Temporary Safety

(Dal Shooth) #1

What do people think of the idea of removing the safety in your HUD after 90 days?

During the 90 days the NPE informs the new player on how aggression mechanics work. After that 90 days has expired the safety is removed from the HUD and the pilot is responsible for their own actions.

This strategy encourages the transfer of knowledge through the NPE program, and at the same time doesn’t cater to the weak.

(Col Crunch) #2

Safety is configurable, you are still responsible for your actions. It just allows you to set how safe you want to be against your own misclicks.

(Dal Shooth) #3

Your mis-click could be the fruit of someones labor.

(Col Crunch) #4

And it would be if you had your safety set wrong.

(Dal Shooth) #5

But the safety by default is set to the most strict setting which in turns make the client the decision maker when you make an error.

(Col Crunch) #6

I would be in favor of after 90 days making the default to off. But not outright removing it.

(Dal Shooth) #7

Making progress… :grin:

(Nevyn Auscent) #8

So at 90 days the safety suddenly and magically shifts on you without you taking any action…
You don’t see how horrible that is to have the UI change itself on a game affecting mechanic simply because of time gone past.

As for removing the safety, Nope nope nope. The safety is there so you can play the game, not spend your time fighting the UI. A single misclick because you misread the UI should not cost you a ship (Ok, Jump instead of bridge might still :P, but it won’t be an instant loss, a lot more clicks happen for that). And it is not fun or engaging for people to take losses in such a manner.

(Blade Darth) #9

Not with current concord/ criminal mechanics. There is difference between a misclick and a mistake and as in real life it should be possible to ee… “holster your gun”.

(R-0-B-0-C-O-P) #10

Then have the safety default to ‘yellow’ as a new character. Have the NPE explain the safety features and they can make the decision to change it.

(yellow parasol) #11


Kill it with fire.

Additional remarks.

(Nevyn Auscent) #12

Irrelevant, because Hulkaggedon was nothing to do with any of this. It was about Market manipulation enabling the Goons to use all their T2 Hulk BPO’s that they had highly researched, stockpile hulks, then go out and blow them up and sell overpriced hulks because of ‘demand’ and make a massive profit as a result of the sudden market spike.
Alongside other affected markets like minerals and the like also being affected and similarly gamed.

Additionally there have been warnings about illegal actions for maybe ten years now in EVE (Not sure if it quite goes all the way back to the start of EVE) & the default always was that you were safe from shooting unless you clicked through the warning. It’s just before they were of the pop up variety and very easy to accidentally dismiss or set to not warn you without even realising you had, and the previous web of tangled combat rights was so confusing almost no-one understood how you inherited flags, which made the system far too abusable to get combat rights on someone without them having a clue of why they suddenly died. The ‘new’ safety is simply putting the activity that always existed in the game infront of the player in an understandable fashion so people can make informed choices.

Now stop spamming that thread into every single topic you are posting on, it’s irrelevant and wrong.

Any theories on why so many people have quit over the last 2 years?
(yellow parasol) #13

Irrelevant, because Hulkaggedon was nothing to do with any of this

Aaaand it’s done already.

What do you, Nevyn, think about someone who gets triggered by a thread’s name and then refuses to even look at the actual destination the link points at, which is a post inside the thread and not even remotely talking about Hulkaggeddon. No, it’s actually relevant.

Heavy bias. You take it all personally and only react, but not think.

Now stop spamming that thread into every single topic you are posting on, it’s irrelevant and wrong.

Imperative! You literally tell me to shut up. You command it! You realize you have zero authority, right? You are so angry, and so deep into this. You take it all personally.

(R-0-B-0-C-O-P) #14

The thread that keeps giving