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footnote in earnings report from wide sector audit at Jita 4-4

Jita 4-4 Security Contractor and Paramilitary Job Office Sees Mass Movement of Marine and Marine Equivalent Operatives

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Customs agents in Nakri have siezed hundreds of posters intended for illicit distribution in Nakri by the Amarrian Orthodox Church, Sedevacantist. According to Amarr authorities, routine inspection on the baggage of a Brutor male with Freed Slave status travelling from Mehatoor revealed the posters, which feature a painting of Nakri nobleman Alexandr deSilvestris romantically intertwined with his Thukker bride in a pose and style similar to that common to the covers of smutty Gallentean romance novels. The posters were impounded on the grounds of Amarrian morality laws, but further investigation revealed they contained the slogan Престол вакантен or “The Throne is Vacant” along with other text supporting the Sedevacantist Church, which believes the line of legitimate Amarr Emperors was broken with Emperor Heideran’s pacifist policies and which has been trying to win over the commoners and vassals of those holders it considers overly libertine.

The Brutor carrying the posters having been taken into custody, interrogation revealed little, as he would only repeat Престол вакантен and was non-responsive when asked whether others were bringing sedevacantist posters into Nakri. Despite his paperwork indicating a Freed status, authorities suspect him to be an slave illegally held by the sedevacantists. Medical imaging of the Brutor revealed the presence of a Transcranial Microcontroller, a device known to be favored by the de facto leader of the Sedevacantist Church, the capsuleer Nauplius. Customs authorities promised tightened security as a response to sedevacantist infiltration in and around Nakri.

The Amarrian Orthodox Church, Sedevacantist declined to acknowledge the arrested slave but stated that their slave supply is vast and the loss of one agent would not stop the distribution of what they called their second printing of posters targeting House deSilvestris.

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Local Delinquent Sought by State Police for Defacement of Corporate Property

Spaceplane Patrol officers in cooperation with Lai dai Protection services on Torrinos V’s lunar Mining Colony are in the process of tracking down the culprit responsible for the recent trend of corporate property being vandalized and defaced.

((Art made by @Alen_Asques))

Recovered security footage shows the culprit to be nothing more than a small girl in her mid-teens with short amber colored hair defacing corporate property with profane graffiti that borrows symbolism from the Guristas Pirates. While authorities are still searching for an identity, the culprit has gone by the allias “Okiku”, a name left as signatures across multiple pieces of graffiti.

Most of the culprit’s graffiti can be found in scheduled and out of the way spots, however the culprit has progressively gotten more bold with several more high-profile attacks on corporate property, having tagged entrances to ration depots, reprocessing plants and even the sides of public monorails with Guristas symbolism. The most recent and “Last straw” for authorities however came in the form of a stylized and lewd depiction of the CBD Corporation’s CEO Imanima Hinpas being gagged and ‘pegged’ by Lai dai’s CEO Alakoni Ishanoya wearing rabbit ears atop the walls of a apartment complex for CBD corporate executives in the commerce district.

How the culprit managed to pull this off is an entirely different case being investigated with the belief that the culprit had assistance either in the form of a supporting gang or staff. With the recent terrorist bombings and general unrest, authorities are already in the process of stepping up security tenfold and expect this vandal to be swiftly found or have their actions permanently halted by the Increased presence of security throughout the colony.


Tuuriainas IV - Modern Finances Depository - Usagi’s Retreat Club

“Finally I reached you, Timi. I think you heard about Torrinos. Recently I got the info that there was our people. And nobody made contact still… Also I have no slightest idea what they forgot there.
So, your task is simple. Go to Torrinos, check the situation. If you will find ours - try to evacuate them. I will try to play with documents so we will be able to speak about our legitimate corporate interests”


“By the way, nice find, this place…”


In response to established quarantine in Torrinos system Airko-Tensei Group [KSE: ATG] announced plans to send humanitarian aid to people under quarantine. Additionally ATG requested access to their employees affected by outbreak.


Enemy still at our doorstep?

Torrinos. Border of the State. Authorities state that there happened merely disease outbreak. But in the same time respected media insist that it was an attack! And attack with use of Triglavian tech! Who we should trust more? What it was? Nature? Terrorists? Triglavians?
We are not afraid. We are not in panic. But we angry at CEOs and generals of SAF who build mesh of lies and constantly deceive people of the State! Thus we ask: realize clear footages of what is happening in Torrinos! Stop making illusions! If the Enemy is still there we want to know it.



