The CODE Troll

I know it’s not RPing in the sense of “true” RPers, but too often have i noticed RP being used as explanation. i was just confused, is all.

Diana Kim has a real impact on the world too. i don’t think that a term like “practical roleplayers” is appropriate. Lots of roleplayers actually do stuff. Your post reads like “look at how important i am” by talking down on the others.

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The main difference is that we don’t pretend that EVE is real, we are probably the first to say “calm down, it’s just a game”.

If you want to call us RPers because we follow James 315, claim Highsec as our own and destroy people who don’t have a permit and follow our rules then you have to do the same for all the Goons who follow the Mittani, call some territory their own and kill everyone off who does not pay rent and follow their rules. Or basically every other in-game alliance or organisation for that matter.


Says the person who brings it to forums and a website to show people getting upset at their losses in the game, yes it is just a game, lol…

calm down Drac, it’s just a game

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For me yes, but you lot take it way to serious, following people around on the Eve forums, and a website dedicated to showing off people who were upset over their loss, it is just a game…


Dude, this is a thread about CODE., we did not follow you here, you just showed up without invitation.


Nope this is a thread about some dude trolling CODE with a odd setup, but of course it could be a CODE alt pretending to be AG, you know the drill…



Minerbumping website content also is endless RP.

Nothing wrong with that.
But it is all RP.

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I would concur, it is all role playing and great fun it is too, though they do get a bit carried away at times and drift towards RL stuff.


Maybe try arguments if you want to discuss

CODE operations and the minerbumping webpage especially, are both categorically RP.

That is a fact that doesn’t need arguing.


Yeah, he’s just tap-dancing because he knows he can’t support his claims. That’s why he just dumped a bunch of my quotes onto the thread instead of actually making an argument, and why he is also attempting to substitute the commonly accepted meaning of roleplay with his own special and extremely broad definition.


You asked for quotes to prove my point and I delivered.

You are a LARPer.

You roleplay a sycophant of James315 and operate under the CODE manifesto, which is LARP to begin with.

Sorry to burst your bubble, buddy.
But you are a LARPer. And you didnt even come up with the concept.


You quoted me but you failed to point out how exactly these posts are roleplay.

You also claimed the Code is lore-based, something I’d love to hear you support, but something tells me all we’re gonna get is more assertions.

I just remembered that I once actually tried to post Code spiel stuff to the RP forum and got shut down and reprimanded by an ISD for OOC posting… alas…

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  1. You are roleplaying, just like if I roleplay a Sansha Pirate and attack people in Sansha NPC space pretending to be a Sansha Pirate.

  2. CODE isnt lore based. I never claimed that, you liar.
    Its a completely player created fiction of fluff.

  3. You are a roleplayer, you are LARPing.

  4. Whats even worse, having browsed through your posting history, is the garbage you post. Almost all of it is trying to take the piss out of someone. Wtf is wrong with you, man?


1 doesn’t seem to be relevant to anything.

2 oh ok, sorry “fictional fluff” so support that, what’s fictional about it?

3 more assertions, sigh…

4 calm down, carebear. It’s just a game.

Yes. It is.

Do you actually have a life outside of EVE and these forums?

If so, how do you explain NOT recognizing CODE as RP, let alone your posting history as a constant shitstream of trying to piss on someone else?

Man, you’ve lost the plot completely.
CODE was/is never more than RPing.
How can you NOT get that?


Ok, Mr. Asserty McAssertsalot, all I’ve been able to get from you is that you either:

A) Don’t know what roleplay is.

B) Think most every organization in the game is a RP group.

It’s fine to have your own special snowflake definitions for things, but don’t expect the rest of us to recognize it.

Sometimes definitions can be broadened so much that they’re no longer useful. Hope this helps.