The fall of Know Your Neighbors Emporium

I’ve got people coming to me asking what happened in KYNE. “Abandon ship and forget all hope!” Well maybe not quite that, it is not dead, yet. Personally I am very angry at certain people over this and other related events, and would love nothing more than to point fingers at who is to blame for what. But there is a tale to be told here, and pointing fingers would not be a true accounting of what had happened. However while I played my part, this is not a story about me.

At first glance, KYNE is just another quiet nobody high sec care bear group that is not even a blip on the radar. Originally it was run by a lady named Wocanda. For Wocanda, she just wanted friendly people to chat with in coms. Eve was secondary to that, mining was the most mindless thing to do while she joked around on coms. You got to understand she always wanted her group to the “The Good Guys”. Ganking and scams were strictly forbidden in her group. Most the time she remained neutral in the major wars. KYNE was her social group of friends to hang out with.

What her real game was though, is something I like to call “The Monkey Trap”. KYNE never really had any real security you find in most typical Eve groups. No one tracked API’s, everyone was for the most part taken for their word. She kept her own assets hidden and secure while the corporate assets was a chaotic cluster ■■■■. There was madness to her logic, and no I did not get the two words reversed in the phrasing. Thieves and Awoxers tried, but the monkey trap won every time. If only they could get a little deeper into KYNE they could steal ten times as much as they can now. Meanwhile Wocanda would give them just enough rope to hang them self. Led by the carrot on a stick, ether their greed would betray them and they would get kicked out, or she would flip them. Convince them that what she was doing was good for them to not steal from her. For what ever reason you might want to give to this, it actually worked.

Surrounding Wocanda were those she placed into leadership. Ironically those that actually ran KYNE might not have even been a member of the corporation. Of this leadership, most are over the age of fifty. They are old, slow and long of tooth, yet their teeth are still pretty damn sharp. In your older years, PVP begins to loose it’s luster. A bunch of younger men beating their chests, trying to out do one another in how bad ass they can talk in local about others being cowards. While we are quiet in local, we just roll our eyes and say on coms, “Another dude living in their mom’s basement thinking they are important or something.” They want a straight up fight. Instead we have our own games to play with them.

KYNE is a flag, and those that rallied behind KYNE was a loose and rather large coalition. They may not have ever even joined KYNE, yet KYNE was home. People would come and go but they always returned. As KYNE remained neutral, people would come and go to different alliances. Operation Security was never breached, they would remain loyal to which ever group they were flying for at that time. Only breach of security was a warning to KYNE if a large fleet was moving through our area. We remained neutral and pretty much got out of the way and let who ever pass. We remained “The Good Guys”, and time passed we ended up having members in every large alliance. Had we so wanted, we had the perfect spy network having infiltrated both sides of the Casino War. But we did not, we remained true to our word and remained neutral.

As time passed, trust grew. We became a staging area for those in retreat. A place to rebuild, restructure, regroup. Billions, if not trillions of isk worth of equipment and materials were often entrusted to Woconda’s care. We would use what we were loaned and always returned it, even as much as delivered it to specific locations when the original owner came for it. Never once were we called thieves, we remained “The Good Guys”. Looking back it is hard to believe a “Care Bear” group had accomplished so much. June 10th, 2017, Woconda had succumbed to her battle with cancer. To her, KYNE was real as it was her true friends. She passed the torch to her right hand man, Dropzone.

Dropzone is not retired, has a wife and children and a job. He certainly does not have the time to devote to what was the Monkey Trap game. It was not long before thieves and awoxers saw the weakness and for a time there was blood in the water and the sharks came. Different people requires different leadership, and he inherited an awful chaotic mess with no rhyme of reason or structure. It was a mad rush to gather and organize everything, lock everything down so nothing more could get stolen. All the while trying to keep operations running for everyone. That done, next on the list was the god awful mess that was security. Even worse, we had more directors than members.

Being an old IT guy I know it is always easier to give someone something they want compared to taking away something they do not need. All roles were stripped from everyone equally. His right hand man was working on setting up a new and sane security structure. Those of us that are familiar with computer security code was offering guidance, but the person actually doing the job was new to it. Most importantly though, he was enjoying learning it, and none of those in leadership wanted to take that enjoyment away from him. So what if it would take a few days instead of hours? Let him have his fun!