Rival costume enthusiasts throw candy, engage in fisticuffs.

Clouds painted by laser light wrapped a late-night melee on the 351st floor of Garoun Investment Bank’s retail plaza in New Hueromont’s Sky Crown Marina District. Only recently opened to the public, Sky Crown Marina caps development efforts by Lirsautton business interests looking to serve local Jin-Mei artists and entrepreneurs.

“Attracted by this city’s large Vherokior community, which they admire as simultaneously foreign and familiar, young JMPop, JMVid, and JMRPG professionals traded Lirsautton for New Hueromont in great numbers,” observed an analyst for the investment bank. “While intentionally leaving behind social hierarchies, these professionals retain a desire for familiar food, living amenities, and shopping experiences. The Lirsautton offices of Quafe, Egonics, and Garoun field majority ethnic Jin-Mei workforces. Task forces in those offices have therefore joined to bring their perspectives to service markets here on Luminaire.”

“They’re conspiring to take our customers through unfair competition,” groused a native breadmaker.

Last night’s festivities at One Wing Angels Host Club began with synchronized performances and bright, cheerful music common to the JMPop genre. Dancing across three terraces protected by polyglass wind domes, patrons enjoyed laser projections in the city’s mist depicting characters and scenes from famous JMRPG titles. “Our business name relates to Fantastic Finale,” said Tanagura Amoii, establishment proprietor. “Developed by Egonics Lirsautton X, the franchise is particularly beloved by our youth. However, in hindsight, the name might have also raised other associations.”

“Sang Do never think!” insisted the proprietor’s secretary. “They’ll open castle gates during a siege to get the right angle of sunlight onto their morning fruit bowls. Of course the name raised ‘other associations!’”

Believing the establishment to be one of “theirs,” members of a costume player’s association styled after the Serpentis narcotics cartel joined the party. Inside, they discovered that a rival association also believed the establishment was property of “allies.” Chanting “can-dy-Sa-bik,” Serpentis players threw hard candies at Blood cultist players.

Physical confrontation followed.

“How does narco trash even reach the 351st floor!?” Vivienne Eautaine demanded. “We don’t really bite people, you know. We might not all be Jin-Mei, but even those who aren’t still have technical and creative jobs. Narco-trash injects itself with engine solvent. That makes them cyber-gangsters? Please! Their skin is falling off, they’ve lost their teeth, their eyes don’t focus, and everything they say is nonsense. Tram med scans should have picked them out for intervention; certainly, superstructure biometrics should never have allowed them into a lift. I’m surprised those rotten bones handled the acceleration.”

“Drug addiction in and of itself is not grounds for medical intervention,” insisted Oulein Sal, Director of Superstructure and Transportation Network Biometrics.

“The mural of conscious thought is our wall,” insisted a member of the Serpentis player’s association. “Jovian sex trafficker moon base server. Caravucchi, people!”

“The candies were good,” observed Holo Jockey Iridia Palladium. “Not laced. Probably stolen from the supermarket on the 286th floor. It’s not like narco trash can even pay for engine solvent without pulling out a kidney. Any of them that tried to eat the candy lost the rest of their teeth.”

“Saan Go excel at managing details,” Amoii opined. “But the upper caste must keep its eyes on the big picture. Hei Shi’an Province depends on the hospitality business. Sometimes, guests detract from experiences of other guests. We partnered with CreoDron’s Lirsautton I facility to build a new line of incident response drones. They offer firm but effective non-lethal solutions to recalcitrants. I couldn’t be more pleased with last night’s results. Not even drug addicts received medically significant internal injuries.”

“We look forward to expanding our automated riot suppression lines,” concurred a CreoDron spokeswoman. “Pre-orders for Bugbear RS-1, 2, and 300 models have been brisk. Bugbear RS-400’s will become available in the second quarter of next year. We are working with federal authorities to ensure compliance with export regulations in an effort to serve unexpected early demand from State territory.”

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Sources close to the Excubitoris Chapter report that there has been a good deal of activity over the last month or so. At the Chapterhouse on Oris, The Excubitoris University has fully opened and started accepting students. The Ajram Library has also opened its museum wing, with exhibitions focusing on the suppression of heresy, the triumph of the moral reforms, and a newly established Jarek Memorial Exhibition of Dark Age Matari Culture. The Chapter Master has also been busy of late, meeting capsuleers from several different organisations.

