The CSM 13 Winter Summit Minutes are out


(Arrendis) #3814

And your point is? You keep saying you want to shoot people for scanning you. When you get called on wanting to kill people for looking at you in a way you don’t like, you insist you’re not talking about blowing up their ships.

So I’m calling you a liar.

You want to shoot them. We all know you’re not going to just shoot them once and call it a fair punishment. We all know you’re going to blow them up. If you aren’t going to blow them up, why shouldn’t they scan you? All they’ll need to do is sit on a citadel for a few seconds to repair up for free. Even you aren’t dumb enough to not know that.

So you want to be allowed to kill them. But you’re squeamish about it. You don’t want to admit you want to kill people for looking at you funny. Just grow a pair and admit that you want to kill people for looking at you funny… even though you don’t know when they do it because they use passive targeters in the first place.

Because you haven’t thought this through, and you don’t have any actual evidence to support your insistence that scanning should be a crime punishable by death. Just like you didn’t have any actual evidence to support your insistence that players in social corps couldn’t possibly be allowed out of High Security space. And you didn’t have any actual evidence to support your insistence before that that social corps would completely destroy High Sec. and don’t have any evidence at all to support your insistence that structure spam doesn’t bother anyone or cause anyone any problems in HS.

Because all you have is impulse and ‘I WANT THIS BECAUSE IT WILL MAKE ME FEEL GOOD TO GET MY WAY’.

Frankly, I think it’s pathetic. But it is fun to watch you squirm.

Even worse, it’s a ‘you have to go play EVE’ offense.

(Proteus Onzo) #3815

Its very simple.

If you want to intrusively, non-concensually, suspectly pry into another players personal fit or cargo data, you get flagged as suspect.

You get the data you wanted, and the price is going suspect.

Its fair and square.

(Arrendis) #3816

A) It is no more intrusive than looking at zkill 20 minutes later.
B) You can’t claim doing something is ‘suspectly’ when you’re arguing to make it a Suspect-flag offense.
C) The idiot who wants little old ladies to shoot people for looking into their cars wouldn’t know fair and square if he were hit with a large rhomboid sign reading ‘County Fair’.

(Grayclay) #3817

Realistically, covert scanning technology exists today (infrared sensors, night vision, satellite imagery) and will exist in the future, so your point makes no sense from a lore perspective.

(Proteus Onzo) #3818

Sure I can.

Its extremely suspect that you scan my fit or cargo, which is none of your business.

Thats my personal ship fit and cargo data.

(Arrendis) #3819

I find it extremely suspect that you want to know when I activate a module that doesn’t affect you at all. Perhaps you should get flagged for being scanned.

Then you need to get CCP to stop generating killmails.

(Proteus Onzo) #3820

Ofc it affects me, as you getting intel on my fit and cargo without my consent.

What business of yours is my personal ships fit and cargo?

As was stated earlier, if in wardec, scanning will not incur a suspect flag.

(Annah Tsero) #3821

We are everywhere
We are everyone
We are anonymous

Do you really think even your private information irl is being kept safe? :joy:

(Grayclay) #3822

Who the ■■■■ is even worried about cargo scanning in high sec? That’s the most trivial activity I’ve heard of.

(Annah Tsero) #3823

It’s of PARAMOUNT importance that Salvos’ cargo stays hidden from everyone!!

Even tho everyone knows he doesn’t even play the game he so much wishes to change :joy:

(Proteus Onzo) #3824

Great, then changing non-wardecced scanning of fit or cargo in HS to a suspect act, is not a problem for you.

(Arrendis) #3825

You’re flying along.
I have a passive targeter fitted, so when I lock you up… you don’t know it.
When I activate the ship scanner… you don’t know it.
You do nothing at all differently.
You don’t think any differently.
You aren’t aware you were scanned.
You aren’t aware you were locked.
You are aware of no difference.

How have you been affected?

(Proteus Onzo) #3826

You accessed my personal ships fit and cargo data.

Neither of those are any of your business.

Why did you do so? Obviously with intent to aggress me.

As I stated earlier, you wont go suspect from scanning war targets.

If not wardecced, and you scan me and take my ships fit and cargo data, damn straight you should go suspect for it.

(Arrendis) #3827

This doesn’t demonstrate any effect on you at all. How were you affected?

Or I’m curious about how people fit their ships.

(Proteus Onzo) #3828

Thats fine. Go ahead and scan them, but you will go suspect for it,

(Arrendis) #3829

Still waiting for the answer:

(Proteus Onzo) #3830

Already answered.

(Arrendis) #3831

Nope. That doesn’t demonstrate it affecting you at all. It has had no impact upon you. It has not made anything whatsoever different for you. You are not even aware it has happened.

Please demonstrate what actual, measurable impact this has had on you, from your perspective.

(Proteus Onzo) #3832

You pried into my personal ships fit and cargo data, which is instrumental to my own defense, as private and not known by potential aggressors.

If you know my fit and cargo, I am much more vulnerable to any attack by you than if my fit and cargo was not known by you.

This is basic and obvious.

(Arrendis) #3833

And there has been zero impact upon you at this time.

And there has still been no impact upon you at this time.

And as soon as people do shoot at you, they get a Criminal flag, and CONCORD kills them. The thing that has impacted you has been punished.