Need CCP's Help - Haven't Heard From

Attention: @CCP_Graven @CCP_Avalon @CCP_Beard @CCP_Damage @CCP_Falcon @CCP_Convict @CCP_Dopamine @CCP_Goliath @CCP_Guard (all CCP staff involved with community related functions + QA)

This is a private matter that I shouldn’t have to post publicly, but since no less than three different support channels either can’t help, can help but haven’t helped, or haven’t responded to me at all, I have no choice but to use the CCP Forum and some @-mentions in hopes of addressing it once and for all. Below is a modified version of an email I’ve sent out.

  1. 9 days ago, I opened a support ticket for a forum issue I was having. They told me they can’t help me, and to email

  2. 8 days ago, I email - they never replied. Email contents:

Hi there. I’m logged into the forums as @Archer_en_Tilavine , and I cannot edit the original post on this thread even though I made the post on this character and have been able to edit it repeatedly in the past: 📈 We Raise NPC Standings: Lower Broker Fees ★ Access Epic Arcs ★ And More!

Note that I see the edit button in my replies to the post but not to the original post (see screenshot).

Please advise.

  1. 5 days ago, I flag my own post for moderation and explain the issue I’m having. 4 days ago, I receive a reply from an ISD member saying they can’t help. 3 days ago, I ask if it can be escalated to one of the four CCP members that serve as forum admins - I receive no reply, and frankly I’m irritated the ISD member in question did not take the initiative to escalate the issue to one of the four CCP members without my having to ask.

  2. Last night I reply to my original support ticket asking if my ticket could be assign to one of those four CCP members - I promptly receive a reply saying this is not possible, but GM Driveshaft said he would try to reach out to the appropriate members - I appreciate that, but I cannot wait any longer.

  3. Today I email hoping it’s a different support channel from the support ticket system - nope! It just created a new ticket using the same ticket system, and I went ahead and told them to close it since they won’t be able to help me with it.

  4. Even though it’s not a support channel, I emailed in hopes that whoever reads it will be able to escalate my frustration to some person in the company who could force the various support teams to work together to resolve this simple issue. I receive an auto-reply stating this mailbox is not monitored daily. I’m not very happy.

  5. Side note: I notice on there is a link to where it states I can submit a complaint regarding customer support - going to this link redirects me to customer support, which has been of no help. So much for giving feedback on support teams.

I have to say… I’ve had my frustrations with EVE support in the past, but never before have I had to be bounced back and forth between different support teams who either can’t help, can help but won’t, or simply don’t respond to my queries…

You complain because you haven’t received a reply in 9 days, CCP is not a billion dollar company like a few of the other major companies you probably know of, many tickets/email send have 1-2 months wait time. It all come down to how high priority your issue gets and what sort of tickets/email come in after yours (if they get higher priority than yours they will be handled first).

The reason that ISD can’t just escalate a ticket/email is because we do not have access to those systems and therefor can’t make a judgement call on the specific issue being reported (as we do not know what it is).

All I can say to you as ISD is for you to wait for CCP to reply to either the ticket you have filed or the email you’ve send.

As a final note, I’d like to remind you that communications with CCP, GMs, ISDs are strictly confidential and may not openly be discussed or shared on these forums or anywhere else, without the individual’s permission.

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I complain because I’ve been bounced twice and didn’t get a confirmation receipt (ie. autoreply) on the third channel, and the second time the ISD member in question could simply have replied “I’ve gone ahead and escalated your ticket” or “I’m sorry, I cannot escalate your ticket” so I could take the appropriate step (wait patiently or seek other avenues) . Had they done that, I would not have taken steps 4-7 or ended up writing this post.

Believe it or not, I’ve had multiple 2-3+ month tickets before, didn’t have a problem with those because I knew I was being serviced; I could literally see the ticket in the system… by contrast, I didn’t even receive an autoreply on the email so I don’t even know if they received it. A year ago, for example, I emailed the security team about an exploit I found and I never received a reply - how can I be certain they received my email this time and will reply to it? I also don’t know if that or any other ISD member is going to escalate my concern or not, hence I had to resort to this.

I apologize if my post is unbecoming of a player since 2011 who has spent over $2,000 on this game.


Some posts become un-editable after a certain time from the last edit. Most likely you’ll need to have the topic closed and just open a new one. I’m having to do the same on my personal account.

I did try something to see if it would fix it. Let me know if that works or not.

