The Agency Rewards - Some suggestions and feedback

  1. Do not activate rewards automatically. It only turns a reward into an annoyance if the person getting the reward is unable to use it because he just logged in to check something and has to go help the wife in the kitchen. First rule in good game design is to never force a time restricted reward on a player. Let them decide if they want to use it and when.

  2. Keep the rewards with the theme. The Agency, it seems, is an organization rewarding you for killing pirate NPC. Stay with that theme:

A. Increase NPC ISK bounties depending on Agency standing by 5%/10%/15%/20% etc.
B. Boost Scanning skills. Not everyone has them leveled up. Give them a chance to participate by boosting them slightly.
C. Reward faction specific Modules or Agency specific Modules. For example: Agency scanning Probes, NPC faction Ammunition, Agency Ammo.
D. Reward Blueprints.

That is all.


There’s a thread for this, I’d advise you to post this there.