The distribution of structures

There are TOO MANY structures.

Wtf is the point of taking systems in FW if you can just dock in a structure?

All the cans by gates need to be removed.

Too many mobile ones in space left like lockers.

distribution is TOO HEAVY

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My name is Beast of Revelations, and I support this message.

Then attack and destroy them.


While I can agree with the sentiment, I frequently find that I need to water my cactus when I see a ping for a structure bash. It’s a horribly boring task and you cannot brute force it down faster.

It’s certainly better than it was with low-power mode, but it’s still horribly boring and time consuming.

While this can be improved this is the downside of “Make everything destructible”.

Some people suggested the damage cap of low power structures should be increased to speed things up and I would add to that that the damage cap should be increased in steps depending on how long a structure has been in low power mode. Each month an additional 10% more allowed max damage. But in the end it remains structure bashing, which is something that people wanted back after they realized how terrible Aegis Sov with the entosising is.


Remove them from you’re overview, problem solved as the screen overview is near nothing.
I have no idea why people get bothered by a pixel in an imaginary game, strange obsession.

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prove it or GTFO.

Can my ship have invul timers pls

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That’s an idea that could work. I’m personally in favor of no damage cap and no invuln timer on LP structures. If you can’t be bothered to do the basic level logistics for a structures it should be no different than an offline stick.

still a lot less than there were POSes.

but unlike POSes, you need to filter them out not to fill your watch window.

Only if you promise not to log off or warp away.

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Actually, fortunately for you, and from a credible source, this is CODE.'s newest meta they are developing.

They are entering their end-game meta. Full hi-sec industrial suppression. NPC stations will be the only place to do any of it soon.

System by system, they are/will be wardec’ing every corp with an engineering complex or refinery. They are fleeting Leshaks and popping all indy structures. Leshaks must be nerfed immediately. Look at their wars and look at the killmails. Then find the damage of the Leshaks. They are tripling the next closest BS dmg, making simple, ammo-less work. Once a system network is clear, they will move on to the next.

CCP put way too much investment value on citadels/complexes. These corps will not be able to replace them, and tracking down new anchors to eliminate will be simple.

gg, kids, gg.

damn @Beast_of_Revelations how many of these threads did ya make?

Enough so the big kids might notice his pathetic mewling for attention while he afk Carrier rats in order to failfit more Abaddons I think.

I had noticed the Leshak fleets, and thought that was an interesting development.

Also I noticed PH doing ganks in Uedama and CODE smart bombing them.

So things are getting interesting, hisec players should get in the :popcorn: because that is all that they can do. :thinking:

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