The Daily Slasher ☠

You keep ending up in Tama! It is really not the best place to be looking for solo fights. Try some back end Placid or Black Rise system. You will have to wait longer but you will be more likely to find something worth fighting. You will never find a fight that is completely in your favor in a slasher but that is kind of the point.

Don’t give up you have already beaten most people who set out on your chosen task.

Fly Deadly,

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Hm, yeah, I guess the reply needs a little tweak in the wording.

If you keep range, shoot the drones and time your repair cycles wisely, it should be possible but it is risky and takes too long if back up is near by. I was (just about) managing this with an Atron recently when the cavalary, as they say, rode to the rescue.

I second the comment about staying away from busy systems.

The Daily Slasher #05 - day 1 | 6-28

This time I set Tama to avoid and entered the warzone through Kinakka, heading towards Vlillirier. There’s a huge freeport Keepstar in Kinakka; this was the first time I saw a Keepstar. There were numerous outlaws chilling out in the tether zone so I quickly got out and scurried to Eha.

Eha was quite hot, with 83 people of both militias in local and intense smacktalk going on. It looked like the Caldari were refusing to undock again. On the gate, a wing of three Gallente Tristans - two clean, one outlaw - warped on me. I locked the outlaw, he jumped through, I followed him and opened fire, he jumped back, leaving me with the aggression timer on the other side. Well, that’s his miss: he could probably dispose of the Daily Slasher with relative ease.

I got to Vlillirier and found a wreckage field some 100 km off Oicx gate. There were a lot of T2 Hobgoblins and Hammerheads left around the wrecks so I began to scavenge those. A gang of suspects and outlaws in small ships warped in and set around the gate. To my surprise, I saw some them go flashy on some random Buzzard or Bustard that jumped in. Then a Crow of this gang began to chase me; I’d take this, but not with extra 15m worth of T2 drones in cargo, so I warped out to drop off the loot in one of the Roden factories. When I came back, the gang left, and I merrily continued marauding the battlefield.

Then a clean Tristan - maybe it was one of the wingmates of the outlaw I engaged on the gate in Eha - jumped in and warped on “my” wreck. I locked him… and he opened fire.

Whether it was just a case of itchy trigger finger, or he thought that we are out of range of the gate guns (we weren’t), or he hoped to take me out quickly enough for his ancillary rep to keep him alive, or for whatever reason - but he made a big mistake. This Daily Slasher wasn’t so squishy. I pointed and webbed him and the gate guns did the rest.

Then, some five minutes later, the same thing happens again. An outlaw Hookbill warps right on me and, as soon a I lock him, opens fire. Had he waited for a couple seconds - he would rip the Slasher to pieces in no time. But he went flashy on me - right, within the range of the guns again. The Hookbill dished out some impressive damage - in a few shots he put the Daily Slasher into low armor, but eventually succumbed to the gate guns.

People. Don’t gank yourselves. Even if your bio says “sorry, I’m drunk”, it’s not a real reason to lose a Hookbill to a throwaway T1 fit Slasher.

…After offloading all the loot (around 20m in T2 drones and modules) I checked the end of the Vlillirier pocked up to the point where Gallente highsec starts. There was a cyno lit by an Impairor at the pirate citadel; but as I approached to euthanize the poor thing, two outlaws in a Machariel and a Daredevil undocked and I bailed out before the Daredevil could point me.

It fas fairly late so I decided to head back, with the cargo hold packed with part of the loot. There still were 70+ people in Eha and the smacktalk continued, complete with “We don’t need this system anyway” and killmails in local. The rest of the trip back to Jita was uneventful.

This was the first Daily Slasher that survived the ordeal. Even more, it got two kill assists (I don’t count it as true victories. Those people basically killed themselves.) and enough scavenged stuff to pay for five or more Daily Slashers.

To be continued.

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The Daily Slasher #05 - day 2 | 6-29

Today I spent a hour roaming the mostly empty Amarr-Minmatar warzone. To keep it short, it was a complete disappointment. Even Amamake was boring. I ended up killing a random cyno corvette on a citadel in Amamake and that’s it. The fifth Daily Slasher survived again. :slightly_frowning_face:

Around Tama ( kedama, nisuwa, reitsato, nagamanen) you’ll find more engages, and also blobs.

About fitting a slasher, I’ve tryed a few fits and found the next one the best, due the neutrallizer, which is a beast against SAAB frigs.

[Slasher, doom sh neut 2]

IFFA Compact Damage Control
Counterbalanced Compact Gyrostabilizer

Fleeting Compact Stasis Webifier
1MN Afterburner II
Medium Ancillary Shield Booster, Navy Cap Booster 50
Faint Epsilon Scoped Warp Scrambler

150mm Light AutoCannon II, Republic Fleet Fusion S
150mm Light AutoCannon II, Republic Fleet Fusion S
150mm Light AutoCannon II, Republic Fleet Fusion S
Small Infectious Scoped Energy Neutralizer

Small Processor Overclocking Unit I
Small Projectile Collision Accelerator I
Small Anti-EM Screen Reinforcer I

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The Daily Slasher #05 - day 3 | 6-30

I started in Kamela, moved to Lamaa and was prepared for another boring roam across the Bleaks, when one of the local pirates warped his Magus on me in a plex. The Daily Slasher bravely took the shields off the T2 dessie and then just sorta splattered against it, like a mosquito on the windshield.

No wonder: if this Magus was fit like the previous loss of the same class by that pilot, it was full of faction bling worth 300+ million.

