The first highsec system flipped!

I dont think you need it forever, its a good thing for new players but like with everything CCP adds to UI, I think there should be an option to turn it off.

No, you just stop playing.

In the new eve, you don’t goto low sec. Low sec comes to you!

That’s the idea.

If you could easily replace any losses it wouldn’t be meaningful.

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Wouldn’t that be great? It would be great, too, if it worked reliably at least. I keep dragging stuff from exploration cans into my hangar and some items from cans get the badge, others from the same container do not. I stand by my opinion that people who need that stuff are incompetent fools, but apparently EVE needs these fools to survive. But at the very least the feature should work well. That would take off a lot of potential for annoyance. :slight_smile: Alas, we are talking about CCP, though.


CCP may think these wealthy players have enough of stuff already, game seen a lot of nerfs to boundless creation of assets lately.

At least they should give players a chance to fight the change, to affect the outcome.

Literally sounds like the definition of meaningful, interesting, and engaging gameplay to me. Games were meant to be dynamic, engaging, and unpredictable - who would have thought?

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The way I see it. You fit a blingy krab-machine for highsec lvl4s or incursions. Say it costs 2 bil and you krab at 100 mil/hr. You need 20 hrs for it to pay for itself and then another 20 hrs so that a loss wouldn’t feel disruptive. Cause:

In this talk the guy refers to Kahneman and Tversky’s research that won them 2002 nobel prize in economics.

In normal situation you assess risk of losing your highsec blingy krab-machine to a gank at arbitrary 1-5% and 0-1% to rats. But with highsec turning low it’s suddenly 30-40+% of losing to a camp and to trigs.

Looks like highsec blackout to me. I think people will react exactly the same - stop logging in.

Of course, it’ll depend on how common and widespread those high-low transformations will be.


Sounds like they will.

And it might be an effective way to get players to work together.

Nothing necessitates finding an ally like losing your home.

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You are wrong when you think you quitting changes CCP mind in any degree. Many players leaving is another thing. We are yet to see how it will change the game. Maybe this will become a very good addition to the game mechanics, and only few players leaving will be compensated by more returning.

And you will still post the same stuff here, becoming even more salty.

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Thats why people will have to fight.

I do not think CCP will change its mind FFS! I actually said so in a previous post! The only way I have influence is whether I spend money on the game or not, however small it might be. That is what voting with your wallet means. How ■■■■■■■ difficult is that for you to understand?

I am salty? It is you and your ilk complaining and whining about a change which hasn’t even been implemented yet.

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Or maybe one of the dozen or more occupations that don’t require undocking to take over New Eden.


Or that.

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So do I need to set up gate pings for the highsec gates now?

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It will change nothing. You thinking you have any influence however small is a delusion. Its is CCP that is influencing you. You may adapt or quit. CCP certainly takes players quitting into account when they make changes. Sometimes they are willing to sacrifice few, if game have to improve for many players.

Lol, I am hardly complaining or whining. :woman_facepalming:

There’s two ways this can go:

  1. If this is a tug-of-war event, where locals duke it out with instigators to determine the long term fate (sec status) of a system through a mixture of resource gathering race, militia faction style pvp, and high level complex content- all while ganking is a bit easier because sec status dropped 1-2 points… I like it a lot.

  2. If the only utilized content is that CONCORD no longer responds to ganking, people will just leave and not come back. Lots of them.


It is #2. It is just an extension of the Triglavian invasion systems. No player agency here.

I really hope so. The game will finally cleanse itself of the weak.

I also like the zero information “it’s gonna be a tug-of-war event” claim out of nowhere.

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I think its 1. Still have some faith in CCP.

I remember the first iteration of faction warfare (I don’t remember what it was called) - they let capsuleers fight over Caldari Prime, among other places. Of course, all the Caldari guys just dominated to board and took every system. CCP still didn’t give Caldari Prime back to the Caldari.

That was wrong and CCP have to learn from their failures. There should have been multiple ways of resolving it. Draw with status quo, or both ground and space dominated by one of sides and victory coming to Gallente or Caldari.