'Test Dummies' ... they're here to assist like the Crash Test Dummies

I understand we have a ‘Test Server’. This is about a Quality of Life improvement.

Test Dummies would have the stats of a specified class of ship with all the resists possibly a ton more ehp. The whole point of the T.D.'s is to provide the player with accurate information regarding the outgoing damage and capabilities of their ships … a tool for personal, Corporate and Alliance use.

They would be disallowed around gates and stations.
They are timed deployables.
They have no collision and therefore would be unable to be used to decloak a ship or used in any malicious way in PvP combat. (unless a player is silly enough to target it instead of an Enemy)

The addition of T.D.'s would allow players to save a lot of time traveling on the ‘test server’ and provide invaluable information to the players that utilize them.

If something like this were implemented, it would likely be via the simulation window and not something in open space.

That would actually pretty slick. No need to leave the station.

So what “outgoing damage” information do you need beyond the DPS and alpha, both of which are already easily available?

Tracking. You might want to know how your guns handle in a combat situation before you buy the modules. That can also apply to missiles with applied dps (because applied dps and max dps are different.)

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The information given now is quite sub par. Damage depends on the enemies resistances. With this, we’d be able to test our specific builds against those specific enemies … which in turn provides valuable combat damage information. Just because my DPS is listed as xxx doesn’t mean it’ll be xxx against this type or this type of rat / ship.

I think a simulation in Station would be more beneficial when you are using “Simulate fit” vice a dummy in space. Also easier to mimic the resistance and stuff.

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