In other Order news:

  • Several newer members of the Order have begun a campaign to attack the blood raider presence in the Khanid Military Circuit. The initial stages of this operation spearheaded by Aspirant Zeri Shakiel have been quite successful, and the Order has moved the St. Junip Fleet to the Khanid Military Circuit to support future operations there.
  • Paladin Kley is reportedly in a murderous rage about the delay of Star Captain: The New Adventures. The staff responsible for replacing training equipment report a massive increase in damage to Excubitoris Chapter training facilities.
  • Several of the Sarum Paladins remain focused on the conflicts with the Minmatar Republic in the Sarum Military Circuit. Indecisive skirmishes between Sarumite recon units and Matari garrison patrols occurred in a sparcely populated region between Port Kul and Jolan Kraal on Floseswin IV.
  • Excubitoris Chapter patrols have been active throughout the Empire in support of the Emperor Family, Kor-Azor Family, Sarum Family, and the Ministry of Internal Order.
  • Paladin Onzo-Gallius has deployed on a diplomatic mission to the BRAVE alliance in the hopes of furthering Amarr ties with the organisation.
  • Paladin deSilvestris has reportedly been involved in the recent events in the Nakri System.


Audio Leaked of Heated CBD, Lai Dai Disagreement Over Toronos V Colony Response

Audio anonymously released to Kirjuun hinted towards divisions between CBD and Lai Dai regional leadership regarding measures to contain the quarantine imposed on the Torrinos V, Moon V lunar colony and production facility.

The audio, if authentic, seems to suggest an intense disagreement where Spacelane Patrol corporate administrators presented evidence tying the supposid disease outbreak to “Gurista-supplied anarchists working with ultranationalist sympathizers” as well as the discovery of specialized warclone military equipment recovered from raids on terrorist compounds.

Spacelane Patrol firmly advocated for authorizing the Navy to conduct sustained orbital bombardment of the anarchist districts in the interest of containing the threat before spreading to further locations. Lai Dai, the holder of the facility, fiercely disagreed with the destruction of their local assets before strongly suggesting requisitioning the services of PKN-affiliated Eifyr and Co. to work in tandem with PKN biochemical experts to “evaluate the effect and scale of the outbreak on the local population and the infrastructure” under guard from a joint CBD, LDPS, and Tronhadar Free Guard task force to ensure their safety and suppress subversive anarchist elements should they arise.

Kirjuun! cannot confirm the authenticity of the recording at this time. As of the publishing of this broadcast, it is still unknown what the situation on the ground in Torrinos is though several small craft were able to evade security checkpoints to lend humanitarian assistance to those in the colony isolated by the blockade. Reports of life on the colony are limited, with shipments from the mass driver cargo sled halting immediately following quarantine.

Unsecured CCTV Channel, Concrete / Sand Collection Pit, Torrinos V Moon V (Estimated Location of Ground Zero)


EM Angergames team “If all Else fails” made its first appearance on the simulator tournament’s pre-season open matches broadcast yesterday. Commentators of the matches wondered about an apparent Caldari loyalist from PNS on a Minmatar team, while dockside crews speculate about the tournament season’s effect on other EM activities.


Articles in Nakriskaya Gazeta, a news outlet of Nakri, Domain, Amarr Empire, dated 14 Mar YC123


Troubled Private Military Contractor, Gagana Defence Solutions announced today that it received this week an offer to buy the company in its entirety, saving it from liquidation. Gagana’s Board of Directors confirmed that the offer had been accepted and that, effective immediately, the company was now an asset of the deSilvestris Family. Accompanying the Gagana spokespeople at the announcement was the Head of deSilvestris Family, Lord Vladimir deSIlvestris, who said that the offer had been made “in recognition of the valuable contribution” on the part of Gagana toward the defence of the Empire, as well as the “economy of our home in Nakri”, being an important employer of “military skill, knowledge, and expertise”.

Asked if the structure of Gagana would be significantly affected, Lord deSilvestris replied, “the necessity of some form of restructuring of the company is appreciated by everyone involved”, but that whilst "a possible rebranding is being considered, there is no reason to make any drastic changes in the make up of the company. " Lord deSilvestris acknowledged the experience of the member of the Board of Directors, stating that, “where possible, we would like to keep that valuable knowledge going forward.”

