The Agency : Upgrades quest bugged or not?


Just recently started the game and running through the tutorial, I have reached the mission ‘Upgrades’ where I have been given a Tristian with blasters but I cannot fit or fly this ship for a minimum of 30 minutes. I don’t have a problem with this as I understand this is the way of Eve but find it strange that new players would be forced to sit around for 30 minutes till the skills train.

I spoke to a few people in corporation and they said I should of received a mini injector, is this the case? If so i’m not sure why I haven’t received it? And if its bugged it would be recommended to fix it for other new players experiences as this could be a giant turn off considering its only a tutorial.

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You don’t receive an injector, but you do receive unallocated skill points.

Look in the lower-left side of your character sheet and see if you have some waiting for you. It’s the second icon from the left all the way at the bottom.

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Hello Leah

I can confirm after completing the whole tutorial I never received any unallocated skillpoints.

Hmm, very odd- I would suggest filing a support ticket as I believe you should have received points for some of the earlier missions in the chain.

I’ve run through this with both a freshly-rolled character and a fairly old one and did not have issues. However, I have seen a fair number of complaints about bugs (mostly related to the Upgrades mission) of missing items and some other issues.

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