The CODE Troll

It’s more forum trolling than in-game trolling tbh.

Those Pyfa rebels will end us one day.

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just gank them back, stop being a pussy


i too wonder how this helps against bumping, but hey…

If they’re too scared to do anything other than bump you switch to a brutix on your abaddon account and shoot them all first LOLOL

German’s have a word for what i do right now: Fremdschämen.

Good Luck in your future endeavours.

Why would nothing happen for hours or days? Isn’t CODE supposed to gank all afk miners? Are you saying CODE doesn’t actually gank anyone except thin tanked barges/exhumers, whether or not they are afk or have a permit?

Well yeah, of course, it’s just that there’s a order of priority starting with blingy exhumers and going down from there. Tanked procurers are just about at the bottom of the list… You’ve chosen possibly the least enticing bait possible. Gankers who put a fleet together to take down a tanked proc might as well go after some juicier targets.


Hold on, shhhh, calm down.

Common sense would tell us that when you find yourself in a target rich environment, you can afford to be selective. There will be plenty of time to round up and cull the tanked procurers of New Eden after we’ve taken care of the more valuable noncompliant vessels.

Your plan just doesn’t seem like it will draw a lot of attention, and that’s not even the biggest problem with it that I can see.

Hope this helps.


Your RP would at least make some sense if you guys prioritized the most vocal or stubborn or rude or heretical targets, regardless of their ship. But no, you’re just ganking for riches, same as everyone else out there.


Don’t they get 300bil ISK donations weekly to gank all ships? Why would any mining ship be a priority over another for CODE?

Oh, those things you mention definitely factor into it, I just gave an ‘all things being equal’ explaination. Being a particularly mouthy carebear can definitely move you up the list.

As an aside, I’m not roleplaying and the New Order isn’t a roleplay organization, but that’s a common misconception, so you are forgiven.

So you’re saying I gank miners in Arnon all the time… for ISK? I think that’s a rough sell for most people.

You’ll have to explain your argument better, how exactly does this general practice conflict with our espoused philosophy?

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I’m sitting there in a covetor afk jetcan mining with a ship named “F*** CODE” and not being attacked in CODE’s main systems. Have yet to be attacked!

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Yeah that’s, kinda what I’ve been trying to say, bro.

Here, I’ll try again:

Means that CODE doesn’t do what they say!

What do you mean? How so?

Where in The Code does it say that we don’t have an order of priority?

Where in The Code does it say that we MUST attack tanked procurers even when objectively better targets are available?

You heard it here first folks, you can afk mine all day in CODE space.

A much more effective way to shut down CODE is to simply not play Eve. Cancel all your accounts (my last one runs out in something like 18 hours). Eventually, we can pray that CCP goes bankrupt, or better, recognizes that walking hand in hand with the RMT cartels and catering to the sociopaths in the game like CODE was a bad idea, and reverses the course.

The player base, especially in high sec, has been shrinking for years, as a response to CCP climbing into bed with the groups mentioned above. Will CCP ever recognize the idiocy of their actions? Doubtful.

But if all high sec players not interested in griefing quit the game, CCP may finally see the light. We can only hope.

Oh, and all the RMT cartel forum propagandists, go ahead and flag my post to your ISD cohorts. Like I said, my account has hours left of activity.


Wouldn’t it be more fun to team up with a friend and a fly a hulk/logi combo? CODE can give you content if you want exciting high sec content.

Do it enough times and you’ll be name tanked like me (after two Abaddon troll blocks) and you afk mine all day for the rest of your life without logi support!

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I’m starting to think you don’t have the answers I seek.

It’s really hard to help you with your misconceptions if you’re not willing to actually engage me, bro.

Hey, would you mind naming the agents who you claim to have played with recently? I just want to speak with them about it.

That’s not a problem, right?

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