Lord deSilvestris was also asked to comment on the ongoing smear campaign against his family, but would say only that “the matter is being dealt with by the appropriate authorities, with whom we will co-operate and assist fully.” Pressed on whether he felt that the presence of agents and operatives from Sarum Police and the Ministry of Internal Order may damage the reputation of his family, Nakri nobility, or the system in general, Lord deSilvestris commented that he felt the arrival of those parties “to be an honour for all loyal, faithful, and right-minded subjects of Her Imperial Majesty. It shows that we humble servants here in Nakri are worthy of the care and attention of the finest, most diligent agents of both Her Majesty, and our Lord Sarum. We could not be in safer hands.” Lord deSilvestris declined to comment further on the matter, stating that he felt it “more appropriate to await certain outcomes”.


Memorial to the YC122 Triglavian Invasions Unveiled in Rhamnus – Commonwealth and District officials in attendance.

Commonwealth Broadcasting Corporation – 14th March YC123 (State-broadcaster for the Northern Colonial Commonwealth)

A memorial to the Triglavian Invasions in YC122 has been officially unveiled by First Minister Adelynne de Maizière at the Interstellar War Memorial Park within the City of Rhamnus.

The memorial, funded by a mixture of public and private donations, is dedicated to those in Federal and District Service that perished throughout the Crisis as well as those currently lost in the Pochven region. Conceived through a collaborative effort by District artisans, including Colelie Memorial designer Charles Cambridge Schmidt, the memorial itself is constructed out of marble sourced from quarries near Hekelentia.

Composed of five columns arranged in a semi-circular fashion on a hill, it is a simplistic design that reflects the sombre atmosphere of the dedication. The central column has a bust of the EDENCOM Radiant Star Emblem at it is top, with the Federation Eagle engraved into the body.

The names of all twenty-seven systems that fell to the Triglavian Collective are engraved into the smaller marble columns with gemstones corresponding to each nation: Emerald for the Federation, Ruby for the Republic, Sapphire for the Caldari State and Topaz for the Empire.

The central column is inscribed as follows:

The Triglavian War YC122

To the immortal memory of all those that gave their lives in service to the Commonwealth, the Federation and in protection of our lives, liberties, and freedom. Their sacrifice illuminated the encroaching darkness threatening to engulf us and ensured that we saw the dawn of tomorrow.

Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit

Liberté, égalité, fraternité’

It has been confirmed by our liaison with the Commonwealth Armed Forces that a detachment of the Commonwealth High Guard will be present at the memorial in perpetuity for ceremonial purposes, as is the case with the nearby Interstellar War memorial.

Amongst the crowd of dignitaries from the Commonwealth and District Parliament, former EDENCOM Defence Initiative official Commander Edward Adams was present, accompanied by an Imperial representative from the Sarum Circuit, Lady Ekaterina deSilvestris of Nakri. Commander Adams laid a wreathe at all five columns, and upon laying the final wreathe at the central column, he fell to his knees in silent genuflection where he remained for several minutes.

The Commander departed shortly afterwards with Lady deSilvestris, after the latter paid her respects. Commander Adams had been intimately involved with EDENCOM defensive operations, including the disaster in Vale and in several failed defensive operations in the Caldari State. Although his efforts and those of other EDENCOM-allied parties fought bravely and courageously, it is clear from the opinion of this agency that the defeats inflicted upon the civilisations of New Eden weigh heavily on the man.

Not all in the Commonwealth are pleased with the memorial. A protest that was planned against the commemoration of State and Imperial systems by Commonwealth and Republican citizens caused some concern amongst Constabulary senior officers, and as a result security was intensified before the event. The protest did not materialise to the extent that was predicted, although some instances of violence between pro and anti-memorial citizens were quelled swiftly.

Other News –

  • Internal Triglavian Revolutionary Organisation sympathisers broadcast over GalNet allegedly emanated from the Esmes/Basan area of space.
  • Annual Colonial Yacht Club meeting in Voltenville expected to draw record numbers from all member states on Assiettes Six. Republican and Commonwealth sailing rivalry at all time high.
  • Opinion: Is it right that we memorialise the State and Empire in the District?


