The Oak Island Treasure

Every pirate writes their maps out in directional script that only they would know.

The map to the symbols below is the best map to go off of.

If it is Templar treasure then I would first carbon date the coconut fibers for their, sea water content as well as other content within the fiber that would determine if the coconut tree was along an island coast line with beaches or further back away from the beach where less sand would be present. The amount of sand would determine the amount of nutrients taken in, so more of a nutrient that is present in the fibers that is inhibited by the sand meaning less sand and vice versa or less nutrients being present due to more sand being present would determine the location of where the coconut was taken from.

Carbon dating the coconut fibers would also determine the season that the island was visited that along with the trade winds present during the same season would determine the travel route that was taken to the island with the coconuts on it that are present at Oak Island.

The VI could be the name of a ship or captain or even King or Queen that financed the expedition.

The parchment should also be carbon dated as well to determine what era it came from as well as the parchment design itself. The parchment design will shine a light on what nation designed the parchment as each nation had their own philosophy of designing parchment.


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Watch out for the Biggengobblers on the Island though when you find it…they are a tribal tribe of Hebrew women who run around the island naked…just like the Sirens.

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Another clue where the ship came from can be traced by anaylyzing the material composition of the iron and other steel tools. Each region would have had different mineral compositions within their tools based on the iron that was mined to make the tools with.

Even if the ship was a pirate ship that built Oak Island the tools can be traced back to cargo ships that were raided and the tools stolen from. Since most pirates would not want a fat and lazy cargp ship the contents of those ships sunk could reveal the name the ship and its home port thus bringing us closer to finding the Ghost Ship of Oak Island.

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