Thank you for sending them where ever you sent them o/

After sorting out my ui scale/font etc I decided to look at the goodness of this Patch and when I open up The Agency and see Corporation Dashboard instead of those Trivgladgones systems.

A huge sigh thinking they left or were shoo back to where ever they came from.

Are they gone for good? Is highsec now safe to undock and mine in a orca fleet?

According to the patch updates, my understanding is they effectively disconnected the warp gates to new eden and effectively created their own sectioned off little sector of space that includes all the systems they successfully invaded.

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Looking over the personal assets on systems where there is no gate to gate route the losses are small 125-130million isk value few fitted barges and some cats that at the time was unable to undock (would had lost them anyway)

All in all the loss to Trigs alone was less than 5b for me. (Obelisk , Orca, a few battlecruisers, number of other ships some implants.)

I am happy.

Glad they are gone to their play ground. I think they are star suckers. Giant Star Suckers.


yeah they suck a lot


Would you contract that stuff to me?
You can’t use it anymore and we could make very good use of it!

That’d be awesome!

Grab Bag - James 315.Space

It is not up to Frostpacker to distribute such items, you must ask the Princess.

Why would you give someone …
… who already has multiple dozens of billions …
… even more stuff?


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