Tempest Fleet Issue Speed

Does the Temptest Fleet Issue have the 4th highest sublight speed of any non BLOPs battleship (with the machariel being number one of course)?

Depends on fit I suppose, but for an unfit hull 130m/s is pretty fast for a battleship. Minmatar ships are known for their high speed.

Does it matter it’s the 4th highest sublight speed? I wouldn’t know without comparing all battleships, but you can easily do so in the ingame compare window if you’re interested.

typhoon fleet is faster

the bhargest is faster

Vindicator is faster

standard typhoon is the same speed

so it is tied for 5th with the standard phoon


An interesting and overlooked “fast” battleship is the Nightmare - the bonus to the Afterburner, 30% per level for the Caldary Battleship skill is appreciable. It has a bonus to Energy Turrets that means the four it carries do the damage of ten, but without the cap draw.

That it can do 700m/s without a signature bloom is an interesting option in missions - especially with the range of engagement Tachyon Beam Lasers allow.

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True but it’s not really relevant when for whatever reason you’re looking at the fastest sub light BB.
It can’t even break 900ms with a cold x type

While AB are propulsion modules they aren’t speed modules. It’s the same for the nightmare. The bonus to the ab is a taking tanking bonus.

Normally I would be like “hey can you stay on topic, I’m trying to discuss (insert original idea here)” to him but in this case I have a definitive answer (vindicator) so even thought the Nighmare thing was not relevant when looking for faster sub BB, as long is it was a true fact and interesting I’m perfectly fine with people going on a tangent.

The reason for raising it is since the question was just about “fastest” and implicitly without a prop-mod or any other improvement I was concerned that the questioner might be looking for “what is the fastest base battleship because I want have good traversal”? then the AB Nightmare is a serious consideration for that. The same questioner has previously asked questions in detail around the mechanics of missiles and turrets, so a wider answer in this case was something I viewed as reasonable.
I try to stick to the subject normally.

Just a raw “fast battleship” is of limited use without a context of “why is fast needed?”. Yes, a Mach with a big MWD on it is a great close to fight at point blank and/or bumping ship. The Nightmare, with an AB isn’t in that role - but it’s a bugger to hit (and that’s a nice to have feature in a ship). Fortunate really since the tank on it competes for mid-slots with a lot of other useful options.

@TiberianSun371AlexW - what was the reason behind the question? It did seem to me when I saw it to be a bit of an odd thing to ask and you’ve struck me as a smart player.

I normally fly Amarrian Battleships.
We don’t charge into battle - a casual saunter is more the limit of our style…

My point was more about reinforcing the idea of ab as a tank mod and not as a speed mod. Particularly because the op seems relatively new.

Well, I implicitly assumed higher base speed= faster AB speed since ABs offer a percentage speed boost. MWD is out of consideration because I was thinking about stuff that doesn’t make the signature radius resemble an Orca.

I originally asked for base speed and got my answer. But while it was the question I asked, was it the one I really wanted?

Hmmm… Well, even though I can’t fly a Nightmare, I’m glad you told me about it.

Yeah the nightmare will have the highest ab speed.

Generally speaking the signature bloom of a mwd is just to counteract the speed boost. So long as you don’t have your speed reduced via hard turns or webs you won’t take more damage than without it. In a lot of cases the speed from the mwd will still cause damage mitigation despite an increased sig.

Yep, whenever I’ve don’t the chance of hit calculations of traversal and signature with and without the MWD this is the case. But as you say, turn or lose traversal to one of multiple opponents and you can get in a world of pain if the MWD bloom allows bigger weapons or missiles to get solid hits on you.

The AB has a limited speed to stop it being too powerful - if, with a Nightmare, you can keep the AB on and the traversal up then it is very powerful “defence”. Lose it and you suddenly go from “a good place” to a world of pain.

It’s a horrible ship to train into for a newer player - for Amarrian and Gallente pilots you need good shield skills, which you don’t normally prioritise, and for non-Amarr pilots it uses energy turrets you haven’t trained. It needs good capacitor skills and being a Pirate hull it ain’t cheap.

Generally yes, but to be more precise you should also take the ship mass into account.

Propulsion modules give more extra speed to ships with less weight.

Take for example the Nestor versus Tempest Fleet issue:
Mass: 20.000.000kg
Max velocity: 70m/s
Max velocity with 100MN AB: 272m/s
… or with level 5 skills: 404m/s

Tempest Fleet Issue
Mass: 103,300,000kg
Max velocity: 130m/s
Max velocity with 100MN AB: 302m/s
… or with level 5 skills: 431m/s

Sure, the Temprest fleet issue is still faster, but as you can see the speed increase for the Nestor (which has a terrible base speed) is much bigger due to the low ship mass.

Now the Nestor and the other Sisters of EVE ships are outliers for ship mass, they all weigh significantly less than other ships their size, which helps when traversing wormholes. But it is something to keep in mind: ship mass matters too for velocity calculations.

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