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umm … you really make this post and maild and made tickets becuse you cant edit a post on the forum?

you really think that a that huge problem so you should everyone mad with that

yea it sucks but … damn thats not a big thing … just make a new thread or just wait a bit …

yea you sell a service but hell thats really not that big stuff … come down … why you cant wait? whats so important? can you explain? i really cant see it … sorry


That thread concerns an entire group of players, myself among them, trying to offer a service to the rest of the EVE community, but having difficulty doing so as long as the original post contains inaccurate/incomplete information and is in need of updating. As long as Archer can’t update that thread, it negatively impacts ALL of us and our gameplay, not just him. Archer’s persistence and frustration is on behalf of our entire group.


sorry for asking … this corp?
thats 11 guys …

just write your new info in the 2ms thread and change when the stuff is fixed
or make a new thread

its not a reason to poke all CCP guys … hell you could twitter CCP Hilmar
i guess only that would be more stupid than all the stuff he has allready done

yea you have a problem … yea you want it fixed … yea its sucks its not done in 15 mins … yea we know and we understand BUT its not a important problem and it loots like “a bit” disproportionately … just a bit …

he has a reserved post in the 2nd place … write in UPDATED INFO there … would make more sense and WAIT!


@ISD_Norrros Thank you for the information - this information was not provided to me by the ISD member who serviced my ticket. Now I know this behavior is intended (however annoying it may be) and not a bug.

I also appreciate the effort you put into making the thread re-editable; unfortunately it did not work, but I do appreciate it.

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@JuuR_Zibaoo Our contractors span across several corps, some within our network and several outside. In this regard we operate similarly to Red Frog and PushX, except that we are an entirely different kind of service - they freight, we grind.

The reserved post is also locked, so your proposed solution would not have worked.

Why tweet a single CCP member who might not reply when I can flag them all at once and simultaneously demonstrate to the community that EVE support is in dire need of improvement? And I’m not talking about the wait times. That I’m used to and have come to accept as a fact of life.

I’m talking about being bounced just to create a ticket. I’m okay with being bounced after a ticket is made or waiting forever afterward to be serviced (I’m used to waiting 3 months), but if I cannot confirm my ticket has been created with the right support group, then I have no way of knowing the problem will be resolved.

I’m also talking about how staff at the same level of support are far from uniform in their civility and ability to help. The unnamed ISD member who serviced my ticket didn’t provide me information on the issue or direction on where I could get help; they also didn’t escalate the issue or mention if it was an option. One ISD member in this thread went as far as to speak down to me, a level of conduct unbecoming as a volunteer moderator. Finally, here comes along an ISD member who provided what I needed, made an attempt to resolve my issue, and did so with grace and generosity.

For the record, I always knew creating a new thread was an option, but it was an undesirable option for many reasons. Now I’ve been informed it is, in fact, the only option, and so we bite the bullet.

I would not change a single thing about what I did or how I did it. We have a large, booming business, and I have several contractors depending on me to resolve this issue. I will have gone through whatever lengths are appropriate to confirm a ticket has been created with the correct group, at which point I would have waited. I now have the information I need to resolve the problem thanks to ISD Norros.


the thing with CCP Hilmar was a JOKE!! you never ever should call for support on twitter on a singe person

yea mage a ticket … you get a “we got your ticket and will work on it mail” … yes?
i didnt got more when i made tickets … at one point someone fixed the stuff or asked for more info but in the first step not more …

you would do anything again if you could start from begin? really … for me it looks like a bit to much … a bit to hysteric … a bit disproportionately … its not necessary to poke that many people but you have to know …

if you knew its possible to just make a new thread … why have you not done that?
well it doesnt matter … for me it looks not like it was in any relation to the problem you head but … i am not you and we are not CCP …


@Archer_en_Tilavine undock and pay for your behavior.

I’m a 2 month old pilot, new Omega, and worked my way up to senior grinder at LCSIS. I don’t get why support didn’t come back with “this is not possible, posts over a certain age cant be edited” as the response to the 1st request, or at least by the 2nd. I have asked support questions in the past and always got the answer on the 1st response. IMO this seems like a small issue that should have been able to be handled very quickly.

Also, spamming multiple posts about the LCSIS service isn’t a good look as we try to be professional. A new post was a last resort option and now we know the only option.

Maybe the edit button should always be visible, but when a post isn’t editable anymore, it grays out and when you hover over it a tooltip appears stating that “this post is no longer editable after being posted for X days”.

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