The Epic of the High Sec Ganker is Finished

There are more of us High Sec, there are more of…US.

Gankers in High Sec believe that their tactics are flawless.

Today, I will prove how flawed their tactics really are.

From the reports I have been hearing, gankers in High Sec have resorted to using cruisers to gank on the gates and that bumping really isn’t being used any longer.

Micro Jump Depot Defense Mechanic

A Micro Jump Depot can be placed within 20 km of any gate. If a freighter or Orca is able to get to within 15 km of the MJD, the freighter is able to jump out to 100 km and safely avoid the gank.

Battleship MJD Escort + MJD

If a ship is bumped away from the gate and is past the 20km restriction limit for anchoring the depot, an MJD can be dropped within 1,250 m of the ship being bumped. As long as the ship being bumped remains within 5,000 m of the MJD, the ship can use the depot to emergency jump out after depot has been anchored. The gankers won’t be able deploy their gank fleet to go after the fleeing ship as another MJD depot can be deployed as soon as the Freighter lands and after a minute will be able to jump again and then again and again. A combat battleship fit a Micro Jump Drive and carrying MJD would align to the freighter that had just landed and active its Micro Jump Drive.

There are more of us, there are more of US…

Because Local Faction Police respond to violators, Capsuleers with negative standings towards the NPC’s attacking the Mobile Micro Warp Depots at 20 km on the gate located at three points around the gate will bring the Local Faction Police to each point.

With Local Faction Police on the gate responding to the violation, gankers would have a very difficult time ganking within the 15 km Micro Jump Depot Bubble.

The same tactic can be used in the belts by mining vessels as well.

For too long, High Sec has been assaulted by gankers employing their craft. But no longer as the above tactics can be used on any gate or belt in any High Sec system.

So ends the saga of the High Sec ganker as High Sec will become secure from their attacks.


Cool story.


Is this one of those dumb “positive affirmation” things you keep repeating to yourself hoping that it works?

Edit: Also, “Escorts” lmao, yeah, because people who play a video game will give up hours of their day to ‘escort’ someone who is autopiloting a freighter around and not even paying attention.


All you did was skim the story and commented because you thought you knew what was being posted.

Please take the time to read the entire idea without skimming. You won’t lose any ships or ISK , so what could it hurt?

There isn’t positive affirmation involved if the idea works 100%.

Yes this is really going to save the AFK miners


Unless the AFK miner is a bot, then the miner would still be able to deploy the tactics discussed above until the AFK miner returned from changing the laundry or getting a fresh piece of pie.

Pie sounds good doesn’t it. That chocolate pie with fluffy whipped cream with chocolate sprinkles on top.

I don’t care about automated bots, AFK miners are not necessarily automated bots either.

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You know what AFK means?


room temp iq

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Away From Keyboard = AFK

AFK does not equal Bot Mining.

i never said AFK = bot mining

My question is you state they can be saved by this tactic even when AFK, how???

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i thought the end of ganking was in 2014


I knew it! It IS one of those self affirmation things. Just keep repeating it to yourself over and over again and eventually, it’ll become true! …right? …right?

You do realize that bumping freighters is a thing that doesn’t happen much anymore right? When CCP implemented the bump timer, we adapted.

This post is a good example of just how uninformed and honestly… dumb y’all are. Good luck… rofl.


I think we could all appreciate some footage of you using these tactics to verify their viability.

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Yes because in these serious and trying times we all need a good laugh! Actually @ISD_Dorrim_Barstorlode can we get a “Jokes and Memes” sub-forum? You could move this topic there and it serve as the flagship for utterly hilarious posts.


I have never read as much drivel on a forum before.

Half of your post rests on obsolete information, the other shows a lack of understanding of game mechanics and player interactions.

Nobody will ever devote their valuable gaming time to “escorting" others.


We need the video first! This dude is really tempting me to create some new chars and try out ganking for myself.

they said ganking was over 15 years ago when can flipping ended… wrong… they just found a new way to do it… your whole mjd jump forever thing is so flawed and easily broken by scram, interdictors and so many other ways that all you’ve done is repeat what they said 15 years ago… ganking in eve is over… bahahahah

oh my god, Dryson is back…with his weird tactics…
At least we will laugh a bit…

Sounds good…on paper.

But the description says it take 12 seconds to jump. Plenty of time to be destroyed. :persevere: