What’s the deal with Machariel?

Got Machariel today and took it for a spin, but compared to Vargur it seems rather lacking. It does less damage, it takes less damage, it uses more ammo, the only upside is substantially faster warp times. Feels like it would be better for only some of the missions, so does it mean you have to cherry pick missions to make it more effective than the Vargur?

I think it is mostly just for bumping and speed tanking.


Even then the Nightmare is better in everything besides the faster warp times of the Machariel

The Macharial has better skins than the Nightmare.


It’s a good thing that the Vargur does better in many respects, given the price difference :wink:


This. The SKINs add a level of smugness by the player that could be the combat multiplier needed

You do have a point about skins. But Vargur does look pretty cool with that black and yellow skin as well.

Well for starters it’s a completely different class of ship. Compare a Mach to a Maelstrom or a Tempest, not a marauder. That’s like comparing a Stabber to a Loki.


I figured many use Mach for in “end game” mission runner role. Which is Marauder territory. Hence me comparing them directly. But my guess is that Mach is not used for brute force mission clears, and instead used to blitz missions as quickly as possible, which makes it faster than marauder in some specific cases. One thing I enjoy about Mach is the absence of that stupid bastion timer which makes me wait on the gate or station when I forget to turn bastion off a little earlier. But again, this is very situational. I am going to park it in the same station with Vargur and use it for blitzing, but it’s a hefty price tag to speed up some missions.

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I think I see the problem.

If you are zoomed in close enough to admire your skin in space, you are playing the game wrong. And if you are admiring it in a station you are a ship spinner and playing the game wrong.

Try training the proper skills for your Mach and go practice them until you get good.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Buys a Pirate Battleship compares it to a Vargur and find it lacking.

“Dear BMW… today I bought an M3 and found it completely lacking with terrible speed compared to my Bugatti. What did you do?”


And what’s the deeeeal with the Machariel? It looks like a fish…it moves like a fish…you even catch one like a fish…

They should call it…the Mackerel.


The Warp Speed and Top Speed of a Machariel lets the pilot really hone down the time it takes to blitz L4 missions. When I collected some data early last year, I found a meta-gun Mach no-blitz was giving me 37-54M ISK/hr but decline-spamming to get only blitz missions and a hyperspatial-fit+implant-set pushed it up to 60-80M ISK/hr (w/o burners). That was assuming 1k ISK per LP conversion which is a whole different story, because it is a sizable chunk of the reward of blitzing. I personally found it a different (uninteresting) challenge to liquidate a million LP and blitz missioning generally mind numbing to do, so I wound up stopping. At that point I gave up optimizing ISK/hr altogether and just decided to do arbitrary stuff I felt like doing for fun.

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Whats the deal with it ?

It’s an amazing hit and run arty pvp sniping ship,

It’s good for Lvl4s if you cant afford a Marauder.

Its an amazing salt farmer from bumping miners and haulers.

It’s pretty deadly in a blob, and that’s about the only ship Goons ever use, aside from sniffing up The Mittani’s rearend …

I think the glaringly obvious and broken problem with the Machariel is that it looks too good for a minmatar ship.


It is? Why has no one told me I’ve been using the wrong ship for every fleet? Come rob our ESS, our mighty Mach response fleets will blot out the stars!

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They are totally different ships with different purpose. The mach is more squishy but can be fun to use in small gang PVP as it has speed. Also is much cheaper than a vargur.

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Use it with 1400mm arties, learn to prioritize with drones, and keep moving parallels to your enemies. I can literally get more moving dps than the vargur with it, but it only shines if you have the gyrostabs and tracking modules equipped whilst flying parallel as you match your target’s speed. Do order of operations with frigs (drones for ones under your guns), cruisers, and up. You have 7 slots for 1400s compared to 4 when it comes to muarders and lvl 4 missions often times have frigates. Turn your mwd on, match the average speed of the frigs and speed off in such a way that they trail behind you so that you lower their angular velocity which will allow for full hits to land and with 7 guns you can clear a board of anything smaller than a battleship as fast as a vargur with 1400s. Mach is faster for some missions over the vargur due to their differences. Vargur may outdps it, but the mach can still compete against it due to the fact it doesn’t have to spend time sitting still or waiting for timers.

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At least you know it’s truly a minmatar ship. Imagine a drug cartel inventing anything good lmao

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