The first highsec system flipped!

The simplest solution is that anyone siding with the Trigs can only bring in Sansha vessels…

Although that would allow a Revenant, but surely no one would be crazy enough to do that… :upside_down_face:

The point was I used FW & the capital scenario to highlight the potential mechanics we were seeing, which this thread is about.
Since people have been using FW to say ‘look, similar systems already exist and flip flop just fine’ and highlighting why that’s not true in this case, and why FW is not actually a similar system.
Even you were using FW as a reference point. And it’s just plain wrong to do so.

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people don’t know shi$t about fw, and all this changes sound boring , i hope ccp give up

Now now Darlo.
Don’t go denying gamma males their king status. They are very brave and leet space pixel players. Better than all of us! It really brings the girls to the yard.

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And that, right there, has always been the buzz kill. No matter what it is, no matter how great, even if it has live events of epic historical proportions!!!..

it ends up just being more farming content for min-maxers, krabs, and autists.


Hey, what you’re describing is pretty much covered in my “Why people play” post, player types part.

“The Big Five” or OCEAN personality trait model describes what people find interesting when they start playing, or rather do anything including in RL. And SDT theory explains why people keep playing, and also jobs, relationships, hobbies.

I dropped a bunch links to videos on different topics in my post, but I think this “Engines of Play” is the most influential if you had to pick one.

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The hilarious thing was when we could either fight for CONCORD or for the Triglavians (whoa epic!). You warp to a site, find some other player there fighting on the Trig side . . . but if you shoot at them Concord will show up and nuke your ship? . . . wtf?

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Well, to be fair, that is exactly what this upcoming change is trying to address - CCP wants to make a space for players to interact with each other in highsec without CONCORD getting involved. It’s basically just a slightly lore-obfuscated, official red vs. blue.

Will it end up being more farming content for min-maxers, krabs, and autists? Quite possibly. There is that danger if CCP doesn’t do their job right. But we all really should wait for more than some Hoboleaks strings to see if they are on track.

Lowsec is pretty much dead, how they are going to make it alive? Only with huuuge rewards I think. But then it will be certainly taken over by the most powerful faction in EVE. :thinking:

Is that what CCP wants? Maybe they just dont really care who that will be, just want some action and participation taking place. No matter whos involved and how all of that ends, If there will be every system immediately liberated from trigs and the rewards going to the best? Well, thats what players did, not them.

Who will be the future savior of high sec?

I used faction warfare as evidence that eve has reset periods. And that gates shutting off might have something to do with such a reset period.

I don’t think that the gameplay difference between a hi-sec system becoming a low sec system is comparable to a system being flipped in fw.

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I don’t think the idea is to increase low sec or make lowsec better. It’s to threaten hi-sec.

CSM minutes talk about giving players a stake in the game. Well this could be it. If you don’t defend your home, you’re gonna lose it.

Goes back to the old saying-
If you couldn’t defend it, it wasn’t yours to begin with.


I still don’t get the point why some people even have a problem with playstyles like that…

Those people are as valid in any game as the 'bad ass,XXXstarkillerXXX,i killyaall pvp type…

Even more because the PVE type is reasonable,the pvp type is in major more the ‘club on head and drag him into the cave’ trigger happy cave dweller type… :slight_smile:

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No one has a problem with those play styles; that’s a point of contention that exists solely inside your head (and others who are similarly delusional).

The argument has never been against play styles, but against players who demand that nonconsensual PvP become impossible.


Which is the only way this game can survive regarding to the player numbers in the recent time…

It was not PVP that was leaving…

That’s your opinion.

An opinion that became a fact recently…

Feel free to provide empirical evidence that the game is no longer surviving due to the presence of nonconsensual PvP. Until you do, that’s your opinion.

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Again…lots of pve players recently left due to the last patch imposition

Without pve player the market will collapse,without the market the game is doomed.

The maybe 5k PVP players,aka ‘the only ones that know how the game is played right’ will start to kill themselves over and over again in a constant loop,5k will not be enough for CCP to pay the server costs,the game is doomed…

Logic circle closed…


Eve is life. Same BS.