Thank you, CCP, for this awesome new release!

“Machariel - Available to Everyone!”

Holy cow!!! a positive post…I’m lost for words. :slight_smile:


Has potential, but the performance is bad, jumping gates takes ages, and the skybox is just paint over the normal background. Minor things which can be fixed.

The real problem is standing req. and the lack of sane ways to get to it. Combined with being full out centered around group PvE and mining.

AFAIK except shooting EC there is no way anymore to get trig standing in k-space. The rats in Trig space are different types. This locks out the majority of people in New Eden from the new content… and :joy: to you fighting for Edencom, you got nothing.

BTW, I now know where all the spod went :stuck_out_tongue:


I would suggest that the difficulty is what makes it, which is why that standing exploit was so bad, I hope CCP reversed the standings that they got from doing it, but my contacts have noted some characters of the people who I would define as serial exploiters who I never saw doing PvE for the Trigs with the standings to move around easily in all systems so I think CCP have not done that. Will be good trying to get into this area when I come back in May 2021, at least my contacts will be able to help me get to speed.

Good to see you happy Sol. I should point out that this is the exact type of environment that appeals to what I would define as elite Eve players, so for me seeing you get stuck in and thriving would be great, for me this environment proves that the devs do get the game.



Btw, I’ve been farming drone sites too. I did it, because others did it. Then I’ve noticed people shooting only the structures, so I started doing that as well. Then the exploit notification came. lol Good Sol I am, I started shooting structures FIRST and then clearing the rest of the site. :slight_smile:

I’m quite happy all the envious people are not getting in.
It’s all their own fault for not thinking ahead. :slight_smile:

You’re hereby officially invited to come visiting our system.
I promise we won’t shoot you. Safe passage doesn’t exist,
but we try to survive on our way back in.

I can even provide you with a tiny bit triglavian standing,
though it’s really easy just ganking EDENCOM ships yourself.
You require standings to get past the Triglavians guarding the hole.

Though not until in a few hours, when me and Pedro are both ready again.

■■■■ yeah! Thank you! This is great! I love it!
And it’s not so god damn ■■■■■■■ easy and simple!
I’m so glad most people are locked out of it … you probably can imagine! :smiley:

How are you doing?
Everything alright?

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I have two PvP characters with positive Trig standings. :slight_smile: But I will look forward to seeing you in May 2021 then.

Everything is fine, having a break due to Forum corruption, it is a subscription punishment break for CCP for allowing this to happen and for overall poor forum management.


Good. :slight_smile:

I’d love talking about this …
… in a seperate thread. :slight_smile:

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Wait… What?

i cant read these new fonts and colour… made everything soo difficult… why?


Hey, just like it’s my fault for not thinking ahead far enough.
I’ve gone over this in the other thread.

No one can deny that they could have planted themselves into these sytems,
but they didn’t. No one can deny they could have farmed standings easily during the months
in which it was as easy as following the active fleet.

It really all boils down to people making the wrong decisions …
… and failing to admit it. That’s why I’m happy for the guys in Raravoss.

They’re doing it ■■■■■■■ right and we have a lot to catching up to do.

And I love it! :blush:
Best release in a long ■■■■■■■ time. :smiley:


Luck may have factored into your good fortune.

Can you give me examples? :smiley:

From my perspective “luck” doesn’t have much to do with it …
… except for the fact that there’s no apparent strong group in our spot.

We just failed to do what we should have done, because we got lazy and too uninvested.
I don’t consider it luck that we planted ourselves into the system of our choosing.

I’d like to know what you think. :smiley:

You had no solid idea what CCP’s plan was. It turned out that CCP’s plan benefitted you strongly.

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I don’t know how to define “solid”.
From my perspective things were predictable enough to act on them.

I knew that grinding standings was really important for an unknown reason.

CCP put a lot of emphasis into it, which I’ve noticed …
… but I’ve lacked the brain cells to understand that there must be actual importance behind that.

“Choose a side” could not have been just a temporary gimmick. The emphasis made that clear enough. With EDENCOM the first sign of a big scale “red vs. blue” scenario came up. We knew that the systems will be locked out from the rest of the game, because we knew that the stargates would go down.

It was obvious that CCP favoured the triglavians simply because they required them to progress. Siding with EDENCOM made no sense whatsoever when you cared about the game not being stagnant and stale anymore. I’ve always considered EDENCOM to be “representative” of farmers and carebears, while the supporters of the triglavians wanted the game to change. A clash of ideologies. Those who want things to be easy, boring and feel-good and those who want things to be challenging, aggravating and … uh … idk, off-pissing. lol

CCP made it clear, time and time again, that the triglavian storyline is the direction the game is heading. It was a no-brainer to sit in these systems and see what’s happening. We even brought cyno support, just in case that works.

I don’t understand what you mean, when you write “benefitted strongly”. We’ve anticipated something blatantly obvious, namely being the fact that the invaded systems will be cut off from the rest of the game. It wasn’t rocket science to figure that one out. For those who failed to realize it earlier, the mail suggesting evacuation of all assets from invaded systems must have made it abundantly clear that these systems are going to be cut off.

You can go through my posting history. I’m aware that it’d be a pain in the ass looking for the relevant information. Whatever you can find that I’ve written before the release is now even more likely to happen:

They’re an empire and here to stay for a long time.
The NPE will be centered around the EDENCOM vs. Triglavian storyline.
They will have their own agents with their own missions.

I still can’t be 100% convinced they will turn into a playable race …
… but there’s more hints for it than for the opposite.

Triglavians, thanks to the Proving Grounds**, will eventually become formidable PvP opponents finally bridging the gap between PvE and PvP, which is what CCP has been after for a long time now.

Luck really had very little to do with it and your one-liner does not actually give any good examples at all.

We’re now in the pioneering phase of this new empire space … and it’s ■■■■■■■ awesome! :smiley:

**(These Arenas are like laboratories, where the players act in specific manners under certain conditions. It’s pretty much perfect for feeding an AI, teaching it how to fight like real players)

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You love what CCP has done. I am not disputing that. You think it was done because it was smart and wise, and good for the game. Maybe. But how many times has CCP had an opportunity to be smart and wise, and not done so? I don’t want to argue with you, I just think you should be a little bit more humble about telling everybody about how smart you were, just because what you thought would happen actually happened. Some people made different predictions. Just because those predictions turned out to be wrong doesn’t mean they were stupid predictions. We were all working with limited information.


You know what …
… I’ll send you the response as a mail within the hour.

Now back on-topic please.

besides that people will do their jobs
a doctor will not become a lawyer because he found information that layering is the new hot thing
for example I’m a amarr soldier , fw dude
even if i had perfect information about it i would not have joined the trigs or farmed standing because , well its not my job, its not what i do , or what i like… who will shot the dirty minmatar?
so … wen ccp say choose a side
i said NO
what for?
this is stupid …
maybe I’m being punished by my insubordination
but ■■■■ it… ill not pretend i love the new ■■■■ content , or will become a PVE player just because is the new hot thing
i can pick a ship and shot drones for a week if i find its good for me, but thats is … no more … i don’t pay 1.3 billion isk a month to do tings that are boring IMO

miners didn’t participate of the invarion … they continued to mine
pvper didn’t participate to … they kept pew pewing
crabs do not either , they were to buzzy crabing
market guys , well they couldn’t make it … they had to fill orders
well thats my point beaten to a pulp


Man, this release is truly remarkable!
I didn’t think you had such a whining crybaby in you!

Thank you, CCP!

:frowning: :disappointed_relieved: :cry: :sob:

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