Temperial rift

in my experience the rules of combat in the starter system seems to get thrown out as I am now to see out side the station of DODIXIE Galenti federation, and still I need to know if any one agrees that its not ok. I my self can not get out of station as they block the doorway and try to just go on with my mining and industry and supply, and been challenged as well. so this is not a complaint just a notification.

по моему опыту, правила боя в стартовой системе кажутся выброшенными, так как теперь я должен видеть сторону станции DODIXIE Galenti, и все же мне нужно знать, согласен ли кто-нибудь с тем, что это не нормально. Я сам не могу уйти от станции, поскольку они блокируют дверной проем и пытаются просто продолжить мою добычу, промышленность и снабжение, а также оспаривается. поэтому это не жалоба, а только уведомление.

Dodixie isn’t a starter system. Combat is fine.


Are you in a player corp? are you at war? then it is working as intended

To sumerise Get Rekt

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No ones blocking anything that door was always broken. Captain quarters was implemented in a pretty bad way.


Stardate 2018. 7.july Captain s log under the impression that I have a lot of people who are in the position of being very sarcastic Klingons or just simply they have a very mean and Desk position with their mentality. Do we advise in this topic that I brought up with everyone the war was not on me was the war was not anything else but a lot of people who have too much to never accept it. people need to have a little more consideration for players that want to be able to play together. I’m not here to put a debate or contests or list of snide remarks. Pure and simple as for somebody to tell me to get rekt why don’t you go reread the rules and continue playing. Until you get kicked out of the eve. What kind of people are supposed to be in a game.

They keep all the good ideas behind that door.

It’ll never be opened.


Also speaking of Klingons, I did try to set up an rp corp at one point but it didn’t generate much interest.

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