Oh well, who cares about a Daily Slasher loss anyway? I got 15 more and this one was already two days past the expiration date.

Important lesson learned: the ancillary thingies do not work if the cap is neuted dry, even if they are loaded with charges. I was under impression all that time that they consume no cap when the charges (paste, cap boosters) are available, but apparently they still do! Derp.

Shield ancillary should still work even if you’re nuted out, armor ancillary reps harder with paste but still requires cap.

Also, if you find yourself around blackrise when we are active, non-hostile target will honor 1v1 if requested.


Well, least we know back homes just as dead as out here… No need to move from the OK’Kay.

And yes, what Claudia said.


The Daily Slasher #06 | 7-03

They say, “Never go full retard”. But where’s the fun in that? This is the Daily Slasher, and I REGRET NOTHING.

I already was to nullsec and to lowsec in both warzones. Where I haven’t lost a Slasher yet? Right, in wormhole space. I fit a probe launcher to the Daily Slasher Number Six and went probing for holes in Jita. Alas! None found. What about Perimeter? …And there it was!

The wormhole led to J124830, a C3 system, and of course, being next door to Jita, it was camped. A Broadsword, a Talos and a Slasher of the alliance appropriately named “Hole Control” waited on the other side. I laughed at them, decloaked and shot the frigate.

…So ended the Daily Slasher #06. It was a completely pointless (okay, not completely pointless. I managed to activate my scram before exploding) and stupid act, I know. But just think of the poor soul who lost an Ashimmu to the same camp in the same system nine minutes earlier? Yep, he entered that hole in Perimeter with a faction cruiser of all things.

I wonder if he also regrets nothing?..

He probably regrets losing a Venture to that same group only 59 minutes before. Bet his corpmate does, too.

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The Daily Slasher #07 | 7-06

So I thought, there are nice people in this thread offering to honor 1v1s. Why not? I jumped into the Daily Slasher #07 and headed to Okkamon, hoping to meet someone of Non-Hostile Target. No such luck! I even joined their public channel, but it was empty too.

Having failed to find and fight Deitra or Claudia, I flew towards Vlillirier. The warzone was in delicious chaos. Huge gangs of all kinds of pirates, outlaws and suspects were everywhere. I got a Ragnarok on D-Scan and passed a… uh… small gang of capitals with support and an Apostle who were just chilling out some 100 km off a gate.

In Pynekastoh, I engaged a random suspect Tristan, but it jumped out, however, a Wolf arrived in its place. I warped out to the closest plex beacon and suddenly ended up amidst a huge dogpile of more than 50 small ships from all the kinds of assorted corps and alliances that caught a Praxis and a Megathron, apparently in the process of doing their FW thing. The Megathron was going down fast, so I happily shot it at well - becoming a suspect and the next target!

So ended the Daily Slasher #07.

I have no idea what was that ragtag fleet about, why two battleships decided to just hang out in the plex when the area was crawling with all sorts of hostiles, but it was fun, and I got on a Megathron mail, so mission accomplished.


Looking forward to the next installment o/

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((Didn’t mean to ignore ya on that, I’ve had family health issues and a custody battle I’ve been attending to, other people in corp have had their own issues pop up. Sorry!))

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((NP, RL always first. I thought I’m just in the wrong TZ so none of you were on. Good luck.))

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The Daily Slasher #08 | 7-20

People say that pre-arranged highsec duels and duels asked for in public channels, much less ones in Jita, are stupid. Well, not!

Today I was drunk enough to announce my intention to lose another Slasher to the public in the Intergalactic Summit channel, and ms. Jev North of Arataka was kind enough to answer the call. She flew a T2 fit, probably ancillary shield Merlin versus my standard shield buffer Daily Slasher and I almost managed to break her tank before exploding. The fight happened in orbit of Jita II.

Thank you, ms. North, for reminding us all that highsec duels, even in Jita, are still a thing and are even honoured if you know who’s on the other side! :grinning:

The Daily Slasher #09 | 7-21

The next “bright” idea I got after arranging a duel with Jev North in Jita was to go to the very heart of Delve and face the infamous blood raider, suicide ganker, corp thief and awoxer Anyanka Funk! So the Daily Slasher #09 set out from Jita 4-4 towards nullsec.

Naturally, that didn’t go according to plan. First I tried to go through Querious and was stopped in 7V-KHW by a very persistent Sabre who chased me around through a few systems and then bubbled on jump-in. I just reapproached the gate, tanking the few hits from the Sabre, and jumped back, but the annoying pest won’t go away. He even opened a convo and attempted to extract a 50 million fee for passage from me. Considering the cost (and the purpose) of the Daily Slasher and the implantless pod, that was rather hilarious.

I turned back and went through Khanid and Aridia, eventually reaching the Goon land, and was caught in 6Q-R50 by a team of Deimos and yet another Sabre. That was the final bubble bath for the poor Daily Slasher. The fight with Anyanka Funk will have to wait.

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Pulsed the MASB a grand total of two times, mostly to save wear and tear on the paint job. That’s not a brag; it’s just that standing on the toes of a Merlin is a bad place for a Slasher to be.

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Tried checking Amarr? She’s there with a Thrasher rather often.


I know. But she’s an outlaw and I’m KOS in the Empire. So she’ll be warping back and forth to and from random places, instawarps and tacticals to hunt for pods and I’ll try to locate and point her with the Amarr Navy on my tail. If we both stay in one place together for too long, the police and the Navy would just kill us. There are also PIRATs sitting at the hub undock at all times and they love to instalock and pop Funk too. So, probably won’t work.

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