Thank you for the cloning centers

I don’t know what happened in nullsec or why there was a sudden demand for Standup Cloning Center Is (and other structure modules and components), but it created a bubble which I managed to catch early. I neglegted everything else I was doing to source BPCs from wherever I could and constantly re-invested everything I had into raw materials. I’ve built and sold 145 of these in the past two weeks, netting me a profit of something like 17-21b ISK.

I’m still just a new trader and industrialist when compared to the big boys, but for me this is a huge increase. It has probably trippled my net worth. So to whomever was responsible for that: thank you :smile:

As you posted it now for everyone to read sigh :wink: I can disclose you the reason for the demand. In order to save Upwell structures from falling into low power mode, you must run a service module now. The cloning center just makes the most sense.

So I guess I should be thanking CCP? :slight_smile:

This is definitely a player driven economy.

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