The Curse of Oak Island


The excavation at Oak Island needs to be stopped.

The traps are too elaborate to have been made by pirates.

The treasure hunters at Oak Island must stop drilling and excavating immediately, otherwise the treasure will be lost.

The illuminatti set the island with traps.

At every turn, the team has encountered failure.

At every turn ,of failure, water has been released and ruined the dig site. Just like the wrong combination in the sequence of the Cryptex releases fluid and ruins the parchment inside.

The system of water traps around the treasure is definitely vary complex, just as complex as any trap DaVinci would have designed. To be able to dig to the depths on the island, advanced knowledge of excavating and water trap making would have been necessary.

I’m going to have to say that the traps on Oak Island were created by none other than the Illuminatti, who hid something very important on Oak Island, rather under the island.

Oak Island is hidden in the open in the DaVinci Code movie.

Adored in master’s loving arms, she lies.

Masters loving arms being the intricately woven series tunnels made of white oak, in the fashion of a whiskey or wine barrel, she lies safe.

Oak - white oak is used to make wine and whiskey barrels.

At 2:01 of the video below from the DaVinci Code, you can see the outline of an oak barrel stave. Etched on the front or seven chereb’s, the ‘angels’ share. There have been six deaths so far on Oak Island while searching for the treasure. A white oak systems of tunnels would make very good sense.

Not only would the white oak tunnels be able to keep water on the outside of the tunnel from getting into the tunnel due to the wooden staves locking the tunnel tight as the outside of the tunnel soaked up the water, but water would also keep a white oak tunnel hydrated and filled with water. Water that would eventually evaporate or simply seep into the ground causing erosion around the object.

You wouldn’t want your treasure to be found due to erosion caused by your trap.

There will be one more.

Seven chereb’s looking for the treasure that is the box in the middle.

I direct you to the telescope that is to the left of the box in the center.

Now if you scroll back to 1:54 you can see that the telescope forms a cross. Remember, ship captains of the era would have used stars to navigate by. Can the Southern Cross be see from any point on Nolan’s Cross? Running a straight line from each point on Nolan’s Cross, around the world until the line reaches the start point again, what do each of the lines intersect?

At 1:53 of the video, there are two more crosses, one to the left and one to the right of the central cross being the telescope.

Are there any landmarks or buildings, along the line, that discuss a hidden treasure that might be etched into the stone of the building’s foundation or on a column?

At one these locations there might be a stone or wooden key, a key made of White Oak. A wooden key, once soaked with water, would swell and lock the mechanism in place that is letting in the water.

In all traps, there has to be a safety mechanism set in place that would keep those building the water trap, safe while building the water trap.

Starting at 1:48 of the video, slow the frame rate down to very slow and let the video play. As the light shines on different cherebs, there does appear to symbols formed at each turn, possibly a code encrypted in how the light effects each chereb as it turned.

Are there any specific mentions of gravity, an apple or rose at the points where the lines running from the points on Nolan’s Cross wrap around the world and then back to the points on the cross?

At 2:01 of the video, you will see the telescope that is aimed directly at the cherebs heart to the right. Following the telescope to the plant holder in the right hand corner, the plant holder forms a K. The K would represent a system of tunnels close to the coast line. If you extend the l of the K to the right, the l runs right underneath the vase of water being held.

Thus the vase of water becomes the ocean that when triggers are triggered, the trap is sprung. Water from the ocean (vase) runs through the white oak tunnels or the K that surrounds the main chamber ( the telescope) to then fill the chasm that contains the very heart of the subject matter at hand, washing it away for all eternity.

Upon the oak island there were three who were crucified that day.

When the K and long l are turned upwards, a pipe is created. Possibly a peace agreement between the local indigenousness people and the French

What could be so important on Oak Island to go to such lengths as have been undertaken to hide and if necessary destroy the artifact below?

  1. The written history of the lineage of Christ? Buried far below the surface where the parchment would not decompose.

  2. The body of Christ.

  3. The body of Mary or Joseph.

  4. The Grail Cup.

  5. The Ark of the Covenant.

  6. The cross that Christ was crucified on. Wood does not decompose in water but becomes coal over many years.

  7. The other crosses where the thief and liar were crucified on.

If DaVinci or planners who built the network of water traps around the object used DaVinci ideas, then the only way to get into the central chamber might be to use a directional system of drilling far under the island and then upwards.

The plum for drilling would be at the highest point on Oak Island straight down for 7,500 feet and then over until the point of plum with the highest point is met. Suction hose would then placed in the drilled hole so that when suction is applied, any water would be drained into the ocean as the main drill tunnel is drilled from above. Once the middle of the 7,500 foot tunnel had been drilled, devices that detect water moving around inside of the island would then paint a better picture of where the tunnels, both empty and full of water are located.

Nolan’s Cross is pointing to something based on time as the location where the cross is located does in fact look like a double bubble hour glass where the object at the center of where the grains pass is of great importance.

Take your time at Oak Island in 2,022 as the twos are mirrored, they each create a globe in the shape of hearts, that when one is mirrored downwards, an hour glass of time from two hearts is created.

The third two, when added, creates a propeller when added to the other two’s.

A third two, a third of a two? 3/2?

When the video pans around the chereb you can see that the telescope is aimed at the cherebs heart, a few seconds later, the sun settles on Robert’s heart.

Nova Scotia, Nova a celestial object.

The third two or 32, the level the water in each tunnel fills up to.

Will the Bishop allow the Knight to pass?

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