That is how ■■■■ hit the fan. People that had entrusted items to KYNE via Woconda were cut off. While Woconda was gone, we still tried to remain true to the older agreements she made. However rather than ask to simply get their items back, or get access to this or that, accusations started flying. People with egos bigger than their intelligence started throwing their weight around. Dropzone has his wife and kids and a job to deal with. Eve is a game and it should be fun. It was no longer fun, in fact it was now the biggest pain in his ass. For as long as KYNE remains, someone is going to say, “That is not how Woconda ran things!” I’m very sad to say, Woconda is gone, things change, life moves on. We moved on.

If you have stories of Know Your Neighbors Emporium, please feel free to share it here.


Good day Onie,

Thank you for this brief and to the point time line.

I would like to add a bit of back story to this. I came back to Eve in 2012 looking for something to do while working insane hours. I meet Woconda on Day 2 of being back. Lost my ship Hulk with her on Day 3. After that, I never left from WOHO Alliance. She made connecting with her so easy. Even when her health was bad, she was on the game not wanting to miss a thing. We rebuilt the Corp a few times from some grieving War Decks that chased members off but they always came back. Even when I was out of the Corp due to the War Deck, we kept planning what was next to due. The move to Metropolis was a rough move since we were heading to all new territory. What made the corp grow was all Woconda. She would just talk to everyone. Did not care where they were from. Even those that were rude and disrespectful to her, she was as sweet as sugar.

When her health went south, she had made it clear she wanted me to lead the Corp when she was unable to. The day I took over, that was one of the hardest days ever. Even after her passing, I was unable to log on to deal with the corp. It was on Auto Pilot. My close friend actually helped me with dealing with getting items consolidated. At some point we talked about recruiting and I said yes to this. We needed fresh blood in the corp to help people through the rough time. At the same time, I removed all roles as to secure corporate and personal assets. When I look back on this, maybe I should have just put the corp on ICE for a bit and let people run on auto pilot. Even that decision would have not been accepted well.

At the end of my leadership, I had gotten tired of being told I had to do stuff the way Woconda did. I was not her and could never be! I did not have 18 hours a day to play the game as she did. I was leading as best I knew from a manager and security point of view. Coming from a Military background, security is a strong concern. We had a close group of managers as well. A lot was being discussed and the direction appeared to be going well. We started to hear rumblings but no issues were coming direct to us. We had asked for people to come forward on the issues so we could solve them and nothing was voiced. After 3 weeks of this Drama, I had to call it quits. I have been devastated since and feel like a lost dog right now. For 5 years, all I have known is KYNE. I regret suddenly leaving, but it was the best way to handle it at that point. The CEO I left it with was one of the ones doing a ton of belly aching. I thought the issues must have been my leadership style. So with him in charge they could do what they thought was needed. After he was made CEO, he stayed in the corp for one hour and then dumped it on Nomo.

With the clarity of 20/20 hindsight, I can second guess what I had done and play with what I should have or would have done. At the end of the day, I cant fix stuff when people don’t bring it to the leadership or respond to emails or talk about it on voice communications. I wish there was a way to go back and fix it, but I cant. I wish I could bring Woconda back, but I cant. These are the cards that were dealt and people have made their choices. I will be respectful to anyone that had issues and not hold a grudge. This is going to take time to heal for everyone. I am not calling anyone out on any of it. Everyone played a part and there were plenty of errors to go around including myself.

There is an open invitation to former members of KYNE/WOHO as I start a new Corporation with out being under Woconda’s shadow. I now know how my kids will feel when they leave the house to live on their own. I will continue to lead as I have before with the following Rules. Rule 1 is to have fun. Rule 2 see Rule 1.


Sad all round. Great corp, good leadership, fun times. Very sad to see it all disintegrate. I’ve been a member of this corp for over a year and wile I always stayed on the fringes, I did get involved in mining ops and what not. I never did ask for anything in return mostly because it just did not feel right. Woconda’s personality and all those close to her (very much like Dropzone and the others) were always so welcoming, accommodating and helpful that when it came to corp mining ops, it just did not feel right asking for a payout (like it is customary in other corps). And I think that was the way it was meant to be. The only way this corp knew how to exist. I valued that. I cherish the memories of days long past. RIP Woconda.

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