The datasource tranquility is temporarily unavailable

Is anyone else gettting the “The datasource tranquility is temporarily unavailable” notification when trying to access ESI?

Is this planned or is something else going on?

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Yes, seeing it, too.

I would like a statement from @CCP_Falcon in regards on when ESI status will be fixed. Sometimes it’s hard to combat boredom at work without the ability to fire up EVEMon.

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Evanova and EVE Droid won’t work for me, can’t update Character Sheet since 3 hours…or more, don’t know exactly…

I don’t think any external app works atm since they all use ESI to access player data.


I think they might be implementing rate limits or something similar. I’ve been developing an application recently and saw that the news many people have been abusing the API. To my knowledge the ESI connects directly to the live interface so abuse on the API could impact performance in-game, hence the concern.

It’s being looked into.

(message was at 7am UTC.)

What retards use twitter to communicate failure of service

…even if their game was worth playing, attitudes like these would make me think that over

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What about EVE Gate?

You know there’s a bunch of companies which use twitter for status messages, right? And not small ones. Microsoft, for example, with Office 365.

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This maybe true, even the president.

Still there is the assumption on CCP’s part that i (in the hypothetical situation of me playing eve) too use twitter

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