Thank You

I want to personally thank you, all of you who help develop the resources you make available for players that help them in Eve. Apps like Eve Hq, Eve Mon, EFT, Pyfa, PLH, DaOppa, WH Guides, on and on… All of you, Thank you!

You make Eve more special and help to bring together people and ideas, and new ways of thinking, new experiences, I could list many more examples of why and how…

You are special people. You strive for perfection and reasoning and with the technical skills you possess, you can literally achieve anything. Eve wouldn’t be the same with out you.

■■■■■■■ Cheers! 0/


I had to quote it to see what the 7 blanks stood for… Yep. It’s a Special Cheers alright. :joy:

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:smiley: its a holding a beer up for you all while Im simply amazed at all the ■■■■ you all can do kinda cheers!!!

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