The Excubitoris Chapter of the Sacred Throne (PIE Inc.) Is Recruiting (Pro Amarr Roleplay, Faction Warfare, General High Security Activity)


The Excubitoris Chapter of the Sacred Throne is Recruiting!

The Excubitoris Chapter of the Sacred Throne Order is looking for Amarr recruits to join a capsuleer organisation with an eighteen year history of service to the Amarr Empire. We seek individuals capable of living up to the highest standards of Amarr morality and who might have what it takes to become full Paladins in service to the Empress.

History of the Order of the Sacred Throne

The Origins of the Sacred Throne Order date back to the period of the Moral Reforms. This period was marked by internal conflict in the Amarr Empire in which the Council of Apostles, along with their supporters the Order of the Tetrimon, were led astray and turned against the Emperor. A botched assassination attempt on the part of the Council led to a significant civil war.

The Order of the Sacred Throne was founded in the darkest period of this war. It was a secret society of individuals known to be utterly loyal to the Emperor. The individuals were given a cross symbol as a sign of their devotion and inducted into the Military Order of the Sacred Throne.

For thousands of years now, the order and its cross have stood as a symbol of the best and brightest of Amarr. Membership in the Order represents absolute devotion to the office of Emperor and the Divine Order that it represents.

History of the Chapter

The Excubitoris Chapter of the Sacred Throne Order was founded as the capsuleer paramilitary group PIE inc. (Praetoria Excubitoris Imperialis) in 105 Y.C. PIE, Inc. is the oldest pod-pilot corporation loyal to the Amarr Empire, having been founded early in YC105 (May 2003). Throughout this time it has only accepted Amarr citizens into its ranks and has only flown ships based upon Amarr hulls in combat. It has a long list of achievements throughout the last 18 years, all in service to Amarr.

After 15 years of service and many adventures in service of Amarr, the Empress Catiz I made the following decree:

“Her Most Sublime and Imperial Majesty Catiz I, in recognition of 15 years of loyal service to Holy Amarr and four Emperors, is pleased to order that the Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris be accorded the status of a Chapter of the Sacred Throne Order with all the rights and privileges thereof. Capsuleers of the Excubitoris Chapter may use the style of Paladin Ordinary of the Sacred Throne Order. Capsuleers of the Excubitoris Admiralty ranks, active and retired, may use the style and dignity of Paladin Commander of the Sacred Throne Order. The loyal officers of the Excubitoris may elect one of their number as Chapter Master. So ordered in the Privy Council of Her Imperial Majesty Catiz I.”

-Cardinal Itharen on behalf of the Privy Council of Catiz I. September 27, YC 120.

The Chapter’s Future

The creation of the Excubitoris Chapter changed the nature of PIE inc. from a paramilitary organization with a naval structure to an official military order made up of paladins sworn to uphold the throne. As befits their exalted status, the Paladins of the Excubitoris Chapter have a great deal of autonomy. They are expected to work tirelessly to aid Amarr and the Throne, but the order does not proscribe a particular path to accomplishing this. A new Paladin is expected to act with the utmost honor and commitment and to serve as a paragon of virtue and a shining example of everything that Amarr should aspire to. You could be a part of this future if:

  1. You are of Amarr background and have always maintained good standing with the Empire.
  2. You are willing to commit to flying Amarr ships.
  3. You are able to operate in a near permanent state of war with groups opposed to the Amarr Empire.
  4. You are willing to work to support other PIE members and to prioritise supporting the Empire and Empress.
  5. You are willing to act at all times with the decorum expected of a Paladin of Amarr.
  6. You will prioritise helping Amarr in all of your in space choices.

Recruitment Procedure

If you are interested in potentially joining PIE, join our channel “PIE Public” in game and our discord server). Then look on our discord server in the channel #public-documents and read the document “excubitoris_chapter_recruitment_material.pdf.” This will outline our recruitment policy, rules, and the process to follow for the application.