Two Planetary Vehicles and multiple units of Robotics were destroyed today in rioting incited by virulent propaganda posters connected to the Amarrian Orthodox Church, Sedevacantist. According to witnesses, a group of laborers spilled out of a vodka bar on the Sarum Family Assembly Plant in Nakri system, passing by a warhouse formerly owned by Gagana Defence Solutions but recently acquired by House deSilvestris. Upon seeing the posters, the laborers became agitated and smashed their way into the warehouse, vandalizing the vehicles and robotics inside.

Although the posters in question have been removed by authorities, witnesses described a layout of two adjacent panels. On the left panel was prominently featured the word “Nyet” under which was depicted a half-Minmatar child imperiously giving orders to a haggard group of laborers in House deSilvestris workers’ uniforms while the child’s parents, Lord Alexandr deSilvestris and his Thukker bride, look on approvingly. On the right panel was seen under the word “Da” the so-called “True Emperor” of sedevacantist theology leading a now happy and well-fed group of laborers to a brighter feature, the prominent members of House deSilvestris chained at his feet.

Local authorities suggest that due to the ongoing crackdown on sedevacantist activities in Nakri, the poster placement was propably an inside job, perhaps perpetrated by former Gagana Defence Solutions employees who have no particular experience with or affection for their new masters, House deSilvestris, and instead were swayed by previous sedevacantist poster campaigns targeting Lord Alexandr deSilvestris’s marriage. According to religious scholar Julien Antoine of the University of Caille, propaganda posters and propaganda generally have a long history within Nakri culture, and the people of that system are perhaps more likely to respond to a poster campaign than Amarrians elsewhere. Reached for comment, the Amarrian Orthodox Church, Sedevacantist called the riot a “righteous response by workers who have come to know the truth of the degeneracy among their rulers, degeneracy that were the Throne not Vacant would be utterly suppressed by the Emperor, but which in this age of a Vacant Throne is allowed to spread unchecked.”

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Article in Nakriskaya Gazeta, a news outlet of Nakri, Domain, Amarr Empire, dated 15 Mar YC123


An incident earlier today on the Sarum Family Station orbiting Nakri V resulted in minor damage and a number of arrests. Station security were called to a spontaneous disturbance by concerned locals when a small group of labourers, after enjoying recreational activities following a day of honest work, were incensed by a poster insulting and defaming a widely respected local noble family. Security Chief Sokolov released a statement regarding the incident, in which he clarified that following arrest and questioning, the labourers had admitted that “insulting caricatures of a scion of the family in question” had been the cause of the workers’ sudden ire, but further to this, a “treasonous and outrageous insult to the Holy Throne and Her Imperial Majesty Herself” had “tipped them beyond their normally rational judgement into unthinking anger”.

Asked what the insult was, Chief Sokolov relucantly presented what remained of the poster, the majority of which had been destroyed by the men. Clearly seen, however, was a rendering of the Blessed Throne of Amarr, in which was sat a likeness of the nefarious capsuleer and known seditionist heretic Nauplius, with the legend “True Emperor” and the word “Da!”. The image immediately caused shock and outrage, prompting Chief Sokolov to call for calm, and to reassure that the poster in his possession is “the only known example at this time, though we must remain vigilant for others”. Chief Sokolov also urged for all “faithful and loyal subjects of Her Imperial Majesty” to report “any and all suspicious activity directed against the people of Nakri”, stating that “malicious outside forces are attempting to divide and subvert our society with their poisonous treason, which has stood for countless years as an exemplar of devotion to the Rightful, Divinely Ordained Institutions of our Empire”.

This publication agrees with Chief Sokolov and all right-minded Nakriians at all levels of society - we must stand together against yet another hated outside invader, and like so many times before, we shall prevail.


15th March YC123
Renyn IX - Moon 4 - Federal Intelligence Office Logistic Support
Overheard conversation between two staff members;

“Did you hear the news?”

“News about what?”

“Apparently the taskforce heading over the Eugales is being accompanied by eggers.”

“Typical, does that mean that command expects resistance?”

“Not sure but I’ve got it on good authority…”

“Your good authority, ha!”

“…On good authority, that one of them has already had dealings with that wolf woman in charge of the whole operation over there. And the other, well he’s got a whole lot of black on his record. Probably because of his times with the Black Eagles”.

