if necessary.
● Builder: Haddok Enterprises
● Status: In service
● Souls on board: 1 capsuleer, around 20 crew unfitted. Some two hundred additional crew when combat ready, with accommodations for subsystem and module changes and multiple shifts for long-term deployment.
● Purpose: Reconaissance, ambush, rapid pursuit, combat
● Reasons for flagship designation: Fylgja was purchased and assembled to hunt the Butcher Nauplius. A ship that could perform combat scans and stealth while being ready to take a fight swiftly was needed, and no ship class performs that role than a stratcruiser. The ship’s versatility is also something I greatly appreciate.
● Favorite moments: Everything so far

(Isha Vuld) #73

● Name: The Beast
● Nickname: N/A
● Class: Republic Fleet Issue Stabber Cruiser
● Age: One week (Republic Fleet refit). Six months (original Stabber hull).
● Homedock: Roaming. The Beast has a small living area within it, allowing the pilot to live on board. It’s docking location changes along with the ongoing war.
● Builder: Tribal Liberation Force
● Status: In service, recently retrofitted to Fleet standards.
● Souls on board: Two normally, crew can number up to twelve during official operations.
● Purpose: Combat
● Reasons for flagship designation: It’s one of the only vessels I truly own aside from a cheap frigate or two, which have no living space at all. Other ships may be used for battle, but the Beast is home.
● Favorite moments: Her maiden voyage after rebirth, obliterating the Amarr defenses in Tanakan and liberating the system.

(Kalaratiri) #74

After the unfortunate demise of the Anukis at the hands of vicious wormholers, the role of “flagship” is one I’ve been looking to fill. That brings me to HADRANIEL, the Angel of Love, and one of the few Battleships I’ve ever really enjoyed flying.

● Full name of the flagship: HADRANIEL
● Nickname: Love Machine
● Class: Victory pattern Vindicator
● Age: 3 months
● Homedock: Jita IV-IV for now
● Builder: Unknown
● Status: In service, usually ceremonial
● Souls on board: 200 when combat ready
● Purpose: Ceremonial Status Symbol, massive violence
● Reasons for flagship designation: The top of the Guardian’s subcap line, one of the most ferocious battleships in existence, decked out in colours I won myself.
● Favorite moments: Defeated a Rattlesnake in a duel to determine which faction builds a better Battleship.

(Aldrith Shutaq) #75

That is extremely low for a cruiser, especially a Minmatar cruiser. You usually need at least thirty hands without fittings, no? If not I would love to hear about any techniques you employ to reduce your crew needs.

(Claudia Osyn) #76

Trained fedos.

(Deitra Vess) #77

Believe @Elmund_Egivand was widely using automated systems in his ships. It’s not unheard of but it’s far from the norm.

(Teinyhr) #78

The 200 crew battleship right above you didn’t catch your attention then? There’s plenty of similar “oddities” throughout the thread, I’ve just chalked it up to extensive post-manufacture modifications and automatization. Many, many functions can be automated inside ships, but usually aren’t because it isn’t cost-effective. Capsuleers usually have enough dosh to make their ships however customized they want. That’s my theory, anyway.

(Samira Kernher) #79

200 crew is a fairly typical number for a Gallente battleship, as I understood it?

(Aldrith Shutaq) #80

200 for a Gallente battleship is at least above the minimum needed.

(Mizhara Del'thul) #81

People massively lowballing their crew numbers seems to be the norm these days, for some reason. That the current crop of capsuleers tend to also be lily-livered is an interesting correlation. “Automation” my entire arse. Playing pretend so they don’t have to feel guilty when their bloodlust or failure as captain kills the crew more like.

(Utari Onzo) #82

● Name: Argon
● Nickname: Steel Beams
● Class: Minokawa-class Force Auxiliary
● Age: 2 months
● Homedock: 1DQ1A - Thetastar
● Builder: Goonswarm Federation
● Status: In service
● Souls on board: Up to 10,000
● Purpose: Saving Supercapitals in Delve
● Reasons for flagship designation: Primary vessel in use for asset protection in home operations.
● Favourite moments: Every damn time I save some idiot’s Hel.

(Kailen Heleneto) #83

● Name: Carrion Queen
● Class: Hel-class Supercarrier
● Age: 2 months
● Homedock: 1DQ1A - Thetastar
● Builder: Goonswarm Federation
● Status: In service
● Souls on board: Up to 50,000
● Purpose: Saving Supercapitals in Delve, avoiding being said Supercapital needing saving
● Reasons for flagship designation: It’s a Mothership! Why would it not be?!
● Favourite moments: Strategic level asset protection, avoiding being one of those idiots with Hels to save, and sometimes even dropping to help!