What’s the deal with Machariel?

I got a rattlesnake back when they were reasonably priced. It’s easy to tune for the specifics of a mission and can do a great passive fit. MJD, stop, throw out the appropriate sentry drones, hit 'em with cruise missiles. Oh #@$^@^. I forgot to drop the MTU before MJDing again. Dadgummit.

Hmmm…you’ve sold me on giving the Mach a try.


I stand corrected on Mach, it is an exceptional ship when used for the task it excels in. Which is blitzing the very select missions as soon as possible, just so you can maximize getting burner missions, all the while skipping any missions that take any significant amount of time (which just happen to be missions that put Mach at disadvantage when compared to, say, Vargur). In such case speed takes priority over damage dealt and tanking ability.

The Mach is a fast response battleship.
Most people miss the fact it can armor tank fairly ok in both fleet RR and Local tank.
And hits with good tracking dps at 40-60km with Barrage and its speed makes it a good counter for the Small gang ESS raiders as it can catch them between systems.

Let’s be honest…

CCP has no idea what role any ship truly plays anymore. It honestly boils down to you liking the looks and ammo type of a ship.

Classes/roles are irrelevant aside from indy vs. combat.

That ship sailed years ago and CCP has no intention of wrangling any sense of role back in. It’s just a constant shell game of buffing/nerfing random ship types.

its for pvp

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put auxiliary thruster rigs,put inertias/nanos in lows and 500mn mwd mids some cap batteries grab a quafe booster and snake implants then go on bump orcas on ice belts… alot of fun or bump people around jita 4-4

another use of machariel would be smartbombing near gate or mid-warp spot.

As I remember Machariel got nerfed two times:

  • minus one low slot (fews years ago);
  • warp acceleration speed from 50% to 25%.

And Machariel remains one of the most versatile battleship (maybe ship) in EVE. New ship bonuses add new possibilities. The ship can be fitted for almost any purpose: solo PVP, fleet PVP, smartbombing, shield tanked, armor tanked, active tanked, passive tanked, buffer tanked, brawl, sniper glass cannon, standard PVE purpose, blitz missions purpose. Lower dps, hp/s and falloff, compared to Vargur, is compensated with lower hull price and required skills.

In comparison the Vargur, as any marauder, has very limited fitting abilities and “turret like” purposes. Like almost any marauder you’ll find have near the same fit patterns. And to install a bit more powerful modules, you have to use faction weapons in high-slots.

There were even more nerfs:

  • Falloff bonus was reduced from 10% per level to 7.5%
  • Signature was increased by 30m

While one low slot was removed, it gained one midslot to make it less viable as an armor tanked ship.

Really a shame that no T1 Minmatar battleship has a falloff bonus. Maelstrom and Tempest are not fun to play in PvE with Autocannons.

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The low-slot socket was really good for additional dps, tracking or agility modules in PVE also.

you can kill all ships from battlecruiser > easily with a mach
and even battleships depending of skill and fit
its a noice pvp ship

Yes. considering that falloff is the Minmatar/projectile thing.

I remember when a vet told me I SHOULD be shooting in falloff with my Minmatar guns. Range control and scram kiting thing. Don’t let that Atron melt your face up close.

“Oh! Now I get it.”

you should
minmatar = a machine gun strapped to a wheelchair going down the stairs
they say

amarr ships have the optimal realy close to the fallout , its easier and kinda obligatory to respect the range because pulse tracking is worst than auto canon , like you said , don’t let that atron be on your face , you will be fine shoting on falout

ofc if you are auto canon vs arty , beam etc try to close the range if possible

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