“Black Eagles? We shouldn’t be talking about this…”


“No, not here!”



Airko-Tensei Group Reports on Health of Those Affected by Torrinos V, Moon V Quarantine

Scientists and aid workers associated with the Airko-Tensei Group have published an initial memo this afternoon on the wellbeing of State citizens trapped in the Torrinos V quarantine zone. Defying Caldari Navy quarantine measures Airko-Tensei deployed their own specialists to evaluate those effected by the outbreak and to evacuate corporate assets.

According to the memo, those screened have been observed to carry unidentified mRNA protein sequences with an indeterminate effect but are “otherwise asymptomatic.” This evidence seems to further refute claims within the State alleging a new strain of biological threat related to the cluster-wide novel coronavirus outbreak.

(((Artist Credit)))



The Venal branch of the Amarrian Orthodox Church, Sedevacantist has responded to the publication of the risqué Venal Prosperity Network (VPN) magazine Bad Bunny with a prurient issue of its own, Slave Girls of the New Reclaiming. Although mimicking the VPN publication in style, typeface, cover, layout and other superficial qualities, any Guristas pirate perusing the sedevacantist publication would find quite different content inside. First, all the models in Slave Girls of the New Reclaiming are Minmatar, slaves living in de facto sedevacantist leader Nauplius’s “colony” in his Mehatoor hanger, although in a concession to Brutor representation among Guristas leadership, the blood line of the slaves is only vaguely described as “the slave people” and Brutor slaves are omitted entirely. Second, while Bad Bunny contained a photo shoot with Guristas loyalist capsuleer @Avio_Yaken, the sedevacantist magazine features only women, in keeping with Sedevacantist Church theology that being mistresses to the Chosen is one of the three legitimate purposes of the Minmatar, while for an Amarrian woman’s womb to be defiled by the seed of a Minmatar is the most horrific sin.

Finally, all the models in Slave Girls of the New Reclaiming are depicted in servile poses, washing floors and bringing food and otherwise being in subjugation and submission to the sedevacantist faithful. All of the slaves are visibly chained and collared, injections of slaves with oversized syringes of Vitoc abound, and whips are not absent. Interspersed with the photographs are articles on sedevacantist theology, including the fact that the models in the magazine’s pages are available as “holo-mistresses” for the most faithful of sedevacantists at church sites equipped with holo-emitters. None of the outfits or poses in Slave Girls of the New Reclaiming would be legal in Amarrian space, nor would the magazine itself.

Reached for comment on its Venal branch’s release of a magazine at variance with typically understood Amarrian values, Sedevacantist Church spokesperson Calyce Io responded that in sedevacantist theology, as a result of their rebellion against the Empire, the Minmatar have forfeited all their rights, including the right to clothing. An exposed Minmatar, she continued, is no more lewd than exposed livestock. The Theology Council and other Amarrian authorities declined to comment on the Amarrian Orthodox Church, Sedevacantist’s latest recruiting effort.


Arrondissement urges reconciliation with substance abusers.

Patient advocates, health care workers, and municipal officials objected to characterizations of substance abuse victims following events atop Garoun Investment Bank’s latest addition to the city skyline.

Dr. Franceleuse Utremont, Medical Director for New Hueromont Metropolitan Interagency Health Operations, acknowledged the threat criminal organizations pose to public order. “However,” he insisted, “characterizing victims of those enterprises contemptuously exacerbates the problem. Rather than shaming individuals into avoiding self-destructive behavior, social hostility only strengthens the desire to retreat deeper into addiction. Corrupt organizations prey on that alienation. We should not make their jobs easier.”

Haitha Falx, Chief Attorney with the non-governmental Criminal Health Intersection Initiative, concurred. “Addicts turn to substance abuse to escape forces assaulting their existence,” she said. “Removing antagonism allows us to better reintegrate them into society. This is not unrestrained altruism. Law enforcement and incarceration infrastructures consume an order of magnitude more resources than treatment and assisted release. Other metropolitan services, such as New Hueromont’s chronically underfunded transportation networks, benefit from a reallocation of funds. Meanwhile, judicial, police, and containment agencies are better able to concentrate on direct threats to public safety.”

Reached for comment, Tanagura Amoii, proprietor of the host club at the center of events which led to broadcasts of hostile commentary, released the following statement:

“Jin-Mei society looks on substance abuse with profound disapproval. Addicts deprive communities not only of their own contributions, but by drawing friends and relatives into supporting them, diminish the contributions of others. Narcotics trafficking is a capital offense in Lirsautton; and consumers of narcotics are seen as supporters of that industry, not victims.

“However, while attitudes in Lirsautton will not change quickly, even if there is economic merit to alternatives, we must acknowledge that New (or Nouvelle) Hueromont is on Luminaire. One Wing Angels Host Club will endeavor to meet the high standards established by the city. We are negotiating to sublet space on the 350th and 349th floors. Medical professionals have been contacted to design safe treatment environments for that space. We will make the facilities available to municipal agencies without charge.”

“This welcome development will highlight benefits of working with victims of criminal syndicates and not against them,” said Mlle. Falx. “Trends in New Hueromont are encouraging. However, success attracts - and recent arrivals are at high risk of succumbing to anxieties which the parasitic syndicates feed on. We must remain vigilant against the reflex to punish those who are already powerless. ‘Punching down’ is always an ignoble enterprise.”

In a lighter development, supermarket chain Yaoh-Mei have released a new candy in partnership with the host club. Called “Cinnamon Sabiques,” the sweets consist of a thin outer shell surrounding a jelly interior. “On the one hand, these are a joke at our expense,” said Vivienne Eautaine, president of the Ma Belle Cramoisie player’s association. “That said, I’ve already gone through five boxes. More stairs for me!”

A Yaoh-Mei spokesman insists the candies are specifically designed to not damage “sensitive teeth.”


Article in The Placid Tribune, 20.03.YC123

System Monitors and Contractor Security on High Alert With Arrival of FIO Taskforce in Pegeler Constellation
Eugales - Tensions are high today in the greater Pegeler district, as after days watching smaller task groups filter into the Unorganized system of Eugales, more robust units have been sighted making their way to port at the Federal Defense Union and FedMart Retail stations in system.

Even with their stated mandate to "Counter Subversion and Terrorism,” many are on edge due to the broad coverage such a mandate has, and many smaller independent communities have expressed displeasure at this deployment due to the potential for abuses against colonies without ties to a memberstate in Organized systems, echoing similar disdains for when the system was ‘given’ to the Franchise holders of the neighbouring Organized system of Archavoinet by way of System of Interest claim last year, though there is notably more upset with the involvement of a Federal level entity.

Speaking on the Franchise Holders for the aforementioned SoI claim, a heightened readiness and activity has been noted amongst security units and in space patrols, with some six capital vessels seen coming and going at different time to and from the vicinity of the ‘Orbital Yards’ over planet VI, organized small ship units, and regular fightercraft flights launching from dedicated platforms to patrol the system.

(Pictured: recon flight of modified Dragonfly class fighters)

The Placid Tribune reached out to the CEO of Purosupekuta Resourcing Auxiliary-Navy, Sakabkei Kiijata, a supporter of the United Neopian Federation and one of the Security Franchise holders enforcing the SoI claim, and he had this to say:

“I am a full-time dad, now. I’m a high-profile capsuleer who’s gotten lots of death threats, and have previously been targeted. But consider that in spite of that, I’ve chosen to rear my children in this system because I have faith in our readiness. Even more so in recent months after an overhaul to our recovery operation procedures. Before the last war, none of this from us or even the FIO was necessary, since then the system was like every other low out there, changing hands in the warzone every other day from conscripted eggs and brainless script riders who avoid newcomers to the system like soap repelling oil on the surface of water. If I feel safe here, I don’t understand why the FIO feels the need to conduct anything. That’s just asking for trouble. If you want more, there’s no one I’d trust more with my security operations than Chief of Operations Derek Niskahara. Excuse me, it’s feeding time.”

(Pictured: Sakabkei Kiijata, CEO of PRA-N)
Kiijata was only available outside of his children’s nursery for a brief period before he directed us towards his subordinate for further information. When we asked the Chief of Operations to elaborate on Kiijata’s last point, he had this to say:

“The thing about capsuleers is they’re hard to hide, and when they try to it usually means they’ve got something worth attacking them for to steal or get credit for on kill. What we’ve done is announce our presence here, but we’ve got nothing more to steal than anyone else. Especially since the last war trimmed us a bit. We’ve been low profile by being obvious, and that’s been fine with us. But the Feds choosing to investigate the system on their own terms suggests something’s here even when there’s not, and that draws the kind of attention we don’t need, or want. It’s like a capital in low. Even if there’s nothing in the system for the cap to smash, and try sniping loot on, people will turn their eyes to the system because there’s a cap there, and that’s just as good a score as any citadel.”

