Tell us about your flagship

(Alizabeth Vea) #104

I recently got a new supercapital. After flying it for a week, I have transferred my flag to it, as my Silver Magnate remains in Amarr space. I will always love that ship and fondly remember what we accomplished as a team. As it is, though, my flag will need to be on an active combat ship while in Delve.

● Full name of the flagship: TES Seraph’s Wrath
● Nickname: I have no idea yet.
● Class: Aeon-class Supercarrier
● Age: 1.5 weeks old
● Homedock: 1DQ1.
● Builder: Swat VIP
● Status: Active
● Souls on board: 8,012
● Fighter Wing: 1st Para’nashu Heavy Fighter Wing. Over 75 fighter craft of various types.
● Purpose: Combat against Blooders and enemies of the Imperium.
● Reasons for flagship designation: The most powerful and capable ship in my fleet.
● Favorite moments: Destroying a Dark Blood Titan and Blood Dreadnought in the same engagement.

After the Blood Raider-provoked uprisings in the Empire, it was realized among the capsuleers of House Sarum that defensive operations would not be enough. These attacks would have to be stopped at the source. And the Blood Raiders were in Delve. So, a change of employment was in order, and I returned to Goonswarm with the objective to kill every Blooder I would see.

And in order to accomplish this feat in the most effective manner I knew how, I commissioned an Aeon-class supercarrier to be built.

I have had her for a little over a week. In that time, I have killed over 8300 Blood Raider ships, earning more than 5.75 billion ISK in bounties from CONCORD. However, the most fruitful engagement came early in the morning on 1.2YC121.

Seraph’s Wrath was clearing out a Blood Raider site in Delve when the Blood Dreadnought Perfect Harvest and the Dark Blood Titan Sovereign of Blood warped in with an escort of a half dozen battleships and battlecruisers.

After a lengthy engagement, all the enemy ships were destroyed.

Amarr Victor!

(Arline Kley) #106

  • Designation: TES Laus Deo
  • Class: Paladin-class Marauder
  • Homedock: Classified
  • Status: In Active Service
  • Souls on board: 6534
  • Purpose: In service to the Amarr Empire, annihilating its enemies within.

TES Laus Deo sending righteous indigation towards an Equilibrium of Mankind ship

(Korsavius) #107

● Full name of the flagship - IRV Mushegesaki
● Nickname - Geno
● Class - Raven-class battleship
● Age - The hull itself is 16-years-old, constructed in YC105; in its current iteration (post capsule-compatibility upgrades) it is about 4-years-old
● Homedock - Ishukone Corporation Factory, Malkalen V
● Builder - The original hull was constructed in Ishukone Watch shipyards; renovations were performed by I-RED in YC117
● Status (in service, destroyed…) - In Service
● Souls on board (crew, janitors…) - 399
● Purpose (combat, diplomacy…) - Primarily used as a parade ship, museum, and diplomatic vessel; in urgent cases, can be refit for tactical responses within an hour
● Reasons for flagship designation - This Raven was originally captained by a man I looked up to within the Ishukone Corporation; he provided a strong mentorship role following my transfer of citizenship from Sukuuvestaa to Ishukone during the early YC100’s; in YC113, about a year after I obtained my capsuleer license, his taskforce was ambushed in a fake distress call trap set up by Guristas pirates in low-security Lonetrek space; Mushegasaki sustained a fatal puncture wound from a collapsed bulkhead when the vessel sustained critical damage from the assaulting Guristas forces; however, despite his wounds, he managed to maintain command of the bridge and through sheer perseverance his taskforce managed to overcome the Guristas and chase them off; Geno Mushegasaki perished shortly after a rescue team arrived on scene; in his will, I discovered that he wanted me to inherit his command ship; I have continuously upgraded the hull throughout the years I have had it
● Favorite moments - Celebrating I-RED’s 10th Anniversary while conducting a parade cruise over the Ishukone capital world of Malkalen V

(Constantin Baracca) #108

Full name of the flagship: TES Jerusalem
Class: Harbinger Naval Issue
Age: Six years as a designation, but sees continual rebuilds and remodels
Homedock: TOMHA - Hjoramold / Greater Theology Council Dock - Ashab
Builder: Imperial Temple Yards constructed the hull, and Shotan Brothers remodeled the interior
Status: In Service
Souls On Board: 150+
Purpose: Whatever is needed

Reasons for flagship designation:
Jerusalem has been my archdiocesal flagship since I became a capsuleer. I required a ship that could handle anything that I needed it to do, from transporting equipment to assisting local security to hosting onboard diplomatic missions. Jerusalem has been that perfect ship. There are larger ships in the fleet, of course, perhaps more capable ones. For now, she is like an old, comfortable couch; I can’t bear to be rid of it when I know just where to sit on it.

When I began our crew training program, I thought it would be only fitting that I enroll my flagship first. Therefore, we tend to have a higher-than-necessary crew load. I also made sure the interior was appropriated well, as I do tend to have visitors on board and I like to see the crew feel the comforts of home and the fellowship. That also helps quite a bit on missionary trips; it’s always more comfortable to meet someone in person than to send a hologram from the capsule (and far easier on the sensibilities for those who aren’t used to the idea of capsuleers). Most importantly, she is large enough to provide security when local authorities send out an alarum without being so large as to unduly threaten those authorities.

Someday, maybe if situations change and it becomes necessary to fly a larger (or smaller) ship, one with different capabilities, I may have to shift my flag. But, as she has been for well-nigh on six years, Jerusalem is my pride and joy.

(Gosakumori Noh) #109

The Harbinger is my favorite ship. It’s true that I can’t fly one, but I can’t fly anything so that’s no mark against it. I am very very very disappointed that the Harbinger of Hope wasn’t quite able to deliver a Sword of the Righteous.

Long live the Empress!

Oh! Oh, my, a little bit of patriotism.

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(Gosakumori Noh) #110

Oh, it’s a fun topic. Why not be social and participatory? Because I am by nature a modest and unassuming old woman of great spiritual depth, I shall opt for something appropriate to that profile:

I call her Brothers.

She is fully automated, just me, a couple of cuddly nanite paste infused Sebiestor spliced with slaver hound genetics for company, and the hum of rock scoopers. Go team!

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(Baron Redwolfe) #111

USS Yamato
Long Arm
Marshal Battleship
1 year
In Service
1548 Crew, 102 Janitors, 500 Militants
Escort mission for Max Singularity, Space Pope, to and from home Port.

Currently has a Sister Ship the USS Montana built 6 months after deployment of USS Yamato. Both Marshal Class Battleships equipped in different formats. While one operates with Torpedo’s and shield, the other operates with Long range guns and armor. Both equipped with the ability to remove itself from a fight instantly, and both equipped with more secretive technologies based in Triglavian nature.

USS Montana
Sister ship to Yamato

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(Aiko Danuja) #112

● Aiko Danuja’s Catalyst
● Cat
● Destroyer
● Built by ethically sourced mining corp
● Status: Already replaced
● Souls on board: They are with James now
● Purpose: Tax collection
● Favorite moment: The explosion

(Baron Redwolfe) #113


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(Elias enDiabel) #114

Hidden in the depths far from prying eyes ‘Huron’ lurks. Having left no survivors, only whispers in the dark tell of its existence and ‘‘though my guards may sleep and my ship may lay at anchor, our foes know full well that the big guns never tire…’’

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