Out of Character Note

Now, as should be obvious from the above, PIE is a roleplay corporation that uses in-universe motivation to drive our decisions about how to play EVE. We use the background of EVE as motivation to tell stories, both in game with spaceships and in text about the characters and universe. This can seem quite the barrier to people unused to roleplay, but we are not expecting you to be an experienced roleplayer from day one. Rather, we expect that you will be willing to try. We can help you learn the lore and will be forgiving to new player mistakes…

We also are friendly to players who are new to EVE. There is no minimum SP requirement for PIE and we do not expect that you know anything about the game. Our members have literal decades of EVE experience between them and are happy to help new players learn the game. EVE is a difficult game and there is no shame in not knowing aspects of it, no matter how long you have been playing. There is also no mandatory level of activity required.

While the characters we play may not be good people, we want our OOC community to be inclusive and friendly. We expect members to cultivate a spirit of camaraderie OOC. EVE is a game and everyone is here because they choose to spend their time in game with each other. As such, having fun with other members of the corp is the single most important OOC goal that we can have. Try to be non-judgmental towards other PIE members and work to make PIE a fun environment for everyone.


Greetings capsoleers!

We take new pilots as well as people new to RP! There are varying levels that you could get involved in RP and it is a great way to add a lot of fun to the game. You don’t have to be an expert at RP or have ever even tried it before.

Come by and talk to us about it and learn about some of the cool things that we have going!

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If you would give your life for God and Empress, apply.

PIE is open to all faithful Capsuleers whom are of Amarr descent and wish to foster their career(s) with the experience and guidance from our veterans and the cooperation of fellow members, all while having the freedom to pursue and achieve your own goals.

I have personally benefited from the assistance of fellow members, the vast knowledge of our leadership and I have greatly enjoyed the meaningful interactions between us.

So, if you are looking for a Corp which allows for autonomy, is new player friendly, as well as what can be a font of creativity and engaging player interaction - join Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris.

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An update on recent Order activity can be found here.

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Solid group of rpers and pilots :slight_smile:

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“I will not hesitate when the test of Faith finds me, for only the strongest conviction will open the gates of paradise. My Faith in you is absolute; my sword is Yours, My God, and Your will guides me now and for all eternity.”
- The Scriptures, Prophet Kuria, Paladin’s Creed

Be sure and come by our discord and check things out! We have interesting things going on that you could get involved in with varying levels of RP! Great for someone new to RP wanting to try it out!

Come build a story with your eve online gameplay!

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i am guessing amarr pilots already in FW for amarr but that dont have amarr specific names are not allowed?

Well, while PIE has rules regarding a lot of things, and we are looking to adhere to RP things, I think in a lot of instances we can work with what you have.

Also it might be that our in game names could be callsigns? I am not sure but you should join the discord and ask and more knowledgeable PIE recruiters and answer all of your questions!

Thank you for the question and I will see about someone coming here to answer that actually knows what they are talking about haha.

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We have a long tradition of working with people new to RP with… somewhat non-traditional names. Basically, we are happy to work with people.

In other news Excubitoris Chapter’s Khanid Expedition was just involved in a small war ( [I-RCN] Ishukone-Raata Certified News GalNet Hub - #34 by Selenna_Scarlet_Solange) against Triglav supporters.

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I have fought against the Amarr Militia in the FW Warzone since I started playing, with the exception of when I had to go to highsec to do 4 months of unpaid belt ratting to save systems from the Triglavians.

During my time in the warzone, PIE have become my favourite enemies for the following reasons:

  • Competent enemies, both in fleet and solo.
  • Always conduct themselves respectfully, especially in contrast to the rest of the Amarr Militia.
  • I have watched them guide both Zeri and Nolcond on their first steps into fleet and solo PVP. The size of their organization means that they have the time to look out for the people they take in.

But most importantly, they tick all the boxes a loyalist RP corp ought to:

  • Almost two decades of dedication to their chosen faction.
  • In-depth knowledge of, and adherence to, the lore.
  • Properly distinguish between IC and OOC, in-game and IRL.

Every core empire deserves a group like this.

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A RP announcment thread dealing with PIE’s reactions to recent events in the EVE storyline: [Excubitoris Chapter Statement] Condemnation of Brutor Vanguard Attack and Inquiry into Means of Attack

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The Excubitoris Chapter today helped take down a heretical structure in the Nakri System. We were very stylish and did it in Confessors.

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