The CCP support ticket system needs to change

Let me say… I love Eve, no other game gives players the ability to essentially do whatever they want in order to make in-game currency and what seems cause unlimited fun. BUT I have to say that the Eve support ticket team is a joke.

I have been unable to log onto a character I bought off the character bazaar due to the system being broken. On March 4th I sent in a support ticket because the character never showed up to my account after the 10 hour window had elapsed. After one ticket and two days of waiting I finally received a response.

A very lovely GM finally got back to me after a fun filled weekend of playing Eve (I assume), asked a few security questions to the seller and myself and everything was good. So I thought…

The character finally shows up into the account, I click on her and get ready for the fun I’m about to have. After exactly .02588 seconds I receive an error message stating that the character is still being transferred from a different account… cool, so I respond back to the GM and she tells me, “Since the transfer occurred after the downtime yesterday, you might need to wait until after the downtime today to log into the character. If the issue still persists afterwards, please, let me know.” This is day four mind you, I tell the GM that I’m still having issues and can’t log the character in.

Day five, GM tells me that she will relay this issue to one of her colleagues.

Fast forward to day seven (Today)… Still no response from CCP.

Why am I telling you, the faithful reader… Well it’s because I’m angry about this process, and I know many of you are too. It’s 2019 and many of us pay to play this game. Many of us have put years into it and are fed-up with this old “email” type system.

Why is the support system so slow and lacking in initiative. I don’t believe that it’s because the support persons at the lowest level don’t like the players or their job, but because of the leadership at the support center. When I have issues like this with a company in real life, I blame the leadership because ultimately it’s due to their own lack of knowledge or initiate to create a better system. The leadership have the power to make people love or hate their job and the ability to modernize the system.

Perhaps its funding, where they can’t have a chat service for support issues similar to what Blizzard has. This game is played 23 hours 45 minutes 7 days a week you must have a support system with the ability to respond in a timely manner. Use Blizzards or a different companies model because the one that CCP has now is garbage… and needs to change. Modernize the system to be able to support real person instant messaging for eight hours a day seven days a week for starters.

Please let me know about if your experiences are similar in regards to the support system and/or any fixes that could fix the system.

I feel like if we make enough noise, it will get CCPs attention… These are my hopes…

Yeah, I recently tried that and chats are awful. Not only do you have to wait in a queue, in some applications you can’t even leave that chat window without risking to disconnect the chat. And then chats are not available because business hours (which 8 hours 7 days a week do you mean? EU, US, China? Russia? Brazil?) Chats for first response to support requests are awful. Even more awful are companies that do not allow for mail support contact at all. Mails at least guarantee that someone reads that stuff and you don’t have to wait for someone to actually see things before you can continue with your merry business.

As followup option it might be a good thing. As first response feature chats are utter rubbish because CCP’s outsourced zendesk support stuff would have to have a lot more people do deal with the number of chat requests.

Better approach: Just keep sending them a new comment every day until they respond. They will block your access to the support system if you abuse it? Then send a mail to Falcon and complain about that abuse of the abuse argument because their support is not competent enough to respond and solve problems properly.

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