Testing Result for Beta EVE Launcher

Worked great for me thank you. I am running Manjaro with Lutris and wine-staging 6.16 as a runner. I changed permissions on the file so that the owner can only read it. This keeps it from being deleted.

Ironically enough, the old Linux (wine wrapper) client works fine.

Thank you so much! Clients would not start after TQ patch today, came here to see if anyone had an answer. Used the temporary workaround that you suggest and will keep an eye out for wine patch.

Arch Linux
linux 5.14.11.arch1-1
wine-staging 6.16-1 + cp launchdarkly_client.pyd … workaround

On linux mint cinnamon 5.0.5, it worked well with proton 5.0-10, took me a while to realize you had to run these while in the client. thanks!

I just wanted to add my thanks for this workaround.
It runs perfect even with vanilla wine 6.18 after having done a sudo chmod 444 launchdarkly_client.pyd in SharedCache/tq as mentioned a few times above.

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I am on Arch Linux. I would like a PKGBILD please.

that bugreport includes a patch file to fix the issue. How do I apply it?

All of the workarounds here involve Steam. I am not launching EVE with steam. I’m using the latest native evelauncher on Arch linux.

My files are in


I’m not sure where to copy them to in this situation. I have no SharedCache dir. Is there another directory this file needs to be in?

No, your files look good to me, just don’t forget to CHMOD 444 them.
I also do not use Steam and that’s working nicely for me.

Word on the street is that the native launcher has the same problem loading several other libraries due to a combination of the Wine bug and storing them in different locations than the Windows launcher. If at all possible I recommend switching away from the native launcher and just using wine-staging + windows launcher as it’s going to be easier to support in the long run. As a quick hack to see if it works, you can copy all the .pyd files out of the bin64 directory up into tq.

Thank you for investigating it.
I’ve patch proton-ge with your finding to help ppl on steam.


OMG, thank you for doing what you do! I absolutely HATE going to my Windows boot. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Windows boot? Turncoat.

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Hey, I am a fairly new Linux user. I hadn’t been on the doze side for a few months until the Eve crash. I hated not playing. Anyway, all is back to Linux bliss.