The 1st Odin Crusade

Odin a sys on the great trade routes that leads to the capital of the great Amarr empire it’s under heavy attack by an infidel pirate scourge and must be cleansed. We will march from our home system and follow the trade route to Odin , picking up crusaders on the way , make this your chance to right all wrongs in the past , the times when you did nothing but moan on the forums about being ganked, demanded concord act and went afk.
Time to redeem your honour be you a lowly untrained alpha or a grand omega you are needed.

Please assemble any alt you can spare to be based in Odin , shipments of ships and supplies are being delivered.

I made a post about Odin some weeks ago but never had time to act .

The plan is to work out the time the gankers are on line , which seems to be 5am to 7am and 14:00 to 17:00 in the week and a lot longer at the weekend .

The call to arms will be made from gank- intell igc, this will be a log in kill gankers type of thing , we don’t want to waste any time. So it’s ideal for any alt you have around .
Untrained alpha’s get to fast locking destroyers or Ew , remote rep cruisers work . If your unsure of the tactics please mail me .

Let’s try not to repeat the failings of Peter the Hermit leader of the 1st crusade from ancient earth history but if we lead today others will follow as did for Peter.

Ps please don’t take any forces away from Uedama if you can help it


I will be ready

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Did the 1st crusade not get massacred.

I’ll send an alt😁

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Quick bring in the looters. :package: :star_struck: :gift:



Are there still hordes of botting Distribution haulers here?

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Can’t have one without the other

So I got a mail that some resistance had taken place .

Well done keep up the good work and you will be pleased to know that a cargo ship full of replacement ships arrived close to that system.

I see soon after the above kill mail they attacked our crusading force’s , it’s exactly what we want , shows we both them.

We may not stop them right away but make them pay and you never know the . Brilliant Burst Commandos, may pay them a visit.

Time was limited but salt harvest was plentiful

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Right an update on Odin :

Two gank groups are now active here and your help in needed , anything helps DPS , if you are a newish pilot and can’t one shot a cat team up with someone and fire on same target , we need to take them off the field before concord arrival.

Ew alway is good and remot-reps. So don’t think you can’t make a difference , in the 1st seconds every shot counts.

We will be sending a task force oh a minimum of two pilots, it’s a bit far away for us but 2 have volunteered so far.

If your in a starter corp try and drag some new players along to , get them fitted into long range fast locking destroyers, once at a gate keep moving and watching d-scan

Best way to find out if gankers are active is open in game channel- anti-ganking. Or watch zkill. No point in being there if they are not active

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