The Excubitoris Chapter of the Sacred Throne (PIE Inc.) Is Recruiting (Pro Amarr Roleplay))

An in character update on the Order’s activity the last couple weeks.

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The Excubitoris Chapter contingent for the EDENCOM Memorial Parade.

A recent alliance activity involving the Order.

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Opened at OPs request

Thanks for that!

The Excubitoris Chapter is still open. We are also still in LUMEN. Feel free to come say hi on our discord.

Friendly bump! PIE are great peeps to fly in space and roleplay with.

Some updates to original post added. We have a new and improved Mission and Standards document that replaces the old recruitment material.

Bump for a fun crew! PIE are great people to fly in space and roleplay with.

The Chapter is still open for recruitment.

Glory to Amarr!