The double standard

In soo many topic, there this one guy or maybe even a few of them saying ya right, that be solve with another account, so shut up and go get one. <— [sums it up]

thats the double standard, but some player don’t want to multiboxing, that may be because they just won’t want to or don’t want to put up with the cost of another account or don’t have the skills to multibox.

and from my time playing eve online, There a lot of stuff that want to slowly push you to getting another account, subtle little pushs.

I can with ease name off a few of them off the bat.

Ratting and salvaging, it slow if you only using one account but you can do it but it will be soo much faster if you have a 2nd account to salvage for you.

high sec hauling, sure you can do it on one account but then you can easly targeted by bumpers and held there for ransom or just get killed or you can have a 2nd account to web you and lessen the chance being bump

mining, sure you can solo mine but then if you really want to get the most out of it then you need one booster account and round 5 mining account.

and so on.

I think the double standard need to be lessen, because it more fun to play with friends then just doing everything by your self.

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Unless you trust people, it’s way better if you use an alt for everything described above… lol

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The point of all those activities is that you should interact with other players.

Alts are an alternative for players who won’t interact with others.

You can also play solo, it just takes a lot more game knowledge, skill and grit (thick skin).

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So… you do know what a double standard is, right? And how there is no double standard here?

Regardless, to the meat of your complaint: multiple accounts can do more things than one account, and you want to be able to do as much as multiple accounts on your one account?

This is probably more your speed.

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What does one do if he trusts neither other players nor his sneaky ■■■■■■■ alts? Mine are out to get me, I tell you.

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Another “why can’t I do everything with one ship all at the same time” thread. It’s perfectly possible to succeed in EvE without alts. Quit pushing this rubbish narrative.

You have to biomass I’m afraid :frowning:

Subtle? When i first started a trial account i made two! But the nature of the sandbox is that two people working together is better than one.

That aside, do you have an idea?

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