Text Display Bug

I have noticed this enough times now that its almost certainly a bug…

I am seeing practically invisible text, not just in-game but right here on the forum. For example part of the forum header here on the forum disappears…or rather is very faint or almost same colour as background. It’s in-game too…for example some members of my corp have a tag ‘Centurion’ which is usually dark blue…yet one can barely see the text in-game as it appears almost black…

Here’s an example of what I mean. It’s both the forum and in-game…


On the forum it happens when you scroll down the post…

same for me today, don’t think it was there yesterday

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It was there yesterday in-game…as that’s where I first noticed it. A corp member’s title tag was almost invisible, it would normally read ‘Centurion’ in easily visible text. Its the same size and font of text as in the forum headers here…which now have the same issue.

It is the E button extended to the right with some text that says “Communication Center General Discussion”. You can mouse over it and see it is a link.

I buffed the contrast a bit, you can see it here


The text changes depending where you are in the forum but the glitch is the same.

Perhaps this is a way of showing us the blackout local is coming!

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I have the same now. Discourse is just as bad of a platform and service as many other things in the CCP ecosystem.

I’m seeing this as well, will raise with community team. Thanks for reporting.

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Same for mobile forum. Its really dark at the top. Can barely make out the text

It’s not just a forum issue. I have seen it also with players ‘Title’ tag in-game…where the exact same disappearing text can occur in some cases. Seems to be a similar size and font of text as the forum headers that vanish…which could be a clue.

It is growing today…
Actually the text changed. :thinking:


Thanks for the feedback everyone. This should once again be working correctly! :confetti_ball:


Have a like too :grin:

@CCP_Zelus Perhaps in a recent update to the now more static forum page header, the “Dev Posts” button-link to Posts - Developers - EVE Online Forums has disappeared.

@Mike_Azariah can you confirm the missing “dev posts” link, and raise it with appropriate parties? Per the reply above :slight_smile: