The Excubitoris Chapter of the Sacred Throne (PIE Inc.) Is Recruiting (Pro Amarr Roleplay))

Hi Yarda

In answer to your questions:

  1. We accept Alphas

  2. We do not require talking on voicecoms. I personally find them quite stressful thanks to auditory processing issues, so tend to avoid talking there in favor of text whenever practicable.

  3. RPing means a mix of creating own content and backstory, and in actively playing the game in accordance with the in character ideals. So the example you give of a character IC being combat obsessed and taking risks as a way to justify OOC seeking a certain playstyle is a good example.

  4. We have no SP requirements and try to find low SP players ways to help. I joined PIE way back in 2004 on a 2 week old character! Our fying Amarr only helps here, by narrowing required skills.


Our planned events for Foundation Day! [EVENT] Foundation Day YC 123

Great endorsement!

What better then your worst foe declaring your integrity and worth, and Bravo Sir to being willing to give such. The Creator may yet spare your soul, as you eventually as a heretic die on the the burning piers. Such is the warmth and care of Amarr! :slight_smile:

I’m very Impressed and Interested.

Currently in a NE sector Corp Warring for righteous in the region. Yet this corp is really Something I really would have jump on in the beginning had Id known. RPing, is something I very much enjoy, and Amarr with is twisted darkness and light is a powerful backdrop, hence my first toons origins are Amarr. Chaplain, is Main. I’ve the rest of my alts other then Chaplain in Eve University, fantastic learning Corp. I plan to keep some there as teaching would be another goal. So I will look at the discord??? and see what options I might have for transferring, or create a new?
P.S. FW is very interesting!

Thank you for my hopefully short intro.
:innocent: :japanese_ogre:

This is an out-of-character thread in an out-of-character sub-forum. I see no reason not to be civil and honest. Hostility between roleplayers stays in the game, or in in-character threads.

Updated with an extremely cool updated poster by @Ascentior

Also PIE has just announced that it is joining the alliance Khimi Harar!

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An in character update on the Order’s activity the last couple weeks.

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The Excubitoris Chapter contingent for the EDENCOM Memorial Parade.

A recent alliance activity involving the Order.

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Opened at OPs request

Thanks for that!

The Excubitoris Chapter is still open. We are also still in LUMEN. Feel free to come say hi on our discord.

Friendly bump! PIE are great peeps to fly in space and roleplay with.

Some updates to original post added. We have a new and improved Mission and Standards document that replaces the old recruitment material.

Bump for a fun crew! PIE are great people to fly in space and roleplay with.

The Chapter is still open for recruitment.

Glory to Amarr!

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Friendly bump! PIE are great people to fly in space and roleplay with.