The Placid Tribune also attempted to reach out to Lauralite Brezia, the CEO of Wolf Brothers INC, and administrator of what is likely the largest currently independent colony in Eugales, but was unable to get a response for this publication.

Of note is that Nadire Security Consultants, , a security firm with ties to the Nadire district in Sinq Laison, seems to have deployed a supporting force to the FIO contingent. We managed to reach out to one of the supporting pilots, Clementine LaFleur , for comment about Nadire’s deployment ethos, and personal thoughts about the potential for abuses with the FIO’s broad mandate.

“We here at Nadire Security Consultants believe in a united Federation and here to support the Federal Intelligence Office and ensure that abuse is not being committed by independent colonies, not the other way round.
I would also like to add that FIO operate under direct instructions of the President, for who many, myself included voted for.”

(Pictured: Clementine Lafluer, NADSC contractor)

further questions were met with statements about confidential orders, and the subject was dropped.

At this juncture, things remain uncertain for the future of the system of Eugales.

In Other News:

  • Sansha’s Nation Incursion in Viriette constellation sees increase in destruction of in-space assets, planetary and station security forces on high alert.
  • Suspected Anaebra Cult Gang on Rampage about Diaspora Freeport raitaru in Intaki system, ten dead, four missing, after recent series of attacks in Habitat Eight.
  • I-RED acquires majority shares of Lonetrek-based private health insurance company MedStar ™️ ; operational shift announcements expected soon
  • Elusive former I-RED executives Selenna Solange and Roirdan Bouchate photographed enjoying beach resort on Duureanta (Harroule IV) with newborn
  • Core districts of second terrestrial city of the Utpattia Protectorate colony in Syndicate now completed; city formally christened with name of Navyii Shuru
  • Rumors of FIO Black Ops Bridges staging from Orvolle counterterrorism installation within range of Eugales ‘unsubstantiated but plausible’
  • New X-Rated Holoreel Set joint produced by EBK Studios and NOH subsidiary Silver Fox Entertainment, featuring holo-siren and Companion Lauralite Anne Brezia, Seen as Controversial and ‘morally questionable’ in some memberstates


Mamanaysh, Sabusi VI

Scuttlebutt around the cantinas of Lower Sib suggest that one of the capsuleer locals has left home, at least temporarily.

Zenour Noud, a mainstay of the Khanid Military Circuit, has, through a family petition to the Holding of Levab in the southern tropic of Moro III, sought permission from the Duchy for a sabbatical from her duties to the Throne. Though the terms of the petition are not presently a matter of public disclosure, a recent record of note is a lease signed by the family patriarch (and skilled pilot in his own right), Fradat-Vant Noud. The lease in question secures the rental of a domicile in Orpana, the distant Caldari constellation that straddles the borders of three regions. Rumors suggest the rental is for his daughter.

Commander Noud, while active in supressing Nation and Blood Raider crime in the KMC, was also a participant in the EDENCOM defense against Triglavian invasion. Orpana itself is flanked by the Obe, Wirashoda, and Otanuomi systems, the latter two of which are now subsumed into the Pochven network of liminal stars. If there is a connection between these locations and the recent move, it remains merely a matter speculation among the pilots in the south of the Kingdom.


Statement: Monsignor Huraira el-Karem, Rector, Cathedral of the Syndicate, XS-RAY


Torrinos V - Moon 5 - Lai Dai Corporation Factory


“Listen, I’m serious there! Just look at what I found!”

“What’s that?”

“Some info about stuff transported by those Airko-Tensei guys. Look, there’re research things, handful of scientists, just an insane amount of troops… And very little actual aid. Isn’t it suspicious?”


“And even more! They stated that they want to reclaim some property, right? Look, there’s property data. They own not so much - disproportionally not much compared to how much they transported in - and those records look strange. I plan to dig a bit later there. But even so, see? They are certainly up to something!”

“Hm… Okay, I’ll look what can be done with it… Thanks for letting me know”