Tell us about your flagship

(Alizabeth Vea) #104

I recently got a new supercapital. After flying it for a week, I have transferred my flag to it, as my Silver Magnate remains in Amarr space. I will always love that ship and fondly remember what we accomplished as a team. As it is, though, my flag will need to be on an active combat ship while in Delve.

● Full name of the flagship: TES Seraph’s Wrath
● Nickname: I have no idea yet.
● Class: Aeon-class Supercarrier
● Age: 1.5 weeks old
● Homedock: 1DQ1.
● Builder: Swat VIP
● Status: Active
● Souls on board: 8,012
● Fighter Wing: 1st Para’nashu Heavy Fighter Wing. Over 75 fighter craft of various types.
● Purpose: Combat against Blooders and enemies of the Imperium.
● Reasons for flagship designation: The most powerful and capable ship in my fleet.
● Favorite moments: Destroying a Dark Blood Titan and Blood Dreadnought in the same engagement.

After the Blood Raider-provoked uprisings in the Empire, it was realized among the capsuleers of House Sarum that defensive operations would not be enough. These attacks would have to be stopped at the source. And the Blood Raiders were in Delve. So, a change of employment was in order, and I returned to Goonswarm with the objective to kill every Blooder I would see.

And in order to accomplish this feat in the most effective manner I knew how, I commissioned an Aeon-class supercarrier to be built.

I have had her for a little over a week. In that time, I have killed over 8300 Blood Raider ships, earning more than 5.75 billion ISK in bounties from CONCORD. However, the most fruitful engagement came early in the morning on 1.2YC121.

Seraph’s Wrath was clearing out a Blood Raider site in Delve when the Blood Dreadnought Perfect Harvest and the Dark Blood Titan Sovereign of Blood warped in with an escort of a half dozen battleships and battlecruisers.

After a lengthy engagement, all the enemy ships were destroyed.

Amarr Victor!