The feeling when you buy shiny new Miasmos with this fancy ore hold

…and notice it cannot actually haul minerals… facepalm


Very few will admit their mistakes! Stick it in a safe place for later or sell it back off again. The loss in isk was well wort the the lesson. :wink:

It was actually double mistake. First one exploded a little bit en route (deep nullsec)…

I’ve made that mistake also. Lucky for me, downtime is when I have my morning coffee. I get to make one jump a day when the game comes back online and before the gate camps get a chance to set up.

Wut? Where in nullsec are there still permanent gatecamps?

“I” treat EVERY gate anywhere as if there was a gate camp. That’s why I don’t lose ships while trying to fly the pipe to Jita. Well, ok, I lost 1 epithal while drunk on a sat nite with 1.5 bil in it…

Everyone makes mistakes. :sunglasses:

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