Tengu Offensive - Rifling Launcher Pattern


I do not know where to post this question, it is not clear looking at forum headings, and so I am posting it here. My apologies for any pilot error.

I would like to fit the Tengu Offensive - Rifling Launcher Pattern mod on my Tengu but is apparently obsolete now and has been replaced by newer technology. The problem is that the Tengu Offensive - Rifling Launcher Pattern allowed me to use drones. I do not see any mods for the Tengu that supports drones. Does anyone know the solution to my problem? Thanks for your help.

OK, Perhaps it is the support processor Offensive mod. Look like it might support drones.

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But not great bandwidth. For general use anyway as I see it. That subsystem run has tengu blasting command bursts and/or fleet logi detail.

Its putting out 5 lights to maybe give a tackler something to think about. Or kill an annoying frigate rat and your high slots are tied up on better targets.

Yea 25mb with 50mb in drone bay

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