The Dune Reboot

The Dune Reboot Will Be The Star Wars For ADULTS!

Bastion of Kuul
Published on Jan 20, 2018



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Usually I can’t stand reboots, but there’s no harm in doing one for Dune, given the original movie was questionable at best.


I had a pleasure to read the book before I have seen the movie, even when I knew it existed. Confronting the movie with my imagination, I noticed there was not enough grandeur in imagery in movie and some props were too much fantasy, cheap looking props and cheap looking special effects. But film is rather old. I dig music tho.

It could profit from reboot if done with enough dedication and money probably.


Why can’t the movie industry just leave things alone?, who the hell asked for a reboot of Dune?

I thought it would be a Dune 2, like , a reboot of Dune, but as a continuation of the previous one.
When will people learn how to reboot ?

Interestingly, there is also a prequel written to Dune, and there are books that are continuation of Dune. I did read prequel and few books from continuation. So there is a lot of material to films or series. In fact there was Dune series already. But I suppose this reboot is supposed to be some money magnet.

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I heard it plays on TV today.
I don’t know if it’s the movie or a serie.

I for one wlecome reboots. don’t you ever look at old movies with today’s standards of graphical effects and fidelity in mind, and go “I wish this movie was redone today”?

and besides, look at Doom 4. reboots can be done right, it just takes the right people for the job.

Agreed. It was pretty terrible. Very disappointing for a reader of the Dune books.

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Enjoyed the series. Ian McNeice was great as Baron Vladimir Harkonnen.

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Rebooting movies is the same as walking on a razors edge. Ive seen many movies flop hard in a reboot so hard theyd be a good movie inder a different name. But, the reboot of say, Red Dawn, was done very well. But thats given the current state of armed conflicts.

it depends on who produces the new movie.

So long as it isnt Michael Bayman.

It’s already written who directs it, I’m not sure about the production.

Bastion of Kuul
Published on Jan 20, 2018
Director Denis Villeneuve (Arrival, Blade Runner 2049) claims his Dune reboot will be the Star Wars film he’s always wanted to see (one for an adult audience) and that Geroge Lucas’ Star Wars got many of it’s ideas from Frank Herbert’s Dune novels.

Rather than remaking David Lynch’s 1984 movie, Villeneuve has said that he will be going back to the source material for his next project.

Google question:
is a movie director like a producer?

Returned data:
The director is the creative lead on a movie. They guide the cast and crew, making decisions along the way as needed. The producer manages the production, often including putting the money together.

Lawyer(s) decide(/s) who the money is attributed to.

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Very, very, very few book to movie adaptations are good. Usually they mash together as much as they can into an hour, and if there are more then one book they usually cram that in there too.

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I like the Lynch version. Even the music.

Wouldn’t mind a reboot of Dune II - the PC game. Holy ■■■■ I spent some time on that early 90’s.

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He had a vision, but it was 80’. Stillsuits ans sandworms were fantastic on the other hand there were TV saudarkars…

Despite it’s age I like it too and Toto did great work.